Another year has flown by, it seems the older I get the quicker the years go by and it only seems to be getting more and more exciting. Yesterday was celebrated with my family and Adi, it consisted of lots and lots of Indian food, drinking fizzy drinks and dancing the night away. I am very happy with the things I have accomplished in 2017, with lots of reminiscing these past few days I have had a good think about what I have done and now what I want to accomplish this year. I feel like this is going to be a very good years filled with excitement and new challenges, but more will be revealed with the more I learn. I am very glad I got to start the new year with my Parents, God mother + Partner, Nanny and Adi plus some more friends, its such a nice feeling to be surrounded with your loved ones and be able to start the year happy together. I saw some great dad dance moves and laughed a lot.

This morning we made our way into the woods to do a usual New year Hike, it is some of my favourite memories of walking through different woods and tracks to be surrounded by the wildlife and play with the dogs.

This is my brother and I, and then Adi refusing to take a nice picture because I pester him way too much (he will thank me one day when he is old and has all the great pictures to look back on)

We wandered (and got lost) through the woods with my family and our good family friends/neighbours who's dog this is. With two more dogs chasing through the woods and not standing still long enough to get a nice photo and then having to hike up a steep hill after getting a little lost in the very muddy and marshy land we finally found our way back to the car feeling very hungry and happy. I find there is nothing better than being out in the fresh air and finding some of the planets delights. This giant toad stall was a one of the amazing things that we found during our walk, I love that I have the opportunity to take out my camera and capture all of the beautiful natural wonders which are almost completely untouched by humans.

My New Year will be about emerging myself back more into the wonder of nature and continuing my journey to make as much of a difference as possible. I want to reduce my plastic use, find more incredible companies to share with you and give a little back to the planet. I hope you all had a wonderful New Year and even if not I know this year will be about big changes, working hard and doing everything we can to make a difference and I wish you all the happiness and health in your lives and look forward to making a difference together!

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Christmas is coming around the corner very fast, as I get the rest of my presents sorted (Wrapping in News paper or saving your paper from last time is a great way to reuse and recycle wrapping paper to reduce the amount that gets thrown away by every family, and if not make sure you recycle it after!) pack my bags for the holidays and make sure all the decorations are up and ready, I am getting very excited for the family, food and fun that is to come. This can also be a stressful and very busy time, today is my only day off or without lots of people around until the 3rd of January, otherwise I am working or away to Malmö for Christmas and London for New years. So tonight was about making new traditions with Adi as it is our first proper Christmas together (last year I went home and the year before we were in Sydney so didn't feel like Christmas at all) and my first Christmas without my family but starting with my new family. We bought a very beautiful, naturally sourced Christmas tree and got second hand decorations for a large company getting rid or theirs, plus I made some of my own decorations, (Instructions and pictures will be up tomorrow) it is my first Christmas tree which feels very special and exciting, like I am really entering a new part of my life.

This is my new Swedish christmas gnome, he is very cute and looks over us with the beautiful candles that did look like pine cones but now not so much.

I am a big fan of romantic gestures, I enjoy the planning and the look on Adi's face as he comes home. At this moment in time I don't have lots of money to make big gestures, but maybe that isn't what is important, its what means the most and as long as it comes from your heart then it can be special.

I lit lots of candles, put some christmas music on, baked some christmas biscuits and made a homemade card. Together we opened our presents to one another and ate lots of yummy food, it was the perfect way to celebrate Christmas alone just before the chaos begins and now we are ready to begin the family seeing and travelling.

As I grow older and learn more I realise how important it is for us to make our own traditions, to change the way we behave and to pave a brighter future for the next generations. We are the ones that will make the change, we will pave a brighter future and make a difference. I may be making a tradition for how I am going to celebrate Christmas now for my own family but I will be making my traditions on the way I use plastic, on the way I recycle, on the way I respect our planet and hope that I can share those beautiful traditions on and that they will be the ones my children and their children continue to use.

I look forward to this new Christmas, to the way I am going to celebrate and the new memories I will make. I hope you have lots planned for this Christmas too and that you make traditions that are good for the world and for you.



As I sat in the Scandic Anglais, with a glass of champagne in my hand watching all my friends sing happy birthday to me in English and Swedish, I realized how lucky I am to be here and to have found my home. I have always been travelling and figuring out what I want to do with my life. I always knew I wouldn’t live in England but that was all I knew. Last night I felt like I was part of something beautiful and felt grounded to this crazy country. I could not be more thankful for my wonderful friends who have loved and supported me through everything and to have a new family that I love and can’t wait to grow with.

This time last year I was sat in Story hotel on my birthday with 3 friends having a glass of wine and getting to know them better, I didn’t know the country, I didn’t know what I was doing here and I didn’t have solid friendships yet. Only a year later and those same friends are now my closest friends and I have a wonderful group of people who I adore and cherish.

When I first moved to Sweden I decided it was the hardest place in the world to make friends (and it still is) but as I sent hundreds of ‘lets meet for a coffee’ texts and basically made some people hang out with me, I got to see under the hard exterior that the Sweds put on and make lots of wonderful friends. This is a city where you can make dreams come true and feel like you have everything around you to do so. I really feel like I belong here and that this will be a wonderful place for my family to live, as long as the dark doesn’t scare me off.

