On Saturday December 2nd, Ben and I decided to go on a spontaneous trip to Clarks Village - a large shopping outlet in Street, Somerset!

It was a 40 minute-ish drive; we would have gotten there faster if other drivers decided to stick to the speed limits! But despite my road rage, we got there in one piece and enjoyed spending the day together, being festive and going crazy with all of the sales!

We arrived in the early afternoon, around 2pm. It was a bit chilly, with a cold breeze and a bit of rain in the air. Once again I forgot parking money, so Ben saved the day! We paid for 3 hours worth of parking, just in case and then we made our way around the "village". I may have spent too much money, but it was so worth it, just for the experience!

As soon as we arrived, I was in awe - everything was so beautiful and festive. It gave me such a warm and fuzzy feeling and everything became even more beautiful as it got darker and the lights really stood out!

Around 4:15pm, we had a craving for a Cornish pasty. Normally, we buy food and eat it on the go - but to have the full experience and to make the most of our day, we sat in The Cornish Bakery , tucked into our delicious food and our beverages, snugged in the warm and had a rest before going back to the car.

I tried a cheese and onion pasty - a regular one, not gluten free! (Shock horror!) and Ben had an extra large Cornish pasty - with huge chunks of medium well steak - it looked so good, I was a little bit jealous! (When we go back, I know what I'll be ordering...)

It was such an amazing and lush day. I feel so excited for Christmas now and as always, I feel so blessed to be spending it with Ben. After days like this, I feel so lucky and happy,.

Until next time, take care of yourselves and I'll see you on the next blog post. G'Bye! ✌️

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On Friday, it was my amazing Gran's birthday!

We decided to go out for a little family get together and a meal, not only to celebrate her birthday, but also her amazing achievement of one whole year without smoking. We're all so proud of her, as this time last year was a huge struggle for my Gran and the family - but as always, as the Elliott's and the Lawrence's do, we pull together and we stay strong!

We took a little drive down to one of two of our local pubs - on this occasion it was the gorgeous Rose and Crown pub - thriving with country life and vintage chic, from top to bottom. Beautifully old fashioned, yet warm and welcoming for those who visit.

Being the typical Friday night, it was jam packed! Luckily we had a table booked and we wormed our way through the masses and parked our behinds at our table.

Orders for drinks were placed and we gave our gifts to Gran for her to open! I gave her a specially made butterfly purse, for her goodies - butterflies have always been sentimental to her, so it was the perfect gift. She loved her card to - she really is Grantastic! I mean.. just look at her happy, precious face!!!

Then we placed our order for food and then helped ourselves at the salad bar- I was particularly hungry, so I ordered a 10oz steak! Mum had a chicken burger, Dad and Grandad had a gammon steak each and Gran had the ham and eggs - all with a side of chips and a selection of veggies. Grandad had a slight obsession with the carrots and I love the asparagus - they were so delicious!

After that we were stuffed. Well, that's kind of a lie... Grandad, Mum and Gran were stuffed so I helped myself to their leftovers. Grandad asked where I put it all, I said having 3 chins helped!

It was then time for desert. Mum bought Gran the cutest little cake, and the pub staff were so lovely and let us open, cut and serve it there and then. Sadly, it wasn't gluten free... but a little wouldn't hurt me, right? Treat yourself girl!

It was an amazing evening. I had so much fun spending this moment with the people I love the most. Memories like this can't be taken away, and I love being able to share them with you, the readers, here on my blog.

Until next time, take care and I'll speak to you all again, very soon! G'Bye! ✌️



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Last week, I participated in gathering up some bits and bobs to put into a shoe box. The purpose of this shoe box, and its contents, is to share among unfortunate people this winter and during the holiday season - to try to lighten the festive spirits and give a little gift, to show that we care and want to help.

I can't imagine what it must be like to be in the conditions that homeless people have to cope in. So, putting together this box made me feel like I was doing my bit and contributing to a good cause.

