Acai and Matcha bowls

Adi and I have decided to make a start on our 'summer bodies' as a wedding, holiday and sunshine is starting to creep closer. So yesterday we went to the gym and then decided for breakfast we want to eat more healthy bowls and less pancakes (I know I cried inside too) however I have been obsessed with a fruit called Acai which grows in Brazil and then made into a powder which we can buy here and make smoothie bowls which taste so good! Added with your favourite fruits on top and you actually have a delicious meal.

But you cant make beautiful smoothies without beautiful bowls, as I walked around the mall for ages I finally found the most pretty bowls I have ever seen. They are made by the company Tokyo and I love them very very much, they have plates, mugs and many other things I will be buying but for now I have two very lovely bowls to make my breakfast.

I decided to make one Acai and one Matcha bowl this morning.

Acai- One banana, handful of frozen strawberries, handful of frozen blueberries, coconut milk and two tsp of acail.

Matcha- One banana, handful of frozen pineapple and mango, handful of spinach, coconut milk and two tsp of matcha.

Afterwards I just added what fruits I fancied eating and there you go, you have a delicious breakfast bowl.

I hope you had a good start to the weekend and a yummy breakfast xx

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This week in Stockholm is beauty week so I went and had a look at what is happening in the beauty world here, and let me just say I am excited by what I see. When looking around all the great products that are available I can see how important the world is becoming to people, how aware we are that sustainability matters and we need to start making a difference to save the world. Beauty can be so much fun, who doesn't love a pamper day of hair, makeup, nails, eyebrows and so much more but to also know that every step of it helps our planet rather than damaging it pampers the soul.

Here are a few of the wonderful companies that are part of this mission, who want to make a difference and create some great products.

I also got to meet some great start up companies, like Stylefindr who are creating an app in Stockholm to help you find the best places to get any treatments you'd like from the best people. Plus we got to have our hair done which was fun.

Another company just starting in Stockholm, which actually originates in London is Frill, they are 'Ice Cream' but technically not called that as there is no milk or cream, no sugar or additives in this delicious dessert. It is a water based frozen yogurt that tastes absolutely delicious. I love eating something knowing it is healthy and vegan!

What do you guys think of this great start to the beauty world? As I am watching the sustainable future grow I cant wait to learn more about it and become apart of it. Exciting futures ahead and I hope you all enjoy it too, what is your favourite sustainable beauty product? xx

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Jeans- Levis // Shirt- Gap // Shoes- Puma // Scarf- A gift from Switzerland

The weather here in Sweden right now is very testing, one moment it is lovely sunshine and if you stand in the rays it actually feels warm and then the next second it starts snowing like crazy and you just think how did that happen? Today was one of those days where I have seen snow, rain, hail and sunshine. But I will not let that bring my morals down, I had a nice day with a friend of mine as we explored cute doorways and enjoyed the weather when we could. I hope you all enjoy the outfit of the day, it’s my favourite outfit when I want to be comfortable but can’t just wear leggings and need to look a little bit smarter. I am also in love with these jeans, they fit really comfortably and feel so nice to wear, although Levis isn’t cheap I just find the quality and sizing great, I love when I find a good fitting pair of jeans. Where is your favourite place to buy jeans? xx



This weekend was very busy although I didn't work. It consisted of 5 hours of spring cleaning yesterday, do you know how much dust collects under your bed when you just store stuff there and never clean?? Lets just say by the end we felt very proud of ourselves but exhausted, it feels like we have made a fresh start for the spring, everything in its place and its shocking how much bigger the apartment feels when everything is tidy !

Today was a lovely day of doing the week shop, meeting Adis (and now my) friends and their very very cute babies outside for once, and even with the wind and a random spot of rain, it was a nice day. After we headed to the mall to eat these Icha Icha bowls that Adi is obsessed with so we could 'learn' whats inside so he could make it for his lunch boxes.

And then finally home to Fika and rest with a football game for Adi and a nap for me.

To finish this lovely weekend I watched a beautiful sunset from the balcony and now Adi is making risotto for dinner, all in all I feel like we accomplished a lot, rested well and feel good about the week to come. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and that the spring is bringing new happiness and light into your lives xx



Last week was a lot of events and fun with my girlies @TheRetiredModel and @Oliviahageus, they took me along to all the wonderful press companies around the city that had their press day. I honestly don't know what I would do without the girls, they just make everything so much fun and make me do things I otherwise would never have experienced. It was an amazing time and chance to see such great clothes, beauty products and get to meet the amazing people who run the press fashion industry in Stockholm.

Red and Square
Mildh Press

Thank you for the opportunity and I hope to see you all again soon xx