TalentQ Practitioner Training is training for clients to gainthe knowledge to use Talent Q for all stages of the employee life cycle. Thecourse will provide participants with the knowledge and skills of psychometrictesting and how to link this to real-world assessmentneeds with Talent Q.

Practitioner Training CertificationProcess

1. Register, receive invoice andmake payment

2. Pre-Work

3. Attend two days PractitionerTraining Certification Program

4. Complete Post Program Assignmentwithin the same week of attending the Program

5. Hay Group Trainer to reviewassignment and confirm certification

6. Receives Certification fromTalent Q

Completion of this course involvesthe following steps:

1. Reading the course manual

2. Completion of exercises

3. Knowledge test

4. Continuous assessment

Benefits to you:

Afterattending this workshop, you will:

• Be able to interpret and givefeedback of Talent Q profiles

• Gain powerful insights aboutemployees at all stages of the talent lifecycle

Who Should Attend:

Organizationusing Talent Q in the employment life cycle of selection, development,retention and engagement. It would be suitable for:

• HR professionals

• Recruiters

• OD or L&D professionals

• Anyone else involved in theadministration, interpretation, and feedback of Talent Q

Workshop Outline

The2 days program will cover:

• What ability and personalityassessments measure and specifically what Elements and Dimensions measure

• The key psychological constructsand principles that underpin Elements and Dimensions

• How Elements and Dimensions works

• How to use Elements and Dimensionsin different scenarios e.g. recruitment and development contexts

• How to use Elements and Dimensionsfairly and ethically

• An understanding andinterpretation of both Elements and Dimensions

• Appropriate feedback of Elementsand Dimensions to candidates and clients both orally and in writing

• How to use Elements and Dimensionseffectively in decision making

• This course uses a mixture oftheory and practical exercises to help participants develop the necessaryknowledge and skills to use Talent Q



Investment cost:

S$2,200+ GST

*Investmentcost is inclusive of lunch and two coffee breaks. Early bird and groupdiscounts are available. You will be contacted of the workshop cost once yourregistration has been processed.


Pleasecontact Carol Lin at +65 6224 3111 or carol.lin@kornferry.com for enquiries.