My boyfriend's mum (hi, if you're reading!), got me inspired to do this - I was so excited to collect some of the things from the list she sent me, I may have gone a bit overboard (especially with the decorating), but I hope whoever receives it has a smile on their face and that it fills them with hope and happiness!

For my shoe box, I went down the road of toiletries - my bathroom is (or was) over flowing with shower gels and lotions and so much more, I thought to myself, "I'm never going to use this stuff!?" The majority of it was practically brand new anyway, so why not give it to someone who can appreciate it?

After putting together all of the items I wanted to include in the shoe box, I started on the decorating! I admit, I burnt myself a few times with the glue gun. No pain, no gain... right!? I started with the lid - selecting the wrapping paper of choice and then hiding the untidy edges on the inside with some soft, green felt material.

Then, I found some sparkly material to place on the inside of the box, to secure all of the gifts. This is when I burnt myself, as I didn't realise how thin the material was... ouch. I then wrapped the outside of the rest of the shoe box, also realising I should have done this the other way around - as it got a bit messy!

But luckily, some glittery washi tape saved the day and the box turned out pretty good!

Time to wrap the presents!

I tried to make things a bit more festive and attempted to wrap a few of the gifts like Christmas crackers. I crammed as many as I could into the box... sadly not all of them could fit, so I'm going to hand them in separately and hope they can go into someone else's shoe box instead!

Here's the final result!

I hope you enjoyed reading! What do you think of my holiday box? Are you going to give it a go? 😊

Until next time, take care and I'll see you soon! G'bye ✌️



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I don't really have a lot to say on this blog post. On Friday, I managed to capture this gorgeous sun set. It's too breathtaking for words, so I hope you enjoy looking through my photos!



For the past 2 and a half years, I've been training to be a Basketmaker at Coate's English Willow, working alongside Taunton and Bridgwater College to aid towards my qualification.

I have been studying the NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Craft Skills for Creative Industries. I began this course on the 9th November 2015 and finished my qualification earlier than expected (due to being a little whiz kid - not to blow my own trumpet), on the 22nd June 2017. I studied a total of 10 different modules, all completed to a PASS grade.

During this qualification, I was also shortlisted for the Apprentice of the Year Awards. I was selected out of 40 people from around the country – and I ended up in the Top 3 for my category of “Creative Industries”; unfortunately not winning the big fancy award, but I received a short listed certificate.

Can you spot where I am?

After I qualified, I had a final meeting with my tutor and the external examiners, for a quick chat and as they wanted to meet me; to put a face to the course work, as we said. I had to sign some forms (release forms - DOBBY IS A FREE ELF!!).

The other day, I was sent my officially qualified documents and certificates. Although I graduated in June - this was the real deal, the legitimate proof of my qualification and to show that after all of those years pf hard work, these pieces of paper are the evidence.

I'm super proud of myself. It's been a huge struggle, I've been through so many ups and downs, but in the end, I can say, "I bloody well did it" and I can pat myself on the back.

Also, a huge thankyou to those who have been there to help and support me. And to those who weren't - I didn't need you, and I still don't.

Until next time, take care and I'll speak to you all soon. G'bye! ✌️



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I've been feeling like such a debbie downer recently. No offence if you're name is Debbie.

For a while, I've been feeling a mix of emotions, from, stress and anxiety to happiness and motivation. I've been going back and forth between these feelings and at times it has been a tad overwhelming. Having said this, I have been trying to get my shit together, to put it bluntly. Keeping tabs with my bullet journal has been a huge help - I keep notes of everything I have to do, a jot down ideas or things that pop into my head and I also keep a log of my moods and feelings and everything that forms in my head, to ease the pressure.

My poor little brain can't take the strain. (That sounds like a good title for a song, ha.)

I think the stress is coming from family issues, as mentioned in my previous blog post. I've also been quite stressed and work and generally not feeling that great, but thankful not that awful either. I know I need to take it one day at a time, but sometimes my Fibromyalgia makes any and every task unbearable and I feel like I'm at the absolute limit - yet I push on, because I simply have to.

