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​I'd like to use my blog as a little portfolio, to show case to you a few of my baskets and other wicker work!

In this blog post, are a few of my baskets of different kinds, such as "square" and "round" pieces. There are so many types of baskets, styles, colours, shapes, weaves and much more! Also wicker sculpture work, bespoke orders, working with huge projects with companies (including film!) I couldn't possibly fit them into one post, so I'll share more photos and projects with you in the future!

Keep your eyes peeled! 👀

"Sloped" sewing baskets made using buff willow.
Completed with fitted lids, hinged on using willow, plaited toggles and a handle.

Before and after!
A customer came in and wanted their beloved basket re-made. Here are the results.

Left: Wicker ashes caskets made from buff and green willow.
Completed with willow hinges, plaited toggles and a fitted lid.

Right: Magazine racks made from buff and steamed willow.

Children's square shopping baskets. Made using buff willow and two types of weave - some are "slewed" and some are "randed".

Flat lid sewing basket made using buff willow.
Completed with fitted lids, hinged on using willow, plaited toggles and a wicker "twisted" handle.

Hanging baskets made from buff willow.
Completed with handmade metal "loops" to attach to a chain.

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Today, I woke up (10:20am) with the worst back ache known to man, it was a nice lie in that soon ended as I had to get ready to return home. It's my typical weekend ritual, but this weekend was a little bit different...

On Friday I had to stay home from work, my back was in agony and the pain shot up into my neck, resulting in a groggy headache and I stayed in bed for the majority of the day. It's an ongoing issue, caused by my CFS. 😷 On Wednesday, I'm going to hospital for my rheumatology appointment - so I'll keep you posted on that later!

Ben, being the sweetheart that he is, went food shopping for us and he took 2 buses (an hour and a half journey in total) to get to my house with energy drinks and my favourite, chocolate covered rice cakes, my make me feel better. We discussed the thunderstorm earlier that not only had woke me up with the loud rumbles and blinding flashes, but Ben had been stuck in it waiting for the bus. I felt so bad! 😨 However,I did love how one side of the cul-de-sac was sunny and the other side had the storm!

Later, Mum, Dad and my grandparents went out and picked us up from dinner from the local chippy and we had a very lazy night in, watching the I.T crowd on Netflix.

The next morning I felt a bit better, and Ben and I took a little detour back to his house. We took a little drive, singing along to Ed Sheeran's "Divide", to Watermarque and looked at the adorable baby angel fish, koi fish and the reptiles, then went on our way to do more food shopping (I required more rice cakes). Ben had a nap so I played some video games and watch The Walking Dead until he woke up and we made dinner.

So, back to today. I packed up and said bye to Ben for the week and encountered a few idiots on the road on the way home (some swearing occured). I watched a few more episodes of the Walking Dead as I tidied up my bedroom. My brother and my nephew are down for the week, so I said hello to them and exchanged a few gifts - my bro got me an awesome camera bag and Pokémon goodies and I gave him a few keyrings that I had made for him.

At the moment it is chucking it down. I just washed my hair, enjoying a cuppa and, you guessed it, watching more of The Walking Dead (I just started season 6!)
Now we're just waiting for my brother and dad to get home from Bristol (again, as my brother forgot a few things) to prepare dinner (waffles!!!).

Until next time, have a good one! ✌️



Some of you may not know, but I am a qualified basket maker at Coate's English Willow and the Willows and Wetlands Centre. I have been training here for 2 years, and about a month ago, I completed my apprenticeship with the local college at Bridgwater.

We are based on the Somerset Levels and have been growing/harvesting willow and producing wicker baskets and willow based items since 1819. Basket making willow has been grown in the area for two centuries; it's now the only place left where it's refined for baskets, furniture, garden items, sculpture work and artist charcoal!

I've been around wicker and Coate's all of my life. My dad has been a basket maker for 25 years, so I grew up around the industry and would also spend time here after school and in half terms - I also learnt a bit about weaving in primary school and I remember saying how much I would hate to be a basket maker. Anyone sense irony here?

