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On Monday (16th October), across the UK, we had a very strange occurrence.

I was at work at the time, and I kept looking out of the window and the open door as I was fascinated by the colour of the sky. I thought we were getting ready for a huge storm to hit, it was so dark and eerie.

No rain happened, no storm hit - but I was still transfixed on the sky. Eventually, my colleague went outside and shouted for all of us to come outside and look at the sun.

My immediate thought was, it's too soon for another solar eclipse! Is the world going to end!? Illuminati?!

But no, the sun was red and there was just the right amount of cloud coverage to be able to look at it. I could see it so perfectly, without blinding myself (I actually thought it was the moon for a split second - American Horror Story: Roanoke?). It was so beautiful and before you know it, everyone had their phones out, trying to get the perfect snapshot of this phenomenon.

It lasted for most of the morning and then ended up with the most glorious sunny day and blue skies.

"It was due to the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia dragging in tropical air and dust from the Sahara. Debris from forest fires in Portugal and Spain also played a part.

Ophelia originated in the Azores where it was a hurricane and as it tracked its way northwards it dragged in tropical air from the Sahara. This meant dust from the Sahara was brought with it.

The dust gets picked up into the air and goes high up into the atmosphere, and that dust has been dragged high up in the atmosphere above the UK. The particles in the air cause blue light to scatter, leaving longer-wavelength red light to shine through."


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I had a lovely day off last Friday.

Ben and I had plans to get Friday the 13th tattoos! So we were up early (ish) and headed to town before The Nautilus tattoo shop opened at 11am. We queued up and managed to get in to book our tattoo times around 11:30am.

We then had to bum around town for 2 hours, so we decided to get McDonald's and then pop to Vivary Park, which is so beautiful in the autumn season. We had fun watching the squirrels and then headed back to the tattoo shop to get prepped with the transfer. My tattoo took about 10 minutes to do, around 2:20pm and Ben's took about 15-20 minutes, around 3:50pm.

It was a great experience, as it's been ages since my last tattoo (2 and a half years to be exact) and I bumped into a lot of school friends, that I haven't seen between 3-5 years!

When the tattooing was finished, it was around 4:15pm. We got back to the car (luckily I paid for an all day parking ticket), headed to Ben's house to pick up our stuff and then we took a 5 minute drive to our friend's house, to look after their dog, Missy, for the weekend.

That day, I lived a little slice of my future - spending the day with my favourite human, getting tattoos and then going home to an adorable springer spaniel. Chilling out, watching TV - being lazy, cosy; just in love and very happy with life, as everything seemed to fall in place at that moment.

Take care everyone, and see you next time ✌️



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Every day is a constant battle,
Between my mind and my body.
Sometimes a small conflict,
To a full blown battle.

Every day is an agony that some can't
An exhaustion that won't amend.

Pin pricks and shocks,
Like a pebble thrown into water.
My pain represents the ripples,
It has no boundaries,
Consumes every inch of skin,
Every muscle.
Like molten lava in your veins.

It shows no mercy.
It has no face,
Although it looks you in the eye.
It torments you...
Every day.

It thrives off of you.
It feeds off of your negativity.
The same negativity that it put there in the first place.
It clings on to you like a spider's web,
That continues to be woven around you.

Every day it lingers,
Like a pungent odour.
It's a fly on the wall, 
A bee sting to the core.
It made me forget what life used to be like.
How did I function?
How did I cope?

In the end, you learn to deal with it.
Even though it stays with you.
Like a scar, 
A bad memory you can't erase.
But somehow, you fight it.

Every day.

By Jayde Elliott



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I've finally gotten over my cold, although I didn't consider it a cold - I called it "Fibro Flu". I've felt really crappy for the past 2 weeks, had a few breakdowns and life crisis’s, but I'm slowing getting back to feeling normal... well, as normal as I can be.

My anxiety is still pretty rock bottom at the moment. I was supposed to have my first yoga class yesterday, after going all out on the weekend and buying new sports gear. Anxiety decided to creep in at the last minute and kick my butt. Maybe it was for the better, as my Mum is feeling under the weather and I'd rather be around to make sure she's okay.