What choice do I have?

When the stress and anxiety lifts, I have huge waves of inspiration (along with waves of no motivation, but I digress). I've been looking online for some sassy and beautiful wigs. For a while now, I've been following the Lush Wigs Instagram account and have been longing for and wanting to buy and collect wigs. I've been so inspired to try out crazy coloured and styled wigs and try out some equally and crazy makeup looks for my YouTube and future blog posts. This has been my main focus and I'm using this vision to keep me going and to hopefully motivate me in other aspects.

In the end, I just have to keep on keeping on. Get on life's roller coaster, strap up and ride it out and just let things fall in place when the time comes.

Until next time,. take care. G'Bye everyone. ✌️



Wow, it feels like forever since my last blog. Forever as in... what? A week?!

Any who, it feels good to be back and blogging again. I love having busy weeks; events worth writing about to compensate for my boring life. (If you can call them "events").

I had a glorious long weekend; Friday 3rd - Monday 6th - although in the end it kind of went off the rails, in regards to family and personal issues, resulting in having Tuesday 7th off, but I didn't let it interrupt my time off.

I drove to Ben's after work on Friday. We did some food shopping, as we normally do and watched a few more episodes of Stranger Things 2. We did have plans for Saturday, as I had an idea for a blog post, but unfortunately due to my forgetfulness (Fibro fog), I forgot to pack certain clothes I needed for a little photography shoot - so instead, we popped to town to run other errands instead and had a lazy day. We were also supposed to go out that evening for a family gathering, but recently my anxiety has been going awol, so that plan was abandoned.

On Sunday, we had a very lazy day. Ben wasn't feeling too good in the morning, so I decided to relax with a bath, as I didn't actually feel too good myself - I had a slight headache and I was very achy and stiff. It was getting towards late afternoon, when we got up (properly) and got ourselves dressed (and in my case, "fleeked"), to go off the local firework display at the Taunton Racecourse. The gates opened at 5:30pm, my second family and I had a little walk around, ordered some hot beverages and we enjoyed the lush warmth from the bonfire, waiting for the display to start at 6:30pm (well... it was actually around 6:40pm).

During the firework display, Ben and I were more excited about the full moon - and how it was perfectly aligned with the tree in the distance. Sadly, I had to zoom in so far that the image started to become pixelated, but it was stunning none the less.

Afterwards, we popped to McDonald's and they fudged up our food. Ben ordered a medium meal and received a large and I ordered a burger without the bun and received... yes, a bun (which I ate anyway, and surprisingly didn't have stomach ache... or so I thought). We continued our Stranger Things 2 marathon (Ben got fed up, in an amusing way, that I kept crying at it every 5 minutes, but he did comfort me).

Monday quickly came around, the day I was supposed to leave Ben's and drive home. My anxiety levels were through the roof, due to family complications, so I rang up work to book the next day off (being today) to hopefully resolve said issues. I had the worst stomach ache, but now that I think about it - it may not have been what I ate, but the anxiety instead.

On the plus side, minus all of the anxiety and muddled up plans, this little fella said good morning to Ben and I through the window. For me, a robin is a symbol of guidance and strength. Whenever life goes to pot, there always seems to be a robin nearby, singing his little song and bringing solace when I needed it the most.

Until next time, take care. ✌️​



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This weekend, Ben and I had a relaxing and chilled out time. As we don't really get to see each other on Halloween, we made our own "mini-ween" this weekend.

On Friday, I picked him up from our friend's house - I rang Ben to say I was waiting outside, and as soon as the door opened, Missy ran out, made a beeline for my car, and hopped right into the foot well - it was so funny and adorable, I had to take a photo. She's such a little sweety, so I didn't mind one bit - I've missed her so much, so it was nice to be greeted that way!

We said goodbye to Missy and our friend and headed to Tesco's to pick up some food for dinner and snacks - ready for our Stranger Things 2 marathon (even though we only managed 4 episodes).

