Tonight Megan, Olivia and I went to two events. The first event was ‘Lou in Love och andeliusgribbe’, this is a jewelry company and a silk fashion company doing a combined show which was incredible. It was held at the Dansmuseet, which in itself is an incredible building but with a runway in the middle, drinks to one side and the buyable items on the other it was great fun. The show itself started off as a runway show but then changed into a dance performance, a different and visually pleasing way of showing the silky gowns and pretty glistening jewelry in the lights. I really enjoyed this event, it’s the first runway type of show I have been to and I can’t wait for more, it was so much fun.

Next we went to the Adidas event; this was a lot of fun! We saw a guy who could keep the ball in the air for a long time; we ate a lot of food and looked at all of the great new clothes. Not to mention the real mannequins in the window! We also took part in a super fun video, wearing the new jumpers! It was so much fun and I laughed a lot.. Megan and Olivia are two very great girls who I am so lucky to be friends with, I really had a great time.

​I cant wait for many more outings with the girls. Tomorrow I am having dinner with some new friends and then going out for drinks. Its so nice to have a group of girls you can gossip with and dance together, not to mention how lucky I am that Megan and Olivia are showing me the ropes with all the blogging and events, feeling like a lucky girl tonight xx

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The wonderful Megan tagged me in a questionnaire so here it is!

Four names I go by:

  • 1.Jasmin
  • 2.Jamsin (ask Megan)
  • 3.Jasminella
  • 4.Ella (I have got very used to hearing that instead of Jasmin)

Four places I've lived:

  • 1.Paris, Disneyland
  • 2.Sydney, Australia
  • 3.London, England
  • 4.Stockholm, Sweden

Four things I love to watch on TV:

  • 1.Bones
  • 2.Criminal Minds
  • 3.Next top model
  • 4.Supernatural

Four places I have visited:

  • 1.Fiji
  • 2.Bali
  • 3.Singapore
  • 4.Iceland

Four things I love to eat:

  • 1.Cookies
  • 2.Ice cream
  • 3.Crepes with nutella
  • 4.Nachos

Four words to describe me:

  • 1.Sleepy
  • 2.Over excitable
  • 3.Happy
  • 4.Loving

Four favorite drinks:

  • 1.Green tea
  • 2.Hot chocolate
  • 3.Warm milk with honey
  • 4.Cloudy apple juice

Four goals I wish to accomplish:

  • 1.Get married and have a family
  • 2.Travel around America
  • 3.Have my own house
  • 4.See the seven wonders of the world

Interesting when you start to think of 4 things for everything that you realise how much or little you have done or like.
Give it a go, I would love to see other peoples 4 magic things xx



Soooo it is my birthday in a weeks time but I am celebrating properly with my friends and family when I go home to england, so here is the question do I go super dressy even though it will just be in my home or do I go traditional Christmas. Here are some searches and wishes I have been looking at whilst trying to decide.

Red Jumper Here Red dress Here Black skirt Here Sequin dress Here Black Bomber Jacket Here Red velvet top Here

What do you think I should go for? Picking a good outfit is hard but I love looking for them one. So many different styles, colours and materials of clothing to look at, its great! xx



I was up nice and early this morning, there is building working going on in the apartment downstairs, lucky me. The first thing I thought this morning is woo it’s the 1st of December tomorrow and I am so excited, we are going to buy a Christmas tree (to Adi’s dislike it will be real) and get some decorations because Adi isn’t that fussed by Christmas as it’s his birthday the 25th of December so he doesn’t have any decorations in the apartment, but here I am all moved in and ready to celebrate hard! As I go home on the 15th I have been getting Adi’s Christmas present ready, I love giving presents especially when a lot of thought and hand craft has gone into it, and I have been spending a lot of hours getting this gift ready but more on it soon, I don’t want Adi to find anything out.

I have a busy few weeks ahead of me now, with a good friend that Adi met in Australia and introduced to me is coming to stay with us for the beginning of December and then it’s my birthday and then we leave for England. I have been thinking a lot about my blog and what I want to do next with it, what type of a fashion blog I want to really start having, I find a lot of it hard with no one to take my picture every day to show my outfit, and damn Sweden for being so cold that wearing anything but thick jumpers and leggings under my trousers isn’t an option. England will be good as I have access to my wardrobe again and my mums plus my pretty make up mirror.

But I promise my blog will have more fashion inspiration and pictures, I just need to get into a good rhythm of taking pictures, finding pictures and showing you all.How do all you with fashion blogs do it? Get so many pictures of your outfits and really keep a good rhythm, I am impressed! Anyway I have a new vogue to read today and then work tonight so have a good mid-week xx



Hello wonderful blogging world, I am back in the modern world of wifi again! This weekend was a mix of everything from interesting family time to Christmas markets and lots of playing with children. Obviously everyone knows that sometimes family can be hard, especially my cousins this weekend with constant bickering from the elder generation and this year as I am now part of the adult cousin generation I learnt a lot about my family that I never knew before which wasn’t always easy and made me open my eyes and see how everyone’s behavior effects another, how the way I act towards other people can either make their day or ruin it and I want to be the person who makes their day, who can just spend a little extra time to help them.

But this weekend was my second cousins 5th birthday which means a lot of new toys and sweeties that make the energy level sky rocket. The birthday girl’s brother is also my godson, which meant a lot of time together playing and learning more about them both. They are the most beautiful children, who have so much love and energy in their heart. My mother was also at this weekend family time, and I meant so much to spend some quality time with her, we went to the most beautiful German Christmas markets, which were absolutely amazing and the best I have ever seen. It was multiple markets walking distance from one another and the most beautiful lights and decorations I have ever seen. Not to mention the gluhwein, reibekuchen and mandlars that went down a treat.

I really enjoyed my weekend away but it also made me appreciate my life that I have made for myself, to spend my days with Adi being happy and enjoying every day to the full. No time for regretting things or being angry/sour/resentful, I am going to make every moment count, I hope you are too! Have a good week xx