Hey guys! ♡

I´m back, i have had a busy week thats why i have been of.

Next week is the last week before christmas break.

But i´ll tell you guys what i did this week. So on monday and Tuesday was at school and we had United Nations role play. On Wednesday i was in school for 1,5 hours and then me, my dad and my boyfriend went to the cinemas. We saw the new star wars movie. It was so good and i can´t wait until next year when they release a new one. ♡ On Thursday i had one real class and that was math. Next monday i have math test so I´m going to study the whole weekend haha. Friday (Today) i had one class to haha. I was just chilling with my boyfriend after school, we went home to me and watched The originals, Thats our favorite series together. I´f you haven´t watch it you should. (I´m going to post a blogpost that is more about Originals tomorrow) Read that and maybe you will find any interest to watch it! ♡ I also fixed my room today, i wanted it to be cozy for christmas haha.

This was my week, boring but kind of chill. Now I´m tired af and thinking about go to bed. Love you ♡

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Hi, today i want to tell you guys 20 things about me.

1. I have a dependent on shopping. (If i ever see something i want i need to buy it! If i don´t i thing about it all the time until i buy it haha)

2. The best thing i know is makeup. I always feel like doing my makeup.

3. it is so important for me to wear nice clothes. There are exceptions and that is if i´m going to the gym.

4. I can´t go a whole day without listen to music..

5. My hair is really important for me.

6. I always sleep early even when its weekends.

7. My favorites series are Pretty little liars and The originals.

8. Me and my boyfriend watch EVERY scary movie at the cinema.

9. I wear false lashes and thats something i love doing.

10. I want a turtle so bad, they are so cute but expensive :/

11. Star wars are my favorite movies and i can´t wait to watch The last Jedi in the cinemas. I have been waiting the whole year haha.

12. Ariana Grande are my idol, she always makes me happy.

13. I have a moon tattoo for Ariana and 22 angels who died at her concert. Also for the people who lost someone or got hurt. They will always be with me on my wrist. It´s my first and favorite tattoo.

14. I have been to 2 concerts. The Janoskians and One Direction.

15. My biggest dream is to meet Ariana, she has been to Sweden 3 times so far, but i haven´t been able to see her. But next time.

16. I did not succeed with math so i have to do it again now. But this time it goes better.

17. I love Chanel and Michael Kors.

18. I hate winter, in Sweden we get a lot of snow and thats the worst thing i know.

19. I have the cutest dog ever at my mums, she wont let me have it when i move so my plans are to move and probably get a dog that don´t have a home.

20. The last ting is that i really want to be a vegan, it is really hard for me but i will get there one day. Animals are the best! ♥



Hi, My name is Jennifer. I prefer that people call me Jen. I’m 18 years old, i’m from Sweden that’s why the school system is a little bit different for me. But I use to say that I go in high school and studying media. We learn how to take pictures, edit pictures, making videos or short movies and edit that too. In a half year I’ll graduate so I don’t have much left of school. One thing i love about school is that we get to choose one class we have for a whole year, I have dance. I dance 2 times every week and it’s the best thing I know.

My favorite things to do when I’m not in school are go to the gym, take photos ofc i love making videos to but it’s a little harder to find new things to film. My favorite idol are Ariana Grande. I have liked her for about 3,5 years now. She has been to Sweden 3 times but I haven’t been able to see or met her. I also hang out with my boyfriend let’s call him “R” and my best friend Nadja. I also have this special best friend I love hanging out with, but because of school we can’t hang out so often.. but I am happy to have her in my life and I’m lucky to spend time with her sometimes 😍

So my biggest dreams are to meet Ariana, work with media and makeup. I would love to film a scary movie and edit it too. That would be so cool.

If you guys want me to write about anything you can always write to me in the comments, my instagram DM’s @JenSigerstam

Have a great day xo Jen