I am back! Finally! I have had one of the busiest weeks of my life and although this week is no better, I feel like I have achieved a lot and really been thinking about what is next for me.

So, yesterday, today and tomorrow are Stockholm’s fashion week and although I have not been going to all the shows (Work and sleep had to unfortunately come first) I have had a great time. I have so much to tell you about in terms of all the sustainable things I have learnt with what is to come, and more will be revelled in different posts but for now I want to show you some of the incredible shows I have gone too so far and get the ball rolling with being more updated and consistent with sharing with you guys.

So a few shows that I went to and really enjoyed were Newhouse, Busnel and Johannes Adele. They all showcased their AW18 (Autumn collection) and it was really nice. Now I am not going to lie to you, especially Newhouse and Busnel, were very typically ‘Scandinavian’ in terms of simple colours and not a lot of wow to it which is beautiful and very minimalist but not something I wasn’t taken away by. There were a lot of clothes that I really liked, I love that white is so popular and beige which always match with lots of different colours and its a lot of over sized coats which is great.

For the Johannes Adele, I decided to share a few pictures with colour because they were the ones I liked the most and to show their interesting collection of layers and fabrics, however a lot of the other clothes were black and grey. They also had the most wonderful silk scarfs that were used in the different outfits which said ‘Everybody loves the future’ which is brilliant! Everyone should love the future and do everything they can to make the future bright and healthy! I hope that is the theme for a lot of companies, to love the future and make a difference.

Newhouse had a very country feel to it, a lot of beige and brown colours and tweed, I am a very big fan of this type of clothing as I think its neat, simple and professional.

Busnel was very similar with lots of white too and I absolutely love the big coats, hats and sun glasses. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of clothing I saw and could see myself wearing but I wasn’t expecting such a lack of colour as this spring will be all about the yellows and blues but maybe after all the colour during the warmer seasons we might need to take a breath and have clean simple colours.

So after day one of fashion week I can see that this autumn will all be about getting in touch with our country side, looking like we are walking through the airport from our own airplane and dressing like we might bump into our ex. At fashion week I don’t get lots of chances to chat to people and ask about the sustainability side to the walks so bare with me as I do my own research to report back to you all!

I hope you like the pictures, I did a quick shoot with @emelie to get pictures of her fashion week outfit before we headed to the grand hotel, (which is so fancy and beautiful) we took pictures inside as it is -10 outside which is ridiculous and I cannot deal with that type of cold, but I wasn’t feeling very photo friendly recently so here is one picture of my outfit, with my ‘Only elephants should wear ivory’ T’shirt that I love and a pair of black jeans (as I came straight from work). I hope you like it and I look forward to learning more with you this month during my blogging every day! So please leave comments below of what you think or message me here or on Facebook with your ideas, views and questions!

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For the last few days it has been dark and gloomy, I hardly saw light and felt like every day just rolled into each other but finally today the sun came out and I saw some sunshine. Outside the bedroom window there are icicles slowly melting and I am silently wishing the sun keeps shining because I want spring to happen very soon and ideally not at the end of April.

I have been doing a lot of thinking recently about what different things I want to blog about, how to be more active and work a lot harder to make exciting new content. I have been ridiculously busy trying to figure out what I want to do next in my life and have been signing up to schools and different extra activities so I can say I have tried it all and maybe get a clearer picture of what I want to do next.

But whist I am in the final days of mind storming and figuring things out before I start really working hard on my blog, I saw I have had a few questions about following the blog from some readers, I realise that you can’t follow on the platform 'Nouw' unless you sign up so I thought I would share my Facebook page SustainableJasmin where you can see all new posts as soon as I have written them and then you can decide if you want notifications and everything. If you also have a Facebook page for a blog I would love to follow that too, it’s all about sharing and helping one another. I want to largen my Instagram and have been working hard to get lots of inspo and content to be able to share but have found the best way to further my reach is to interact with as many people as possible, whether that’s commenting or sharing or just chatting, it is a great way to help one another and to help ourselves.

