During press week I met a lot of new people and found out a lot about super exciting products, but when people ask me what was your favorite thing that you learnt, here is what is it;


O’Right is a hair product company, they do lots of great shampoos, conditioners, oils and more for your hair plus body and it is all 96% natural ingredients which is really great. I love a product that I know is natural and good for my hair, I have been using the green tea shampoo which makes my hair feel super soft. Even though that is great in itself, it’s not the reason why it’s my favorite.

But here is why, the bottle is 100% biodegradable, (biodegradable means capable of decaying through the action of living organisms) that means when your shampoo or conditioner runs out, you don’t throw the bottle into the bin for it to be taken to a landfill, nope instead you just plant the bottle in your garden and it will disappear naturally. The bottle is made from an eco-friendly PLA material, which is derived from fruit, vegetable and plant starch.


I don’t even know how to show you how excited and amazed I am by such an amazing thing, imagine if every company started making their products biodegradable, we wouldn’t have plastic anymore and everything would just become part of the earth in as little as 12 months!

But they didn’t even stop there, you see at the bottom of the bottles is a seed, so when the bottle starts to decomposes, it is converted into CO2 as well as H2O which then creates the nutrients for the seeds! So not only do you get great hair care but you can also grow your own tree so you are giving back to the environment.

I have been using Green tea which has certified green tea extract and foaming agents. This protexcts the hair from oxidative damage, refreshes and keeps the scalp healthy. They all have different types like Golden or Purple rose colour care, tea tree, bamboo, camellia and a few more.

I have attached their website here.

I hope you like it, when I learnt more about this product thanks to Etica Stockholm PR I felt super emotional that someone has worked so so hard to create a product that is not only good for us but also amazingly good for the environment. I would love to know what you think and if you have a favorite sustainable product!

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This morning was a wonderful start to the day with an extra hour in bed, it meant waking up at 8 felt so much easier and that I had so much more time in the morning before I began work. I am lucky enough to have been given some new sunglasses which I want to show you all, so with the sun shining bright through the skylight I thought it would be the perfect chance to wear them out. First Adi and I did our weekly shop like we do every Sunday morning, making sure we have everything we need for the week ahead so we can pre-plan meals, pack lunches and have a good weekend breakfast. Afterwards we went home, unpacked and ate a yummy breakfast and then I decided to get ready to go take pictures, as I stood up I took a look out the window and BAM it was snowing, yes you heard me right SNOWING! Okay not the settle on the ground, Christmassy feel snow but still a thinker whiter rain falling from the sky and getting rid of any sunglasses weather that I needed. But fear not, I decided to make a couple of flat lays to show you these awesome glasses.

NEUBAU eyewear!

These are a new and very cool eyewear company that as they put it ‘answers the needs of young and trendy individuals’, but why do I like them? Well let me tell you!

They are of course sustainable which you don’t really think about when it comes to sunglasses, as long as they have UV protection they are all good but the material and where sunglasses come from is really important, and Neubau sunglasses have a super cool alternative for us.

They are made out of a minimum of 65% caster-oil plants, which is a natural and renewable resource and makes it really lightweight. I actually don’t really wear sunglasses often as I broke my nose quite a few years back and since then find that it causes pain my nose and head pain after wearing them for a while, but with these they are so light it doesn’t create a pain on my nose and makes such a huge difference, plus they are sweat and makeup resistant to stop stress cracking.

They are also made in Austria which eliminates the whole transport from often Asian countries, decreasing their carbon footprint. It is really important to think about how far our products travel, the less carbon emission from their production the better. And I think it’s really nice to have products that are made close to home.

And finally, they have recycled boxes when you buy them, 100% eco cotton for their cases and the cloth is 100% recycled PET which is so so amazing! It’s exciting to find a product that has one thing good about them, but when they have all round goodness it almost makes it a crime not to own them.

I hope you guys like them, they have the coolest different shapes and styles to fit everyone’s personality and they have the different coloured lens which I think are really nice. I would love to hear what you guys think of them, and also if you want to know more about them or see them on!



