Hey guys, so today I made my first ever tutorial video, what better way to share my journey on living sustainably than to show you ways I do it myself! These jeans were my mums a long long time ago and did not fit well around the legs and ankles so I decided to make my own shorts, what do you think?

I will be doing a lot more tutorial and travelling videos soon, so feel free to subscribe to my youtube account! I hope you like it xx

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This weekend was beautifully warm and sunny, which meant we could enjoy exploring our city and being outside. I wanted to go for a long walk and visit Rosendals garden which is a lovely place with an organic cafe and shop where everything is sustainable and delicious. I will be going to this wonderful place when I need things like jams and sauces as you know where the ingredients come from and are helping local farmers and businesses.

Of course in this hot weather, a yummy ice cream is needed, especially when you lose the car and end up walking 13.6km just to find it again.

My outfit today included my new shorts from Zara, I love Zara's clothes but know that they need to do so much more to achieve a better sustainable approach. They have started to implement measures to reduce their climate emissions and starting to use less harmful materials like organic cottons to make the clothing, but a lot more can be done. There is a website called where you can see where companies have been ranked depending on their sustainability which is very interesting and a good website to discuss your views, I like using it to get lots of views from other people, as not everything you read is correct.

Shorts: Zara // Top: Next // Bag: H&M // Shoes: Adidas // Sun Glasses: Komono



So today I am doing something a little different, I have a guest on the blog today writing a little about a sustainable change she has made in her life and wanted to share some of the wisdom with my lovely readers. She is a good friend of mine from England, we went to college together, stayed in good contact when I went travelling, saw me in Australia, was my first friend to meet Adi and then she even came to visit me in Stockholm with another friend earlier this year which was so lovely. She shares my views towards sustainability and caring for the world and has a very big heart that I adore.

I hope you enjoy the post and if you have any questions about the post I will link the information and you are more than welcome to ask me and I will pass it on xx

Emily (front right) and another lovely collage friend Faith (left) when they visited me in Stockholm

Eat your greens 

Hi, my name is Emily and I’m so happy to have been given the chance to write for Jasmin’s blog! I’ve known Jasmin for four years now, and she’s always been a little happy human; always keen to blast Disney songs and spend time outside, so to write for her blog is an exciting thing for me.

I’m a student at Exeter University in the beautiful south west of England. I would love to start writing a bit more about food, student life and travelling, and I already love taking photos of all the places I visit. I’m not sure which direction I want to go in when I leave university, I’m going to experiment a bit in different jobs and then find something I love!

I’m currently studying Human Geography so naturally I am interested in the way society works and how networks form throughout society. This said, in one of my modules this year I was introduced to the idea of Alternative Food Networks, which are initiatives that look to source food in different ways that are often more sustainable. The food scene in Exeter is vast, with a lot of it being independently or locally run which is amazing! One initiative I have found, and taken advantage of, is the “Eat Your Greens” network hosted by the local fruit and veg shop. It is run through Facebook and is essentially a delivery service for fruit and veg. Once you message the shop on Facebook, the box is made up in the shop from fresh and locally sourced produce, and delivered the same day straight to your front door.

The initiative currently offers a range of boxes, from small fruit and veg boxes, to deluxe combo boxes, and is soon expanding to include meat for BBQs and curry specialist boxes. The Facebook page (Click here for the link) shows all the different fruit and veg options and because the boxes are all made to order, you are encouraged to swap different items in or out to fit your needs.

This initiative really shows the power of social media within food networks and increasing our access to food. By allowing for pick’n’mix fruit and veg, not only do we only buy what we need, which in turn reduces waste, but the food is all locally sourced. This allows for a much smaller carbon footprint and helps boost the local economy! Facebook is a platform that should be used to promote a more sustainable way of life; we use it from the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep and the messages we see on Facebook become engrained in everyday life.

I’ll leave you guys with that, I hope this little food initiative in Exeter encourages you to think about where your food comes from and the journey it has taken to your plate.



National day of Sweden

Today is Sweden day, which means many people have the day off to go enjoy the sun and celebrate Sweden and honor King Gustav Vasa who was elected king in 1523 which signified the end of the Danish ruler, so in sense marking Swedish independence.

Today it was a little warmer, which meant I could wear a skirt and enjoy the sunshine. But today was about the details, I wore a little bomber jacket from H&M’s conscious collection which is one of their lines that is all made from sustainable materials but still doesn’t include extortionate prices. Which is what many of us need, no matter how much I would love to only wear organic, sustainable clothing I do not have the money to only buy clothes from shops completely tailored to this so I make small changes to my wardrobe which hopefully in turn will make a difference.

The second part of my details today is my beloved bag, for my 16th birthday all I wanted was a smart satchel to take my books to school rather than a handbag, I was never a fan of carrying a bag in my hand and this to me seemed like the perfect solution. This was the bag I got for my birthday from The Cambridge Satchel company-

Now I am the proud owner of both the brown and the yellow satchel, but to make it even more special and personal I have my initials etched into the front of the bag and I love it. Cambridge satchel company is an amazing company; they make their bags in Great Britain, it was started by a family and although now ships world-wide, they stay true to themselves and get everything locally sourced and now they even create Vegan non-leather satchels (unfortunately that was not available when I bought mine, but my next purchase will definitely be from that line.) They are a great brand that I have loved since I was young and get a lot of compliments for them, they fit many outfits and are definitely a bag for life. Here is their website in case you would like a look

I love having bright coloured details that add a little something extra to my look, like a bright bag and patterned jackets, especially when they make me feel good and the earth. What do you think? What are your favourite accessories?

Although I am working today, I have the morning and lunchtime off so Adi, his cousin and I went to Södermalm in the south of the city to walk by the water and have lunch in the sun. We also went to some Organic food stores, just have to have a look around and I drank a very yummy watermelon juice.

Today was a beautiful day filled with lots of sunbathers, bbqs and smiles. I enjoy days like this so much and I hope you all had a wonderful day too xx



Are you wearing earth loving clothes?

As the sun starts to shine and the tress get greener, I am able to bring out my summer colours and wear them with a smile! With my new focus on Environmental aspects to my everyday life I will include what is sustainable about my looks.

This weekend I went to have a fun day in the city and although it’s getting warmer here it is still not warm enough to not wear a jacket. This is my Espirt jacket, I love the blue blazer jacket as it is comfy, with a soft lining and works well to create a more business look to a comfy outfit.

Espirt have a great 3 pillar motto to their clothing ‘Sustainable Materials, Social Sustainability and Environmental Sustainability.’ This means they work with the international and local standards on labour rights to maintain responsible business practices. They collaborate with textile industries to ensure a sustainable goal is achieved with the materials and partner with local and industrial peers to participate in many multi-stakeholders and industry initiatives. It’s always interesting to have a look at large companies and see what they’re doing to make a change. Have a look at their website that explains more about how they achieve these three goals with their clothing.

Another sustainable part of my outfit is my yellow top, it was actually my grandmas many years ago and then gave it to me last time I visited (I am lucky enough that both my grandmother and mother have a good taste and are similar sizes to me) of course not everyone wants to wear clothes handed down to them but charity shops and second hand stores are great to find little treasures that can be worn often, reusing clothes and recycling yours helps reduce the huge amount we throw away every year! I hope you like the look, I also cut my hair last week and it is the shortest I have ever gone, What do you think? xx

Jacket- Espirt // Purple undertop- Topshop // Yellow top- My grandmothers //White trousers- Zara // Bag- Fiorelli // Shoes- Adidas