Jacket, Scarf, Belt and Jumper are all second hand! It makes me so so excited when I am wearing an almost all second hand outfit, especially here where I get to add a beautiful pair of shinny jeans and heeled boots. I love the casual jumper look paired with a nice pair of jeans and boots, its a great comfy winter outfit that makes me stand tall! The belt is my Grandmas and the scarf is my boyfriends grandmas which is my favourite type of second hand, when I get to wear something that I know the history behind rather than guessing where and who owned what I now own. When I am in a second hand store, I always wonder why people owned some of the clothing and what they wore it for and why they gave it away.

Was the dress worn for a really nice party where the women met a man who made her so so happy and they dated for a long time and then it turned out he was really lying about who he was and had 10 other girlfriends? Because I would throw the dress away too.

Was the jeans bought by a doting mother for her daughter after looking in a magazine and seeing these great new type of jeans but as the girl gets this present she puts them on and leaves the house only to change the jeans for the one in her bag and drops them off at the local charity store, telling her mum someone must have accidentally taken them at the swimming pool so she borrowed a spare pair of trousers.

I would love to know any stories of how your clothes might have ended up in a charity shop, the obvious that I have are growing out of them and not liking them anymore but I don't have any crazy or funny stories. I hope you like the outfit!

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Yesterday towards the end of my shift, my darling friend Olivia came to say hello and do some writing whilst I finished my shift and then had a lovely chat afterwards. When I came down into the bar she was chatting to two weird and drunk guys, after they left I asked why and she said for the research. At first I laughed because they were so uncomfortable to talk to and I would have avoided any eye contact at all times when sat in a bar alone but as I thought more about it, I realised how interesting it is that she puts herself into those positions to learn more for her writing and get more experiences. It is always a huge learning situation to speak to different people from all different backgrounds and views so that you can learn and understand and of course get great content to talk and write about. A lot of my blogging is about outfits and styles and beauty products, plus ways to change things in your life to live more sustainable. However the most important part is for me to learn about other peoples views and to learn about new ways to live eco friendly because then I can share and grow. I myself have to grow more to be able to put myself into the situations where I ask more questions and learn. People in Sweden are not so open to randomly talk to you on the train or in a coffee shop but once they have had a few drinks they will talk forever. So that was my very exciting life lesson of yesterday, to become the influencer that I want to be I have to put myself out there more and learn as much as I can all the time.

Pink is my all time favourite colour right now, when I have been looking at second hand stores I am drawn to the pink colours coming from the rails. Here is my favourite outfit at the moment, its comfortable and pink and different materials. The more I am learning about the fashion trends I like and the different materials that fit me, the more I learn about the great types of fashion that exist. Different outfits we wear can represent our emotions of the day, I will never wear the same type of clothing every day because I will never feel the same way all the time.

What do you guys think of this outfit? I have been trying to find more corduroy trousers at the second hand store but I believe they are becoming very popular now or people have stopped giving them in. I am off now to do a photo shoot and have a yummy lunch, I hope you all have the best day!



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I recently got introduced to Yves Rocher by Spalt Pr, they showed me some of their new products and really got me excited by what they do so I decided to do a blog post about the different products and I will hopefully be doing another video soon to introduce them more!

Yves Rocher was started in La Gacilly, France in the 1950s. It was started by a man that realized people liked his cream recipe so sold the products by mailing order. It them became really popular and now is the company thousands of people know and love. All of their products have the main focus of plants, from herbs to flowers it’s all about being close to nature.

But why do I like them so much? Well here are a few facts for you that make me very happy!

1. 100% of their extracts are botanical!

2. 1100 of those ingredients are of natural origin and they are striving for them all to be natural!

3. They have already saved 62 tons of plastic since the ecofriendly tube launch- they control the entire lifecycle of the products which allows them to reduce their carbon footprint and decrease their use of non-renewable materials and recycle everything else.

4. 96% of the paper they use comes from sustainably managed forests.

5. And finally, they are going to plant 100 MILLION trees by 2020!

Micellar water 2 in 1 Here // Refreshing cleansing gel Here // 24hr hydrating gel cream Here

Due to being such a large company it makes me really happy to know they are doing what they can to make a difference. They are going out there and trying to recycle, reduce and reuse all of their packaging. It is so important that all companies think about the effect of what they are putting into the world, what happens once their products are empty and thrown away or the damage that the ingredients can have when they are chemical.

Moisture capture botanical sap Here // Moisture boost serum Here // Refreshing cleansing gel Here

They really have beautiful products and although I am only beginning to use them, I am already excited to see what they are like because the packaging is already earth friendly and that’s the best start. I hope you like the pictures and I have attached links to find the products and the website, I would love to know if you have every tried any of their products and what you think!



Hey guys, so today I have something new for you! I have created my very own first beauty vlog, where I show my new skin care routine with the products from Esse which are Vegan and Organic! I had so much fun creating this video (and yes it’s in my bed room because it has the best lighting) and would love to know what you think! I really think youtube is the best and most fun way to show the changes I have made in my life to be more ethically conscious and I would love to share it with you.

So here is my video!

Thank you Mildh Press for the great trial kit to see what works best for my skin and I have tagged their website here for you guys to have a look at the products yourself!

I really enjoyed making the video, and feel free to subscribe to my youtube account Jasminella (linked here) where a lot of new videos will be coming to you soon!



Today was the type of day where I felt like I had sooo much to do that I ended up going shopping instead. The day went well, I woke up and had a nice breakfast and sent emails and then had a lovely lunch with a friend and walked around the city and then met up with @emelieolssons and went round all the great second hand stores in Södermalm which is a very cool part of the city! One awesome part of this city is that each island has its own theme, you can go from classy where everyone wears suits and the shops are all Gucci and Prada and then you go to Söder where its more second hand and hippy clothes. It is so much fun walking through this city and seeing all the beautiful buildings and different people.

We visited so many different second hand stores today, I will do a list of all the great second hand stores one day! It is so much fun and also very very exhausting going through lots and lots of the weirdest and sometimes ugliest clothes I have ever seen. Yet every now and then you find a golden item and its amazing and money saving and makes your wardrobe a little brighter and more beautiful.

The jacket, scarf and bag are second hand here!

Today I found the most amazing trousers from Lapidus, an unusual shirt from Premiere collection, a super cute jumper and a great scarf with no tags unfortunetly. All for less than £20 or 210SEK!! Honestly it is the most satisfying thing to know that you're getting great clothing, at a great price and making sure nothing gets thrown away. What do you guys think of second hand? It is such a big part of being more sustainable with clothing, especially since a lot of new sustainable clothing is very expensive so it helps to have other options. I love to share different outfits with a theme of second hand and hope you all like it too and get a little inspired to shop there yourself too!

You'll see these items properly soon in some new looks I will be shooting.