​Most of the readers asked if it’s possible to add a mega menu to your WordPress site? Firstly we discuss what is mega menu and then how to simply add a mega menu on your wordpress website?

Mega Menu in WordPress?

These are a common design pattern on large WordPress sites. Most of the sites may have a complex information architecture with various sections and subsections.By using this user can easily find the correct information rapidly by grouping similar links together.

Features of WordPress Mega Menus

  • It supports multiple menu locations each with their own configuration.
  • You can use Drag and Drop Mega Menu builder.
  • It display WordPress Widgets in your menu.
  • It customise the styling of your menus using a built in theme editor.
  • You can Fade, Fade Up, Slide Up or Slide sub menu transitions.
  • You can add icons to menu items.

Why and When Should Add Mega Menu in WordPress?

It is generally helpful for sites with many content. Website owners has allow to display more items in their top menu.

Only a few of the famous websites like Reuters and Buzzfeed use mega menus for showing interactive navigation menus.

In default WordPress navigation menus allows you add drop-down sub-menus and even you can add image icons next to each item, some of the times you just require a mega menu.

Adding a Mega Menu in WordPress

Adding a Mega Menu in WordPress

Firstly you need to install and activate the Max Mega Menu plugin.For more information, see our step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

If the activation start the plugin will add a new menu item, Mega Menu, to your WordPress admin menu. You can click on it will take you to the plugin’s settings page.

Mega Menu settings

Default settings will work for most websites. Moreover, you will need to change the menu colors, so they match the colors used by your WordPress theme’s navigation menu container.

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Are you know that most of the people understand that backing up a live WordPress site is a compulsory task for any site owner.If you store backup in a remote location it obtained from anywhere.It is a sound strategy with a Gmail account it has cheap and simple solution. In this article we will show you different ways to backup your wordpress site to google drive?

Firstly you know what is What is Google Drive?

It is a Google’s free online storage service in which you can store any type of file, including WordPress backup files.

Some steps are given below:

Step 1- Install UpdraftPlus Plugin

There are several most important plugins to connect WordPress to your Google Drive account. Over about a million active installs UpdraftPlus. It is the most popular and it’s the one I like the most because Google Drive is included in the free edition.

Firstly you can find the UpdraftPlus plugin in the WordPress plugin repository or you can also search for UpdraftPlus in the Plugins > Add New screen.

Step 2 -Configure Backup Contents And Schedule

Next go to Settings > UpdraftPlus Backups and set up your appropriate options for what is backed up on your site and the backup schedule.

If you post multiple times a day, then daily is likely to be sufficient (you can maintain a manual backup if you make substantial updates to the site). The number of backups, th will depend on whether you think you’ll always be restoring to the latest backup or whether you want the ability to roll-back to a particular day.

Certainly, you have the option to run different schedules for files and database and this is worth considering.If you change the content of the files,that most files will be copies of files that you have stored locally or can easily re-download, so you may not need to backup as regularly as the database which is going to be an unique store.

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WordPress is most important all over the world due to its flexibility and simple to use Different types of WordPress, and it’s compulsory that you select the right one. We recommend you to use self-hosted WordPress.org to create your podcast site. It offer you access to all powerful WordPress features out of the box.

We will require a domain name to start your website with self hosted WordPress. It will be your website’s address on the internet. Need a WordPress hosting account, this is where your website’s files are saved. We recommend using Bluehost. Set up podcast.

Some of the best WordPress themes for podcasters are as follows:

1. Ultra

You know that it is an all-purpose WordPress theme. It comes packed with ready-made designs, 1-click install and also includes a powerful page builder to edit any page or create your own designs.

It includes a beautiful audio player that goes along with your theme. It has an importer and custom theme for 1-click demo of the settings page for easier and quick set up.

2. Satchmo

It is the up to date Podcasting theme by Second Line Themes. A tool for podcasters. After all it supports multiple podcasting plugins such as PowerPress and Seriously Simple Podcasting. Also reinforce locally hosted or external MP3 files, or embeds such as SoundCloud, MixCloud, YouTube, SoundCloud,and more.

You can choose from dozens of design options. It also display your content in a unique and customized design. It offers you full color customization and font controls so you can create a website for your own brand in seconds. The Elementor page builder is supported by the theme.It is the one of the fastest and best open-source page builders out there.

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