​Common Name: Tim Rajden
Species: Unknown (but probably something of a hybrid-turkeyfrog)
Average height:​ ​Like an average banana
Level of Intelligence​: ​Like a banana
Average weight: Like a 100 kg-banana
Definitions: ​Twitches its neck when it quacks at its foes.  
If you ever come across one: You might love or hate the sight of it, but never engage with it, whatever you do. Some unfortunate souls have once crossed its path and they will never be the same individuals after. 
Best adivce: kill it. Fast. 
How do you kill it: Give it a 100 bags of any crisp, and it will probably eat itself to death. 
Common sound: You can notice when a Tim Rajden is approaching by the sound it makes, kind of like a hoarse duck.
Some other advices for survival: Never fall for its endearing smile, it is just an act. It probably just wants popcorn. And never, ever look into its eyes. It will make it nervous, and a rude joke will soon shatter your self-esteem. If so happens, just make up an even meaner joke, and it will get butthurt and retreat. Probably.
If you are ticklish: Forget it. You're dead.