Last night was all about my friends being together, we went to Kåken after but there were wayyy to many people on the dance floor so we decided to sit around the main bar and apparently sing happy birthday again but with very exciting sparklers and a pink bubbly drink, as Olivia put it all princess need a pink bubbly drink on their birthday, and just all socialise all together.

I had so much fun and although I have done an 8-hour shift today, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Thank you to all of you who made it so special and I hope you have all had a great weekend. Friendships can last a lifetime, friends help you through all types of situations and want to see you succeed in every way possible! Next week I am heading home to celebrate with my family, because 1-week birthdays are the best type of birthdays.

My smile couldnt be any bigger, I am a very very lucky girl.



When I grow up I want to be a princess, that was what I wanted to be pretty much all of my childhood, I would do everything possible to be just that, put books on my head, learn ballroom dancing and wear pretty ballgown dresses. And for a short amount of time I was almost that, I auditioned to work at Disney and got a part as Sleeping beauty but after a couple of weeks there I decided to leave. However when I travel and stay at beautiful places I feel like I am a princess, even in my bobble hat and fluffy jacket.

What would I do if I was a princess then? It would be the most amazing thing to be someone of that type of a position to have all that type of power or money and be able to do so much good. If I was a princess I would spend all of my time trying to save the planet in as many ways as I can, I would help clean the seas or save the animals used for entertainment or I would help refugees have a chance at a second life, to be able to find a job or have the the chance to have the same options we have when starting our lives as a child or adult. I would happily do that all the time but unfortunately I don't have that power, or at least not yet. I have to study first and find a way to make a difference with the resources and options I have so far.

Sometimes I just sit down and think about what a crazy world it is that we live in, we have so much and yet so little at the same time. We have people who are spoilt, we have others who have nothing, the only thing that we have all the same is the earth we stand on. Of course people live in different conditions and some countries are hot and others are under snow but it is all one world, and if the world gets hotter or colder, if it gets to much smog or too little water it will effect us all. I lived on a little island in Bali called Nusa Penida during my travles, here the living conditions are not fancy. We all slept in small wooden huts with no air conditioning and had a lot of different animals running around (I had both a gecko and scorpion in my bed) and I was only there for 2 weeks but the locals lived in those conditions every day. Rather than being sad about it or complaining they worked and they cleaned the beaches from all the rubbish and helped the animals both wild and farm to live good and healthy lives. I learnt so much whilst being here, with no Wifi I had a lot of time to reflect and immerse myself into their culture, I sat there on the beach after having realised the third turtle back into the wild I knew that I had to do something in my life to make a difference.

We live in such a small and beautiful world, we work and do things that make us feel happy, we raise families and love those around us, and I am not expecting a huge change from everyone. Not everyone can live the drastic zero waste all eco life, I know I cant yet although I am trying to learn to. But if everyone made little changes, if everyone tried their best to do good and make a difference even in the smallest of ways, to pave a bright future for our children so that they can follow suit and make the difference to our lives that the generations before us didn't then I know we can make a BIG difference.

If I was a princess even just for a day, I would do everything I could to help people make that difference, to share my ideas and try to inspire those around me. I hope that slowely I will reach more and more people so that one day, together we can make that difference.



Yesterday towards the end of my shift, my darling friend Olivia came to say hello and do some writing whilst I finished my shift and then had a lovely chat afterwards. When I came down into the bar she was chatting to two weird and drunk guys, after they left I asked why and she said for the research. At first I laughed because they were so uncomfortable to talk to and I would have avoided any eye contact at all times when sat in a bar alone but as I thought more about it, I realised how interesting it is that she puts herself into those positions to learn more for her writing and get more experiences. It is always a huge learning situation to speak to different people from all different backgrounds and views so that you can learn and understand and of course get great content to talk and write about. A lot of my blogging is about outfits and styles and beauty products, plus ways to change things in your life to live more sustainable. However the most important part is for me to learn about other peoples views and to learn about new ways to live eco friendly because then I can share and grow. I myself have to grow more to be able to put myself into the situations where I ask more questions and learn. People in Sweden are not so open to randomly talk to you on the train or in a coffee shop but once they have had a few drinks they will talk forever. So that was my very exciting life lesson of yesterday, to become the influencer that I want to be I have to put myself out there more and learn as much as I can all the time.

Pink is my all time favourite colour right now, when I have been looking at second hand stores I am drawn to the pink colours coming from the rails. Here is my favourite outfit at the moment, its comfortable and pink and different materials. The more I am learning about the fashion trends I like and the different materials that fit me, the more I learn about the great types of fashion that exist. Different outfits we wear can represent our emotions of the day, I will never wear the same type of clothing every day because I will never feel the same way all the time.

What do you guys think of this outfit? I have been trying to find more corduroy trousers at the second hand store but I believe they are becoming very popular now or people have stopped giving them in. I am off now to do a photo shoot and have a yummy lunch, I hope you all have the best day!