I'm starting to feel a little better today. Some phone cases that I ordered came in the mail today, which made me super happy and I also ordered 250 business cards that I designed myself. They have a metallic finish and I am so excited for them to arrive.

I have a few plans for the upcoming weeks. Ben and I are getting tattoos on Friday - it's been nearly 2 years since my last tattoo, I can't wait and I'm hoping to do a little vlog, if I can! On the same day, we’re also looking after our friend's dog, a little springer spaniel called Missy. She is such a sweetheart, I can't wait to see her again (maybe I'll vlog a little with her and our walks!)

The week after, I'm hoping to attend a local Halloween event and sell my jewellery and represent Jayde's Treasures! I've been really busy with crafting new items and putting together some Halloween goodie bags for the kids, raffle prizes, packaging everything up and buying decorations. That weekend is also Somerset Comicon and Gaming Festival , which I'm getting tickets for very soon - again, I hope to vlog and meet up with a friend, who I've spoken to and known on Facebook for years, only to find out that we live very close to each other. It will be a magic moment 😍 (followed by a tonne of selfies).

Until next time, have a great day wherever you are, take care of yourselves and speak soon! ✌️



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This week's video is a little time-lapse of the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen.

The process/recording was 40 minutes, sped up into a stunning time-lapse. I love the gorgeous colour changes and seeing the clouds form and change and the hustle and bustle of my little col-de-sac.

I'm going to try and film another video like this, to try and focus more on the sky and to try to avoid car headlights and people in their windows!

I was thinking of driving out into the heart of the country side and leave the camera pointing up at the sky and just letting it record and do it's thing. I have so many ideas, and I hope you look forward to seeing them!



1. When I was born, the midwife dropped me on the floor. (Explains a lot, huh?)

2. I was born in the house I currently live in (my parent's house) - in the bedroom that, at the time, was my parent's. (It's mine now!)

3. My favourite author is Linwood Barclay.

4. I suffer from phonophobia/hyperacusis - Hyperacusis is an increase in sensitivity to sounds and The name “Phonophobia” originates from the Greek words for sound and fear. Sudden loud and unexpected sound can cause anxiety attacks in a person who suffers from Phonophobia. People with Phonophobia may be fearful of devices that can suddenly emit loud sounds, such as alarms. For me, these are triggered by the air raid sirens, especially the ones used in the Second World War.

5. I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia , after suffering with it for over 3 years.

6. I have an intolerance to wheat and gluten.

7. My favourite colour is yellow.

8. My favourite subjects at school were art, science and drama.

9. I have never been abroad.

10. My name isn't actually spelt "JAYDE" - on my birth certificate it is spelt "JADE" - but I've spelt my name with a "Y" for nearly 8 years.

11. I have had dreadlocks on 3 separate occasions (blue dreads, pink/blonde dreads and red dreads).

12. I have been stretching my ear lobes for 7 years - I am currently on 32mm. (I plan to go to 40mm).

13. My favourite films are Hot Fuzz, The Labyrinth, Calamity Jane and Dante's Peak. (I know all of the words to all 4 movies... I'm not proud of this).

14. My favourite TV programme is Breaking Bad.

15. I have 4 tattoos. My first was done by my boyfriend (an anchor), the second is currently under-going laser removal, my third is a half sleeve of the comedy and tragedy theatre masks (that also needs laser treatment and finishing off) and the last is a Capricorn constellation.

16. I named my car "Ramona".

17. My favourite games are Halo 2, Morrowind The Elder Scrolls III and League of Legends.

18. I've had my own online jewellery business for 4 years. (The furthest I have ever sent an order was to New York City in 2015!)