Exeter city is a beautiful city, I had so much fun exploring the cobbled streets and soaking in the sunshine with my bestie. We walked around and looked at the beautiful cathedral, it is honestly the weirdest place in terms of the people living there. I have never been in a place where every other person is around their early 20s and have a look of stress on their faces as exams come closer and closer. Its so interesting being in a place where most people are doing and going through the same thing, I like to think that it makes a supporting hub of people who all want to do the same thing with their lives and hopefully all help one another to get there.
Today I slept all morning, it was the first day in a long long time that I haven't had to set and alarm and lets just say that I really really needed to sleep and let my mind rest. Then for the rest of the day I have been sending emails, checking my options at university and trying to decide what is the next steps in my life. But tonight I am going to celebrate my darling Olivia's birthday and have fun with my girls, the future is right in front of us and the only thing we can do is try to make sure that every day is brilliant and concentrate on making the present amazing because then the future will follow. I hope you all have an incredible weekend full of lots of love and happiness!

Jacket- Pull and bear // Shirt- Oui // Jeans- Topshop



Today was a beautiful day, I was invited to an event held by Spalt PR to celebrate the release of Solinotes' perfume into Sweden. It is a french brand that now are working with H&M to introduce these amazing different scents to us, and what is really exciting is it is all about mixing the scents together, rather than just having one smell, you have some base scents that can then mix with others.
The different scents are; Cherry tree, Figs, Musk, Vanilla, Pomegranate, Rose and Exotic tiger flower. So with Perfumes there is a triangle, you have the base scents, then the heart scents and then finally the top scents. Each perfume has a mix of the different scents that make the triangle and when mixing the right scents from different perfumes, you can create your own smell.
The event was very exciting, with lots of yummy yummy food which was all healthy and delicious. It was held at Miss Clara by Novis, which is a super cute restaurant and hotel but when you journey up to the 5th floor you find the most beautiful conservatory where we had an amazing time trying virtual reality which is a lot scarier than expected, smelling beautiful scents and eating/drinking.
I absolutely love fruity scents, although its not for everyone I enjoy the sweet smell that makes me feel like summer. Whats amazing with these products is that it is all produced in France and the base ingredients are natural. Perfume is a very chemical thing that we spray onto our body, it is so so important for us to be conscious of what we simply spray onto our bodies and with these natural goodness, you can smell and feel good all day long.
So a cheers to that, an affordable and yummy perfume which is moving into the right way of being sustainable and organic. It has the right ethics with the base being natural and all coming from France and a good start for changing different products in my home like my perfume.
I hope you like the pictures! I went to this lovely event with Olivia and Maja. Afterwards I went to get a smoothie with Maja and get to know one another better. It was lovely to talk about my family and home, and to learn more about her life and as we spoke more and more we started to talk about loving one another, and how it is easier to love someone when you know them and understand them. Society doesn't bully people they understand or annoy others if they get what they are talking about but we do to people we don't understand and that is so wrong. And then Maja said something beautiful 'We should all be in a relationship with the world' and that is so true, we do not hate those we are in a relationship with but instead we love them because we understand them, so if we all take time to have a relationship with people from everywhere, and with the planet itself, we will all do our best to love and help them and that can make a difference.



Today it has rained non-stop, it’s like a horrible drizzle rain mixed with the worst wind ever so holding an umbrella is almost impossible. But here I am wearing my all-time favourite coat and that’s right, its second hand. This coat in fact was my mother’s way before I was born, she has kept it all these years and when I moved to the freezing country of Sweden she gifted it to me. I absolutely love it, especially since thick furry coats are back in fashion this year. Of course, there is no real fur here on my jacket but it definitely does the job of keeping me warm!

Shoes- Clarks // Skirt- H&M // Jacket- No label anymore // Watch- Nona

Today I had a quick trip into the city to take some pictures with my darling Olivia and grab lunch. With such busy lives it’s hard to grab a moment together to catch up, but today we had delicious sandwiches and had a chance to chat about our weekend and what’s coming next in our lives.
On the note of whats next, I have a question for all you lovely readers, would you like to see Videos? I am thinking of doing little tutorials and trials of different sustainable products and maybe show you some of the things I get up to in my daily life. I recently did a tutorial of making shorts just before the summer started and I got some good feedback, but thought it would be nice to do some more personal with me talking about different things in my sustainable life. I would love to hear what you think and what you’d like to know more about!
Also modelling the Nona watch here, just in case you wanted to see what it looks like with an outfit! Tomorrow I have an exciting event to go to and have my weekend two days off tomorrow and Friday. I am very excited to see my friends, celebrate a birthday and have some time to relax!