I applied for the job straight after I left my old job in retail. I hit a huge stage of depression after my old job; it drained the life and soul out of me and I know that wasn't the life I wanted to lead. I wanted to be somewhere that I could be myself and express my artistic nature and put positivity into something and create; at the end of the day I wanted to physically hold and look at my achievements.
Long story short, I got the job, started a week later (after Christmas) and I have loved it ever since. There have been a few ups and downs, especially with the on-going battle between my mental state and physical health, but my employers and colleagues have always been there for me; thick and thin. It's not really a job to me, it's more like working with family, sharing a passion aswell as banter throughout the long days.

Over the years we've worked on so many exciting projects and been to loads of fun places.

Film Work
Robin Hood
Clash of The Titans
Sweeny Todd starring Johnny Depp
War Horse

Theatre Work
Welsh National Opera - Death In Venice
Midsummer Night's Dream

Also a chessboard and pieces for the London 2012 Olympics and wicker panels for Morrison's Supermarkets across the UK!

We have so many exciting things that we're working on at the moment and loads of stock items and bespoke orders that we're busy with. Every day is an excitement; you never know what's going to happen or who you're going meet or be working for/with.

I look forward to sharing more of my work and our pieces in future blog posts 😄

In the meantime, here's our website and Facebook page! Please give us a "like" and even pop in if you're in the area, we'd love your support!





It's tricky when you suffer from coeliac's disease or IBS - especially when it comes to finding a recipe that you can enjoy, without the underlying worries and anxieties.

The easiest way for me to find a recipe that I can trust, is simply finding the original recipe and exchanging what I can't have with what I can have - you can do this by looking for the alternatives if the super market - but I use Google, just to make sure that all the ingredients are harmless.

I found an interesting recipe for "Pizza Calzones" - at first I'd never even heard of them, but after looking at the ordinary ingredients, I thought how easy it would be to convert it to a delicious gluten free meal! And also, a result that I can share with other wheat/gluten intolerant folk like myself. I hope you give them a try, because they turned out so well despite a few mishaps! But it goes to show, with a little determination and some fun, it's a simple recipe that is also perfect for the family (and it only takes a few minutes, what's there to lose!?)


Gluten free wraps - quantity to your desire, but I picked mine up from Sainsbury's (you can find them in Tesco's and Morrison's at a cheaper price, so I recommend those instead!)

Veggies or your choice - I chose a red onion, a green pepper and 2 mushrooms.

1 or 2 eggs

Tomato and basil pizza topper - the one I chose was from Sainsbury's. You don't have to choose that exact flavour, but I chose this one as it was gluten free - so be sure to check the ingredients before buying!

Mozzarella or cheddar cheese - or just a cheese of your choice (anything that's good at melting!)

Frylight sunflower oil

A meat of your choice - I chose chicken mixed with some parsley herbs, but you could have smoked ham. The possibilities are endless - you could even make them suitable for vegetarians and leave out a meat filling altogether - totally up to you how you want to do it!

Optional: herbs/seasoning - such as parsley, mixed herbs, garlic granules


*prepare veggies, crack and beat egg, grate cheese and gather all utensils needed*

1. Take a gluten free wrap and spread the pizza topper in a line near the edge of the wrap - but not too close to the edge as this needs to be sealed!

2. Place the cheese, veggies and meat over the pizza topper, again in a line and again not too close to the edge.

3. With the beaten egg, brush it onto the plain side of the wrap and around the edges of the filling. Be generous, as gluten free wraps are flaky and could break - so a soggy-ish wrap with help with the next steps!

4. Carefully fold the wrap in half (this could be difficult with gluten free wraps) and press the edges firmly with your finger tips at first (seriously, press it HARD!!) and then using a fork, crimp the edges (I accidentally bent the fork doing this, so try using a fork you don't care about too much). The wraps may break, so add more egg if need be, but they will stick once cooked - so don't worry too much if it's not perfect!

5. Spray frylight onto an oven tray.

6. Brush remainder of the egg on top of the calzone.

7. Bake at 200°C (gas mark 6) for 10-15 minutes - until golden brown.

8. Optional: sprinkle on the rest of the cheese and/or serve with a side salad or oven chips!

I hope you enjoy this recipe. It's brilliant to try out if you've just gotten your diagnosis and you're wondering what you can eat that's safe and it's also brilliant if you've been battling with your gluten intolerance for a while and you're bored of the same old stuff! Give it a try, maybe post a photo on Instagram using #jellivlogs - I'd love to see your little pizza calzones!