I hope this is a good way to keep better in contact with you, and if you ever want to comment or ask me questions you can now do so through Facebook which means you don’t have to do any signing up and also have the option to privately message me!

I have worked 7 days this week (yes that is every single day) so I am looking forward to my next day off where I have sooo many exciting new products to share with you and some new fashion items that you are going to love, all Organic, Vegan and amazing! So, stay tuned as I will be back with you very shortly (exactly 3 days) where I have a lot to share with you, I hope you all have an amazing weekend and lets interact more!



The more I have been divulging into the world of fashion and beauty, the more I have been giving my email out. It is a way to stay connected with potential collaborators and also be able to help answer or ask readers questions. I have had a lot of work from sending or receiving emails from others, I love emails, I don’t know why but I always get excited when its not a shops chain email because you never know what it might say, it’s like an electronic present.

But sometimes it can also be bad, whether it’s a no from someone or the end of the line for another connection it is always good to have those emails because you will never know.

However, sometimes it can be really evil and infuriating! Whether it is virus emails or a way to get into your account or the worst is tricksters. I have decided to dedicate this post to calling someone out because I am not sure where they got my email from and I have no clue how many other emails they have sent and I just really hope everyone could see the falseness of this email or if not read this and realise it is not real!

On the 21 of December I received an email from a guy claiming to be called Kevin Jones who works for Major model (a New York based modelling agency) using the email contactmodeling@gmail.com, he told me he liked my pictures and was interested in being my agent and getting me different modelling jobs. In the email it has explanations about how much I could get paid and what type of work he needs people for and then to end in him mentioning he had to meet me in person to make sure I didn’t edit my pictures and would be happy to fly me out to New York all expenses paid to see what I looked like and sign me up. Now when you are reading this email it already looks like something that is too good to be true, but I get a lot of emails like this and if I just ignored them all I would never get workso you have to find a way to work out if it is legit and if it’s worth it, but for some reason I never saw this email straight away and by the time I became aware of this email I had been sent 4 more from him asking why I hadn’t answered, and could I get back to him, or time is precious and I should answer his asap. That straight away raised all the red flags to me, no professional modelling agency bombards you with emails within a two-week span trying to see you, it should be the other way around if anything. To see if my intuitions were correct I emailed the modelling agency he had linked in his emails and forwarded them the emails to find out if this man worked from them, the answer I got was ‘He is acting under fraudulent behaviour, He is not from Major NY.’ From there on I just blocked the email address and decided that I would share this with you all because I want to make sure that all of you, especially those of you in these types of industries that get lots of emails like this are aware of this man. I have no idea if he just wanted me to answer and have some fun messing people around, but I watch way too much Criminal minds and thought about the horrible scenarios of someone actually flying you out to an unknown country and all of a sudden the whole things become a lot more serious and scary.

It has been a thought on my mind a lot recently when it comes to being safe, I am a very street-smart person who does my best to not be alone at night in dark places and always thinks about safety first, but I don’t know how social media safe I am. I can be rather gullible and like to see the best in people and so far, I have been lucky but I know that if I continue working more with my blog and social media, the more funky emails I will receive and people who go out of their way to be mean or try to harm others. I would love to know if you have any ways of being extra safe on social media and also to re check those hard to believe emails or find someone who can guarantee that the email is genuine. I really hope all the cool emails you get are real and exciting but please all be safe, we have been taught how to be street smart but I find we aren’t taught enough on how to be internet smart. Stay safe and have fun!



(This post is in collaboration with melanin boxes)

I have finally gotten around to doing the product photography for all the wonders inside the Melanin box, I have had the opportunity to receive one of these boxes and have a look what is inside, plus I have a treat for you!