The next morning, Saturday, we were supposed to wake up at 9am, but for some annoying reason, Ben's alarm on his phone didn't go off - so we woke up at 11:30am instead - crap.

We got ready and scooted off to town, I had some makeup shopping to do and we had to pick up Ben's wage slip. I was only supposed to go in Superdrug for white mascara... I came out with 2 eye shadow pallets, 2 highlighter pallets and a liquid highlighter (and no mascara). Ahhh well, it was worth it.
After we got in, we made lunch, watched some YouTube and relaxed a bit more. We were trying to think of what to do for our mini-ween weekend. I wanted to go to the cinema, but Ben wanted to go out... so we compromised and I booked us tickets to the cinema (I also bribed him with KFC).

I booked us tickets to watch Jigsaw at 7pm - so I quickly (an hour and a half later) put on some makeup, whilst Ben played World of Warcraft.

We left around 6:30pm to go the cinema. We ordered some popcorn, collected our tickets and waited for the film to begin.

I won't say any spoilers - but I will say that it was pretty intense and I had to hold on to Ben's arm a few times and binge on popcorn because I was so excited and so into the film at the same time. It was great, we both really enjoyed it and we can't wait for it to come out on DVD or Netflix so we can watch all of the Saw movies and Jigsaw all over again.

When the film finished, around 8:40pm, we popped into town and picked up Ben's KFC and my McDonald's. It was lovely walking around the town at night - I haven't done since I used to work in retail a few years ago.
We got our food, headed back to the car (got asked for some spare change, as usual) and drove home to spend the rest of the evening together, to indulge in our yummy fast food and unhealthy treats.
All in all, another successful Halloweekend with my favourite human being. I hope you all have a great Halloween, stay safe and enjoy yourselves!

Until next time, take care and I will see you soon. ✌️



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I woke up this morning, to find one of my angel fish had died. It was kind of horrific, his eyes were bulging and it looked like he had swollen quite a bit.

I'm always sad when a fish dies, I know it's not as heart breaking as say, a cat or dog or even a hamster. But they're my pets, and I loved them and find them fascinating. I feel some sort of loss.

I got Omi when he was very small, only about 7 months ago, but in that time he grew - his fins and little whiskers were twice the size of his body and I was so looking forward to when he'd be so big that I'd have to get a new fish tank.

Sadly not, and I feel weirdly upset by it. I also feel terrible and guilty when the time comes to flush them. I tell myself that they're going to the ocean to find Nemo (this is when my Dad gives me the "yes dear, you tell yourself that" look).

I guess that was an unfortunate way to begin my day, but luckily the other 3 fish seem okay and lively. I'm hoping it's a one off, but I will continue to look for any unusual behavior or symptoms (even though Omi seemed fine too).

Goodbye Omi.

When I first got them - so tiny!
Left: Omi
Right: Marmalade



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Last Thursday, I attended a fund raising event - the Spooky Disco. It was held by The Willow Set Preschool , a nursery in my local area (also where my Mum and a few close friends work!)

I was able to sell my jewellery and crafts, that I had been very busy with and working hard to make unique items that everyone could enjoy - ranging from Halloween jewellery, to home decor and Christmas items.

My Mum helped me organised and set up my stall, and I was really pleased with the outcome. Everything looked fantastic and the Disco attendees loved it too!

I decided to go as Pikachu, as I knew the kids love Pokemon and it was a quick and easy costume to put together. This is where my makeup time lapse video comes in! I did some Pikachu-ish colours and then after I finished recording, I added red cheeks and a nose with water based face paint and added some fleeky false eyelashes.
(Wearing myJayde's Treasures
tshirt underneath my onesie, of course. A girl's gotta represent!)
I had a great time even though I was out of my comfort zone a little bit to begin with (antisocial queen over here). I bumped into some friends and met some new people and really enjoyed myself. Thanks to my Mum for being such a good sport and helping me out and thankyou to everyone who purchased some Jayde's Treasures goodies and those who took some business cards!

I can't wait for next year!

Until next time, have a good day! ️​