Until next time, have a great Sunday ✌



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This may come across as a little bit silly, but on Tuesday morning as I was just about to get into my car to go work in the pouring rain, I noticed a little yellow blob on the gravel - trying to ignore the rain, I was curious enough to go and have a look.

I discovered an adorable little Pudsey bear toy. Now, not being the kind of person who steals, I picked him up anyway and put him in the passenger seat of my car, hoping that during my day at work he would dry out a little bit - and when I finished work, I drive home and returned him to who I thought was the rightful owner, being my neighbours - as Pudsey was found where my neighbour's car is usually parked, and I assumed that it belonged to his child. Happy with myself for doing the right thing, I carried on with my evening (a catch-up marathon of The Walking Dead).

The next morning, Wednesday, I noticed that poor little Puds remained on their doorstep. Being the strange human being that I am, I felt a bit saddened by this as I left and went to work as normal, but with that bear in mind.
He was STILL THERE when I got home - but I left him yet again; still trying to do the right thing.

Today, when I got home from work - Pudsey had travelled down the driveway further - maybe it was the wind? I left him again. But, about an hour ago - I just happened to look out of the window and in the middle of the road... that familiar yellow blob. It was Pudsey, stranded by himself.

Maybe he didn't belong to my neighbour? Who did he belong to? Did nobody want him? DID NOBODY LOVE HIM AS MUCH AS ME!?

Without hesitation, I ran out of the house, in my pyjamas and scooped him up and rushed inside. If noone was going to take him home, then I was. Maybe it's the caring person inside? (I've been saving alot of insects and creatures at work recently; taking them from the workshop and freeing them into the great outdoors - maybe I felt the same way about this bear; he needed saving.)

I'm so glad I picked him up when I did, as when I got back to my bedroom and looked out of the window again, a car just drove past where Pudsey once was - HE COULD HAVE BEEN SQUASHED! The thought still horrifies me.

So... with all of that being said, that's the kind of excitement that goes on in my life. For now Pudsey will be staying with me, in the safety of my home until someone, hopefully his rightful owner, claims him.

Until next time, have a good one and if you see something in need... think of Pudsey.



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I thought I'd share some of my photography (or shall I say, attempt at photography) with you today! I started photography in December 2016 and I'm trying to improve my camera and editing skills - I hope you enjoy looking through them 😄

If you'd like to see more of my photography, head over to my (one of many) Facebook page here:




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The day started when I was rudely awoken by cold rain splashing through the window onto my bare leg and my immediate thought was, "Bloody hell, it's chucking it down" and woke Ben up to make him look out of the window. I think it thundered a bit too, but it was very distant; a lovely way to start off our day.

After dozing back off for a while, it was time to get up and get the day officially started. We popped into town so that I could fuel up my car and then headed to Tesco's to do some grocery shopping - the rain continued, but we bumped into our friend, "The Other Ben", and had a mini catch up.

We got home, packed away the shopping, had some lunch (oven chips and some gluten free mozzarella sticks!) and now we're relaxing with some video games.

Later in we're having a roast dinner and a movie night - watching "Godzilla" as it's just been added to Netflix and it made me so happy as it's one of my favourites (I apologise to Ben now, as I guarantee I'll be saying the words to it).

I love lazy weekends and just spending time with my favourite human.

Until next time, have a good one ✌



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When something, or someone inspires me, for me it means that I am fascinated by that certain something or someone. In this scenario, I am talking about makeup specifically and the people who urge me to try new things and experiment; go beyond the boundaries and make new discoveries.

Makeup is such an advance platform. The possibilities are endless and there is no right or wrong. It’s an art form, an expression and most importantly a sense of pride.

I wear makeup because of the way it makes ME feel. If I don't want to wear it, then I won't. If I wake up in the morning and feel good and I want to slap it all over my face, then I will - and when I do, I wear it for myself, not to impress anyone or to "fool" anyone, I do it because it makes me feel on fleek.

To the point, I love finding looks and MUA’s that impulse me to put on makeup. So I thought I’d share the individuals that slay the day, who are on fleek all week and how/why they inspire me in their different ways.

