May the 27th

With the sun shinning and all my family together it couldn't have been more of a beautiful day for my gorgeous cousin and her now wonderful husband to get married, and I was lucky enough to be gifted the chance to be her bridesmaid. I was so happy every moment of the day, I got to spend lots of time with all my family, have a bride, bridesmaid and flower girl sleepover and see a spectacular wedding take place. Not to mention my cousin Chloe and husband Ricky looked stunning.

The day started with hair and make up at 9.30 the morning of the wedding. With champagne and croissants we enjoyed the hours getting ready and feeling the excitement bubbles inside. Time seemed to fly by as already we were back at my cousins house getting the dressed on and making final adjustments. But then time stopped, we all sat together waiting for everyone to get to the church and for the car to arrive. Wait is crazy, the excitement was high, my nerves were bubbling and I wasn't even the one getting married but then the church bells started ringing and Chloe walked down the aisle like an angel and I couldn't be more proud. Tears filled my eyes as I watched a beautiful ceremony take place and a union between two people bind them together forever. I love you both and I thank you for letting me be part of the beautiful day and I wish you all the happiness and love forever.

I had a beautiful dress from Davids Bridal to carry me through the day, and a dashing man on my arm in Oscar Jacobson. I was so happy to spend the day with my boyfriend and family all together.

My beautiful parents

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend full of love and happiness like I did. Spending precious time with my family like my Grandad makes me so happy. I know that every second counts and I want to make the most of all of it. Marriage is a special time for the love birds but also everyone else. It is a time to appreciate the most precious thing in the world, love. Whether that is with friends, family or a partner it is something we should all hold close and look after every second of our lives. I am so lucky to have lots of love in my life and will always hold it dear. Look after your love and remember that you are full of love, give it to all those who deserve it and give it to yourself every day xx

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Today is a bank holiday in Sweden, which is really nice as it gave Adi and I time to clean the apartment and buy a suitcase before we go to England tomorrow for my cousins wedding. I am so excited to go home and see my family, plus have time to relax and just enjoy myself without working or studying.

To start the morning off we had a berry and acai bowl, it was yummy but I have started trying to add protein powder into the smoothie as I don't like protein shakes, but I can just taste the odd powder taste so Ill have to try finding something else to add the powder into.

Yesterday was Adi's mums birthday so we all went into the city to celebrate and have dinner today. We went to the Gondola restaurant which is high up so you can see the city. We had a drink on the roof top bar first and took some pictures before having a delicious dinner and then finally going home after a long and good day.

Skirt- Topshop // Jacket- New look // Bodysuit- Boohoo // Shoes- Office



There is no denying that I am in love with this beautiful camera. I am learning more and more about Aperture, depth of field and how to maintain my ISO, it is so much fun.

Photography gives you a new look on life, everywhere you go you look for lines and compositions, plus moments of beauty. I hope you enjoy the pictures, I look forward to capturing more happy moments in my life.

I have been thinking about what is next for my blog, and I really enjoy finding out more about sustainable products and sharing them with you. So the next chapter is starting, I would love for you to all join me on this journey of discovery for food, beauty and fashion in the sustainable world xx



As the summer draws near and new starts are on the horizon I decided to make an investment in my social media life and buy myself a new camera. All of my cameras so far have been handed down to me or a second-hand gift to help me progress but I have never had the chance or funds to invest in my own DSLR, but now that I work full time and have a lot I want to photograph and work with I decided it was time.

(Please ignore the spelling mistake, I got way too excited)

I bought the Canon 100D (and some toffifee as they are yum), because it is their smallest DSLR as I am not ready to carry around a huge camera (just yet), it also has HD video recording and everything that I would need for the photography I am interested in. I’ve had a love for photography and videoing for as long as I can remember, when I turned 12 my mum bought me a video camera that I absolutely adored, my best friend and I would make videos upon videos just for our own amusement. I then studied photography at college for two years and loved every moment of it.

The morning after buying my camera, I went into the city at 5am, before I started work to just start testing out and using my beautiful baby and I am not disappointed at all. There is so much I still need to learn with the aperture, lenses and everything but I am very excited to do just so.

With the more I learn, the better I will make my blog and Instagram. Hopefully this is a great start to grow and become more focused on what I find is important. I hope you have all have a lovely weekend and I am sorry I am not blogging as much, I have been working nearly every day and studying lots before the summer starts and holidays begin, but I will work out my time planning soon. I hope youre all excited for the beginning of a great summer xx



What does Renewable energy mean to you? Is it just something that you learnt about in geography at school, is it something you think about when you remember to turn of the light switch or is it something that you think is important because Climate change is real?

I have been spending a lot of time thinking about what sustainability means and what I am doing to my lifestyle to make a difference. This is what I want to study in my future and enjoy understanding more and more about it but there is so much vital information that everyone should know about that I just want to run around screaming it in people’s faces (but that is a little aggressive) so I have decided to blog about my learning and hopefully make a small impact to everyone’s lives and help you all make a little difference.

Living completely sustainable is very very difficult, like for me I know that my biggest contribution to my carbon footprint is travelling, I fly home on average once every three months and that is a lot of carbon emission every time but seeing my family is important so I want to find a more sustainable way to do just that. But big changes will come with more information and knowledge, for example better sources of aviation fuel. However, we can all make little changes simply by buying less plastic packaging, turning our electrical items off instead of leaving them on standby and buying more locally sourced and eco-friendly food and clothing. All these little differences help our environment.

Another important avenue I will be exploring is fashion and beauty products and how sustainable their ingredients/materials are, where their products come from; does it use fair trade workers, how far do the products travel to end up in our hands and how good it is for us. There are a lot of new products and clothing brands starting up everywhere and often we look for quantity and low prices when we shop but that is not helping our earth at all. Knowledge is key, with markets growing we should know what we are buying and where it is from. This is my learning adventure and I hope you will follow me through my journey of making a change to little things in my life to live more sustainably and reduce my carbon footprint.

Take a look at what your carbon footprint is here and lets save the beautiful world together xx