Yesterday was another exciting day, but this time I didn’t know the PR companies. It was a real test to make sure I talk about myself, ask about what they do and get all the right networking done in the correct way. Often, I found points where I wanted to kick myself for not exchanging emails or saying something about myself (but that is all part of learning.)

First Emelie and I went to Ibeyostudio, which is a super cool PR company that is in a parking garage and looks super awesome. We had a lot of fun there and then after headed to Thomas Hägg. Thomas Hägg PR works with a company called remake, so they are a clothing brand that take unsellable clothes from second hand stores and create unisex and size clothing. Each item is unique and can be made from different t-shirts to even duvets, Crazy right? It was so much fun meeting these two great companies and then doing some street style photography outside.

My outfit was a mix of second hand and old, my skirt was bought over 3 years ago when my love for yellow first started, but I never wore it often enough so it came out of the cupboard! And my jumper is from a second-hand store, plus my bag was given to me by my Grandma.

The weather is also super beautiful here and also super cold! After taking a few pictures your hands are ice cold, but the colours of the trees are incredible. Today is the final day of Press week which is super exciting and I will update tomorrow when I am not at work- but I hope you all are looking forward to the weekend and like the second-hand fashion outfit 2!

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