Theatrical and SFX (as well as beauty):

I studied theatre and performing art for 4 years – and over the course of those years, my love for makeup grew in a whole new way; using makeup to transform into different characters and using it to change the way you look. This fascinated me so much (and still does), and whilst at college, I came across MadeYewLook . Her skill is quite literally, insane – the precise details and the unique characters she transforms into continues to be an inspiration to this day.

My favourite MUA and SFX artist (to date) is the beautiful Mykie (aka Glam and Gore). I came across her work during the process of looking for university courses that I wanted to take – I wanted to go down the road of SFX makeup for film and large stage production. Although that didn’t work out, I still have a huge love for Mykie’s glam looks to her graphic gory content.


What girl doesn’t love a bit of glamour? I adore dramatic and eye catching makeup and MUAs that aren’t afraid to stand out and scream glamour as they shout from the rooftops, “Yeah bitch, I look damn good, and what!?”.

For those who know me will know my love for Jeffree Star – a controversial individual, but despite all of that – he inspires me so much, not only as a makeup artist but as an entrepreneur in the makeup industry. I love seeing his success and how he just doesn’t give two shits about what people think of him. I so respect that.

I feel inspired by makeup looks that make you do a double take, that make you scroll back up your Facebook or Instagram newsfeed going, “Wait hold up… OOOH GIRL YASSS!” and Lauren Adams does just that – her looks are always glam, always on point and always stunning and beautifully executed and that is such an important thing to possess in the makeup industry and she always inspires me to “go glam or go home”!


Lastly, I think it’s so important to have fun with makeup, go your own way and stay away from the crowd.

Monami Frost is never afraid to try something new and she always has so much fun and passion for makeup whilst creating some very unique looks that summarise the modern age of makeup – her contrast in makeup is also inspiring to me; from the dark and smokey makeup to the bright and colourful eyeshadows with her signature sharp cat eye.

Kat Von D is another MUA that really embraces her unique makeup looks – I believe her natural artistic talent comes into play when she creates and that is hugely inspiring, as I have been a fan for so many years back in the days of LA Ink – her makeup has always spoken to me on a personal level and it still does to this day.

Who inspires you? Let me know in the comments!
Until next time, have a great day.



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Lately, I have been obsessed with organising and decluttering my bedroom. As it is my own personal space (and where I spend the majority of my free time), I like to find new ways of tidying the area around me, keeping every aspect orderly and pleasing to the eye.

I have been quite ruthless with the things I have been throwing out - I used to be a low-key hoarder, but I'm trying to get into the minimalist mind-set and trying not to hold on to random objects. I like to hold on to memories, and items that spark memories when I look at them, but in reality, it's taking up precious space that I could use for more practical and everyday items. So, I have been learning to chuck things out, and keep the memory in my mind (and make room for new memories!)

Over the past few weeks, I have organised my wardrobe and donated old clothes to the local school and to charity
(which I vlogged!). I have also sorted out my makeup station, old perfume bottles, and my nail varnish - now it all looks spotless!

Today I decided it was time to de-clutter my bedside tables. I've been cramming so much crap into the 4 tiny drawers to the point where I can hear things breaking, stuff is falling out the back of them and it got to the point where I couldn't even open them - so I thought, right... this needs to be done and it has to be done now!

The amount of rubbish that collected from a tiny space was kind of ridiculous - why had I been holding on to it? For what purpose!? In the bin it goes.

I love the feeling I get after I've been decluttering. I also feel decluttered as a person and loading up the bin full of rubbish brings a sense of accomplishment...

... that is until I fill it up with even more rubbish.



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As cliché as this sounds, this year is flying by so fast. It's August already - and that means the rest of my year starts to get busy!

On the first of every month, I set up my bullet journal spreads to keep myself organised and I also complete my paper work for my online jewellery business. Nothing that interesting really, just the typical business stats, "social media growth", keeping a log of orders and Etsy jargon (and a lot of printing and filing.... ooooooh the filing.)

Now that everything on my to do list has been checked off, I'm about to do some basic chores, such as tidying my room, cleaning up my wardrobe and emptying the bins - and then I'm going to relax with my spag-bol supper (courtesy of my lovely Mum), watch Q.I on Netflix and call it a day.

I hope you've all had a good start to August and I also hope it brings you happiness and success.