Hi, everyone!
Today is the day 5 alredy. And we have been in Sydney! It was cool and amazing, a beautiful city. We woke up at 6:00 AM. We called a taxi. And after 45 minutes we were in Sydney. A big traffic and many people.

From the rainforest to the capital Sydney with a thousands of people on the streets. First we didn't know were to go so Matilda took her phone and lookt on a map so we could know were to go. And we wanted to go to a big shopping place were all the popular brands the ones you only can buy on the internet or in a a big city. First it took for about 2 hours before we found the shopping place because we just walked in circles. And we was in a bad mood. Because Ida, Demi and Eira just walkt away from us so we had to wait in 20 minutes  before they came we didn't had so much time because in one and a half  hour we had to be in the taxi because the taxi would drive us to the opera house. But anyway so we were stressed and we didn't found something to buy because who wants to go home from Sydney without something. But after 10 minutes we find a store and everyone bought something and then we was in a good mood. And when we knew that we had bought something in Sydney we were not stressed anymore . So we walked in our tranquility and Matilda found a beautiful lipstick in a nude Color but goes in the purple way. And Demi found Three beautiful t-shirts (typical her clothing). And I got a beautiful sweatshirt. And Eira bought a black and Green jacket.

When the time was 10:00 am we went to our taxi and drived to the opera house. And when we came there it was like, is this real?!. It was a big difference about to see the opera house in real life then to see it on pictures. It was so beautiful and big but you coulden`t go in to the opera house because they had a concert so it was bad.

The best thing whit this trip was everything we did today. If I gonna give some points for this trip I`ll give it 4 of 5 shopping bags. And that was my 5 trips in Australia and It's a beautiful country so if you are going on a trip abroad, then I recommend Australia.

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Today is the day 4 and we have been driving on the great ocean road the road everyone talking about. And we have also been doing funny things on the road.

So we rented a nice car. And I was a little bit hesitant about the car but the car was cheap to rent. So when we drove on the ocean road we saw the famous 12 Apostles, magnificent rock stacks that rise up majestically from the Southern Ocean on Victoria's dramatic coastline. And it was awesome to see because they were very high, about 45 meters high. Demi loved it she just stood there and took about a thousands of pictures! then we dorve on the road again and we started to hear water and we thought it was a big waterfall, and it was! So we took a relaxing walk in the "rainforest". And guess what. Matilda and Ida walked on a tree behind the waterfall and the tree was very slippery so they fell into the water. so we laughing for a while. I really loved that place and I didn`t want to continue the trip because I wanted to stay there but we had to go.

While Ida and Matilda was wet we stopped by a surfing place so we surfed a little bit and it went well for me but not for the others. In the water we saw fishes and Demi and Eira thought they saw a shark but I don`t know if it was just a joke but I got such a panic that I got to the beach on 3 minutes. Anyway when we went back to our beautiful car we tried to start it but it didn`t went so good the car woulden`t start and we coulden´t call someone because we didn`t had any service. So we walked on the so called The ocean walk. And luckily we had the tent with us from yesterday. So we started to walk and for about 20 minutes we came to a signpost and it stood rainforest➡ . So we started to walk in the rainforest and it started to be dark outside so we desided to put up the tent.

And right now we are in the tent and it's 22:00 pm it's a little bit scary because you can hear the animals, and in the backround you can hear the waterfall.

So that was my trip on The great ocean road and it was a little bit of trouble but we also had fun at the same time. If Im gonna give some points for this trip I`ll give it 5 of 5 roads.

See you next time then you are gonna follow me on my last trip and then we are gonna go to the big town Sidney!



Hey, guys!

Today is the day 3 and today I have seen the largest stone in the world, Ayers rock!

First I thought that it would be boring because who wants to see a stone just a ordinary stone but of course this stone is the largest in the world. But my thought was not good. I did not want to disappoint my group so I went to the stone anyway. And right now I am so happy that I went there because it was not just an ordinary stone.

