Lets dress up

Mmm girl there are so many pretty dresses, I want them all. Have a look at the beautiful styles that are starting this spring xx

1) Here // 2) Here // 3) Here // 4) Here

5) Here 6) Here 7) Here 8) Here

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Happy Pancake Day and Shrove Tuesday you wonderful people, I hope you get to eat lots of yummy pancakes with delicious toppings! I had school this morning and then for lunch I made delicious pancakes without a recipe as these are the ones I made from a very young age, as soon as I was allowed to cook I made pancakes. I just use flour, milk and eggs.. as much as I need to make lots of pancakes.

We actually had no milk this morning so when I came home I went to the shops and might have got carried away with strawberries, whipped cream, and little chocolate sprinkles but I would do it all again my belly is so full right now it’s great.

So I hope you have a lovely fun day, are you all ready to fast for the next 40 days of lent? What are you giving up this year, I still haven’t decided?! Today is known as Shrove Tuesday, Shrove is the past tense of shrive, which means to gain absolution of sins by confession and repentance. Isn’t that a nice thought? A whole day for us to think about everything we want to repent and confess, to start fresh and for 40 days challenge ourselves to keep at something. If you celebrate this then it is a lovely thing to do, and if not I hope you eat lots of pancakes anyway and have a thought about something that you would like to give up like a bad habit or to do something more like give compliments. Have a beautiful day everyone xx

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I love making myself a wish list, having a collection of all the beautiful things in this world that I would one day love to own myself when I can. The more I work and save the closer I am, there are two types of things I would like one being new makeup and then other is items from companies that donate an amount to a good cause whatever that may be. I think that is a great initiative for companies, to donate a small amount to a greater cause, making a difference and it makes me feel good plus I get something cute and new. Here are a few of my favourite sites xx

Souled out 


➳ £ 1 from each purchase goes to whale&dolphin conservation.

we are all about sharing love and sweetness for all you ocean lovers.

do all things with a wild, kind & open soul and stay chilled babes.

keep it souled out!


We donate 15% of all profits to help free animals from capitivity and help wild animals from poaching and extinction. So far we have donated to a variety of charities in different amounts.

Not only do these people do well, but they also are good people who make a difference every day. I am inspired by them and hope one day I can be a part of it too. Please have a look at these beautiful websites, I will be owning some of these stunning clothes very soon, let’s all do good in our lives, let’s make a difference xx



Strut your stuff in these dresses

Good morning! I hope you are all going to have a good start to a new week, I am super busy with work and studying every single day this week but it’ll be worth it when I go back to England next week! I have decided that regardless of how tired or run down I might feel this week I am going to do my best to keep a good positive mindset and feel sassy! Here are some beautiful dresses I would like to own, that will make me think about every bit of hard work I do now will ensure I can afford and strut my stuff in those dresses. What are your thoughts this morning? It may be a cold day but I am ready to start it xx



It has been a long cold day today, the car has broken down. We knew it was going to happen, but it is very possible we have a new car coming in within the next few months so have been holding out as much as we can until then, but now there is no noise even being emitted from the car. We have tried jumpstarting the battery, then hiring a car to buy a battery we changed the battery in the cold snow (which didn’t work), we then pushed the car back into the parking space and because I am ridiculously clumsy I slipped on the ice (after laughing at Adi for falling over) but fell with all of my weight on my knee, at the moment it looks like I have a very red egg growing on my leg but I have applied ice and am able to move around with minimal pain so I survived the ordeal just about. However that has taken up the whole day which I was putting aside to do some photography and blogging so that is rather annoying not to mention we still don’t have a working car so a few adjustments to the upcoming week will be taking place until we decide what to do. With the summer coming up and I have been looking at when I will visit my family and everything it is stressful knowing we have a big expense coming up now, we have savings and both are working a lot but to save for a trip together in the summer and then move apartments at the end of the year, this car problem was not particularly in the money budget but changes will have to be made.

Right now Adi is watching the league cup final, so I am sat here thinking about everything we have achieved this year and the last, everything that has changed and what I want for the future, maybe not so much on a big scale with life plans but little things that I want to accomplish or even simply buy and afford comfortably. I hopefully have a few changes on the way with my work and everything but we will have to wait and see. Here are a few photos I have been looking at that life my spirits and make me excited for what is to come. Take me back to when I was a princess of the seas, floating around in happiness and warmth, I cannot wait to get back out there. I hope you all had a more successful weekend than me or are dreaming of your next beautiful adventure xx

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