19. I have had a cancer scare.

20. I am a huge Elton John fan. (No, seriously...)

21. I can lick my elbow.



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On the 22nd September, a group of friends, my boyfriend and I travelled to Birmingham, UK - to attend the Eurogamer Expo, at the National Exhibition Centre! Also known as EGX; it is a trade fair for video games held in the UK and is also the largest annual gaming event.
We arrived a bit early, so that we could organise our tickets and wrist bands. When the event was declared open, we had a little walk, winding our way through some metal fencing that lead up to the main venue. We got in around 11:15am and then went to explore! Ben and I lost the group for a while, as it was so packed (and I walk at a very slow pace), As we lost sight of our friends, we decided to walk around the venue for a bit, just us two, to see what we could find. We had lunch (pizza and burgers) and then re-grouped and did a bit of gaming together - playing Rocket League and some shooting games in Virtual Reality!

I also made friends with some Orcs...

After some merchandise shopping, Ben and I left around half 4 and retreated back to the hotel for a pre-party shower and nap. I had some issues with my new shoes and had 3 huge blisters on my feet, but I dosed up on some painkillers and covered my feet in plasters and I was good to go!

We left for the party in another taxi and arrived at 7:30pm to get our second set of wrist bands. Then... it was time to go wild! The party was amazing, the music was unique; a mixture of gaming and dubstep (my two favourite things!). We had a lot to drink and I became addicted to the skin-on fries they were serving (SO DELICIOUS!)

We made a few new friends, started off a Macarena dance off and I got spat on by someone failing at a cider chugging contest... (how lovely). In the end, we left around midnight, got a taxi back to the hotel and ordered Dominoes pizza before heading to bed around 1:30am.

The next morning, Ben and I woke up around 10am, feeling a little groggy and sleepy. Luckily, my parents were on their way to pick us up, to travel 2 and a half hours to our home, in Taunton.

All in all, it was a great experience and I cannot wait for next year. A huge thankyou to everyone who made it awesome.



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My day started off good. I had a giggle at breakfast as my Mum left me a "Stonehenge" made out of my toast. She knows how to put a smile on my face.
Work went okay, I finished off an order of bicycle baskets that I had to do, finished a waste paper basket order and I've started on some bread bowl baskets. Around 3pm I started to develop a very dull headache that came from my neck pain - but after work I went on a little walk to the local shop with my Mum (in the rain) to get some ice lollies (Dad and I had a craving). We came back and prepared a spaghetti dinner and I started to feel a little better, just exhausted.
At the moment, I'm just relaxing with some online business tasks. I've completed a customer order of a wooden door plaque, which I've now sent off. I've also been designing a new logo for my business - every month or so I sort of get bored with my logo and, as I love to experiment, I've been using a new editing website, as my old one seems to demand payment for every little thing I do - which is a shame, because I've been using that website for 5 or so years - in the past year it became a "premium site", meaning I now have to pay to save the edited image - not going to happen. I was a bit cheeky and I took a screen shot, but the image quality came out extremely naff, so I'm using a new site and I like the outcome of my logo. Even though I'm struggling to choose between 2 designs. I've asked on Facebook, and people are swaying towards the first design.
What do you think?

The top design or the bottom design!? Decisions...

Apart from that, I'm just relaxing and watching YouTube videos, whilst listening to the calming rain outside. It's so cold in my room, I may have to put on my Pikachu onesie and big slipper socks and grab a cuppa tea.

It's my last day at work tomorrow before getting ready to go off to Birmigham for the Eurogamer convention; I'm so excited. Hopefully on Friday Ben and I are getting new phones too, so I'm hoping to get some good photos and vlog footage with a better camera (and a phone that won't die after an hour of use!) I also ordered some new shoes for the convention after party.

That's it for this little life update. I hope you've all had a good day. Until next time, take care of yourselves. ✌️



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It feels like a while since my last blog post - I need to learn to make a blog schedule and stick to it!

I've been super busy recently, if you've read my September To Dos blog post then you might know why! During the past week I have been busy with sorting out my car (at least she past her MOT, phew) - I've been having issues with my insurance company, so I'm going to be dealing with that tomorrow. I've also been super busy at the day job, working on my life size wicker fox sculpture. I went to a master class with Sarah Le Breton , it was amazing fun! I really wish I had vlogged or made a little time-lapse - although I didn't get around to doing that, I did manage to snap some photos of the progress, which I will blog about soon!