We got picked up in Alice springs and before we stopt by Ayers rock we went to a camel farm that was on the road to Ayers rock. And it was fun to ride on camels I have done it before but it was a long time ago. And Eira fell off the camel but she didn`t get hurt. Then we were on the road again to the Ayers rock and on the road we saw an amazing rock formation who called Mt Conner with an beautiful view. And after 10 minutes we were at the largest stone in the world. And we started the walk on the begining of the stone and it was soooo big and in the stone you could see it had many springs, waterholes, rock caves and ancient paintings, being listed as a world heritage site for its natural and man-made attributes.

The stone is 869 meters above sea level. And the stone is about 500 million years old! After we saw the stone we walked so we could take some pictures of the stone and when we went we saw the red desert sand and bushes. And we got the best pictures of all.

Now we are in a big tent in the desert because we are gonna sleep here until tomorrow morning.

That was all we did today and the best thing we did today was to see the red desert sand and the waterholes in the stone, it was cool. If Im gonna give some points for this trip I`ll give it 2 of 5 suns.

Tomorrow we are gonna follow the historical Great Ocean Road, one of the world's most scenic coastal routes and I can`t wait!



Hello, everyone!

Today I been in Fraser island. And it`s the day 2.

Today my dream came true! I always been dreaming about to swim in crystal clear water and sit on hot white sand. And today it was the day.

So first we woke up at 6:00 am and we ate some breakfast. After that we got picked up by our guide who drove us to the Fraser island. And the first thing we did was to fish because they say that Fraser Island's famous 75-Five Mile Beach is right on the action for some of the best beach fishing in the world. And I literally hate fishes so I thought that it would be scary to fish but I never seen so beautiful fishes in my life. They were pink fishes yellow and white, black, blue almost all the colours that you can find in the world. They were so cute that they dosen`t were scary at all. And of cours I got the most of the fishes. I got 5, Ida 2, Eira 3, Demi 3 and Matilda 1. It wasen`t so surprising that I won everything. Anyway, after like 20 minutes we were close to death because of the heath. So we took some few swims in the crystal clear water. It was around 18 degrees in the water, a big difference compared of Sweden. When we drove back to land we saw some dolphins witch was cool so we took the opportunity to take some photos.

When we came back we went to a bar and took something to drink becaues it`s important to drink something when it`s hot outside. After that we went for a swim in Faser islands largest freshwater stream, Eli creek. More than 4 million liters of water flow into the ocean every hour. And it was awesome, it lookt and feelt like to be in a rainforest while you floated in the water.

So that was everything we did today in Fraser island and the best things whit this trip was to swim in the water because it was so clear and the second thing was to experience the Eli creek. If I`m gonna give some points for this trip I`ll give it 5 of 5 fishes.

See you tomorrow on day 3. And then we are gonna see the largest stone in the world!

  • So see you again tomorrow and then we are going to the largest stone in the world!



Hi, everyone!😃

Today it was my first day in Australia. And of course I have my friends with me Demi, Ida, Matilda and Eira.
When we first got to Australia we went to our hotel. We could walk from the airport to the hotel. And it was so beautiful in our hotel room. It was pink all over the place, pink walls, pink floor and pink beds. But when we got to the hotel we threw our suitcases on the bed and took the taxi to Corroboree Billabong to see the wildlife.

When we got there the guides took us to a boat and droved it into the river. It was so beautiful! We saw 3 meters long crocodiles and they were crazy. They jumped in the water and Demi got so scared, and I think that Matilda fell a little tear in that second. We also saw a big birdlife. But they was not so scary than the crocodiles. But I also kind of like when it get a little bit of action.

After that we went to Kakadu National Park where the first stop was in Bowali Centre. When we got there we saw over 20.000 old aboriginal rock paintings. And the guide told us about them and how they painted it and the paintings history. My favorite one was of course the one with the kangaroo on. And the last thing we did was to take a flight over Arnhem land. And it feelt like to be in one of the Jurassic park movie. It was tree, grass, high cliffs and mountains and a river that ran through everything.

So that was the day 1 and the best thing with this trip was to see the crocodiles and when we did the flight over Arnhem land. If I gonna give some points I`ll give it 3 of 5 crocodiles for this trip.
So see you tomorrow on day 2. Then we are going to Fraser island!