I wrote a blog post recently about what melanin boxes stand for, which you can read here if you didn’t get to catch it, but a quick sum up is that the box is full of products that work for anyone and everyone. Whatever you skin colour or gender or even your understanding of beauty products, this is the box for you all. Their website offers tutorials to every single product with both videos and diagrams so everyone can understand and all products work for any skin type. I think this is a wonderful thing as we forget that when we get these beauty product boxes, the colours or types of products just don’t work for everyone which means a large amount of people don’t get the chance to have the wonderful surprise of a beauty box, which is just not fair.

So what products were in this box?

Top Left: Monty’s glow peeling mask // Bottom Left: Berså body oil // Top right: Wella salt hairspray // Bottom right: Ziaya goat milk day cream.

Top Left: Picaut hydra lagoon overnight mask // Bottom Left: Ziaia face mask and Biore self-heating mask // Top right: Real Techniques miracle complexion makeup sponge // Bottom right: Scratch nails silver nail varnish.

I found it a very interesting mix of products, it allowed you to try products that I knew about like the salt hair spray or the makeup sponge but then it also offered more unusual products like the Monty’s glowing peeling mask which is basically a bag of powder that you mix yourself into a face mask which gives it a home made feel and is a lot more natural and eco as it doesn’t need the chemicals to keep the mask wet inside the packaging and the Berså body oil which is a fairtrade products and looks very homemade.

The products very obviously work for all skin and hair types which allows everyone to enjoy all the products but it also uses more Vegan, Organic, sustainable products which for someone like me who is not interested about putting any chemicals onto my skin and wants to have the most earth friendly products possible, these products do wonders for me too.

All of these products were Organic, Vegan, sustainable or fairtrade.

I really think this is a great box and opportunity for all of you beauty lovers to try something new and be able to experience products that will absolutely work for you and it is a great price too!

I can also offer you 10% off by using my code: jasminstales which is super exciting, so head to their website here and have a look at the great products you could be trying and there is always an exciting surprise box for those of you who like the feeling of opening a present and having no idea what is inside!

Use the code: jasminstales for 10% off!




As I sat in the sun streaming through the window today and thinking about life I saw that Nouw, the blogging forum that I write for are having a 30-day Challenge, it is a kind of like a ‘competition’ to make us work harder as bloggers to create a more professional blog which has a more refined niche and to blog 30 days straight with no exceptions. This is the perfect incentive to get my blogging into gear and create fun and exciting content for you all and to really find what works best for me and for all of you, plus who doesn’t work a little harder when there is a little more competition. If you want to find out more about it here is the link, nouw.com/nouw30daychallenge because it doesn’t start until the 22nd of January so this could be the perfect new year push to start that blog you’ve always wanted to, or dust off that old one and go for it!

So, what do I want to accomplish during this 30-day challenge?

  • -Main thing is consistency, I would love to write more than 2/3 posts a week so this is about sticking to a schedule and creating a healthy and effective way of finding time to write, and doing more to find interesting content.
  • -Getting a more defined niche, of course it is sustainability but I would love to have a more defined way of writing, perhaps more factual posts on certain days and more product based posts on other days.
  • -Finding out what you guys like the most, and getting a wider reach of different readers depending on what people enjoy reading.
  • -Finally, more interaction with you as my readers and other bloggers, it is so important to help and support one another so we can all grow together.

Today, I was talking to a friend about how I use my blog to really let out my stress and anger when I read upsetting things and make it into something more positive. Like yesterday when I wrote my post about Climate Change, I was so angry when I was researching different things about the effect of climate change and felt that letting that out into a more positive, let’s do this together post makes me feel like at least I am doing something even if it is only small and helps me to maintain a more Zen control in my life.

I think it is really important to find what makes you love your blog and work on that so that you create exciting content but also really enjoy doing it. I have a hard week coming up next week with visiting a sick family member so will be doing my best to keep blogging everyday or keeping active on my Instagram @jasminstales and then I will be giving it my all and really getting my butt into gear for the challenge and then from there onwards.

Good luck to you all, I am very excited for i! #nouw30daychallenge