Now, to the main point of this blog post... on Sunday 17th, I decided I wanted to get some new angel fish. I originally had 3, but about 2 months ago, one of them sadly died - he was called Herman and he developed a sort of tumor in his stomach which prevented him from eating and growing and he became quite ill and eventually started floating on top of the water. The other two started to pick on him as well, so the kindest thing to do was to let him go (to find Nemo).

I've been content with 2 angel fish, but I really wanted them to have more company, as they seemed to get a bit feisty being stuck with each other - so I thought, why not get some babies!? The local "Watermarque" recently got some new angel fish in the store and I thought they were all so adorable and tiny compared to mine. Two fish in particular really stuck out to me - a black angel with cute white fins - he also seemed to have a "mohawk" and a grumpy facial expression, so I named him Mr. T - and a half/half angel fish with a grey to white gradient pattern - smokey like, hence the name.

I think they're all so sweet and I love their characteristics. They're such funny little creatures and I adore them to bits. I highly recommend angel fish - they're docile and at time a bit frisky and comical and it's so exciting to watch them grow. I'll hopefully keep you updated with angel fish blog posts in the future to keep you posted on their growth and well being. I also hope you enjoy my little vlog (if you can call it that!?)- capturing their funny movements and peaceful tranquility.

Until next time, take care! ✌️

^ Bringing the babies home!

^ Introducing them to the new climate within the plastic bag - the older fish were very curious!



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It's been nearly a week. I feel like I should write a little blog post.

At the moment, I'm feeling pretty stressed. I know people don't normally like to read or know about the negative side to people's lives, but that's reality, right? This may be the perfect place for me to vent and write out my worries so that I can physically read them for myself and tackle them one at a time.

Honestly, I'm not sure what there is to be stressed about. But I know that I must be as my IBS is playing up, I feel groggy with a weird pain in my right eye and a headache and just generally moody and bleurgh.

The past few days I've been stressing about packages that I have ordered that have not arrived - I resolved one of those issues yesterday after nagging for a refund. Which is also the case for the second package - but the seller is refusing to reply, even though I have been waiting over 2 months for it to arrive.

I've felt a bit stressed with the health and safety training I've been doing at work - maybe the close up computer work and alot of reading has caused my headache; but it's completed now, so maybe that side to my stress will go away.

My car went in for its MOT today, but it has been delayed as they couldn't fit it in to their schedule, so now I have no car and I have to ask for a lift to work and back - meaning this will interfere with my wicker sculpture class tomorrow as I'll have to leave early to go and pick it up. I'm also stressed that it might fail the MOT due to the crack in the windshield (that I have also been stressing over due to the fact that my anxiety hits the roof when it comes to the thought of ringing my insurance company).

I'm stressed about planning my short stay in Birmingham next week. I feel like I haven't prepared and I'm struggling to find a way to travel there, as I refuse to drive a long way, especially with my Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I know that shouldn't be an "excuse" - but I know if I drive for 2 hours, I'll be exhausted before I even arrive and I won't enjoy myself. If in doubt I'll try to catch a lift or the train.

I also have a cold - I can't stop sneezing, my eyes are itchy and sore, my nose keeps dripping yet it's somehow blocked and it's hard to breath (am I dying!?) and I feel a bit nauseous and shaky.

I know you're probably thinking, "that's what you're stressed about!?", but I feel better already getting it all out on the table. And on a positive note - I really appreciate help from my family today - my dad helped me out with my car, my mum made me a lovely dinner, I feel positive about helping out one of my colleagues today, my jewellery business commissions are going well and my boyfriend travels to Torquay for his job training tomorrow, so I'm excited for him!

I'm going to try to relax with some Youtube video catch up and some journalling, if my headache will allow me. I apologise for the "down" sort of vibe, but sometimes in life, it happens and you have to try and work through it and move on.

Anyways, thankyou for reading and until next time, have a super day and take care ✌️