Hey Lovely people!

Last post was really hasty and bad so here is an update.

Yesterday I bought the sofa I said I really wanted (2 posts back) and I also bought bed! This means I can finallyy sleep on a real bed. And tbh I am more excited over the sofa cause I have really missed sitting in a couch. It's like my thinggg and I have been without one way too long.

So the update is: No more sleeping on the floor, no more chilling in a desk chair. But I still need to get a lot of things:
* Coffee Table - I want a round Marble one with golden legs but theyre really heavy. Currently using a box with plastic on:)
* Ceiling Lamp - I already know which one I want but it's expensive so I'm waiting for a good day. Also idk if its gonna light up well and I need good lighting cause the one I have now is black and my eyes hurt from it.
* Carpet - I'm so bad at carpets?? I have no idea which one to get
* Curtains - I kind of know what material I want but still not sure about the colour. The colour will determain everything else I get sooo ya help pls?
Uh wow they all start with C?
* DECORATIONS - candles, cushions, canvas, candelabras (honestly idk why everything starts with C)
* A big Mirror - I want my old mirror..
* Ok this list is endless so I'll just stop here

Today I washed my clothes and it I realised I forgot some clothes in the dryer just as I went out of the room and it locked cause my time was over. Luckily the person after me came right away and he opened the door for me. Then we met in the elevator TWICE after that within 1 hour. Idk what the odds are since 90% of the time I don't see anyone. It was quite awkward both times cause it was deadsilent.

Now I'm gonna prepare for a Lab I have on Monday and hopefully finish writing an assignment that is also due Monday, (the one I told you about way back, ya I never finished it). I also need to study physics cause I'm so lost there.

Alright good night!


I'd love to have thisss

Look at dat lam fam


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I wrote a nice post and it was deleted so I'm gonna write a short version cause I've almost arrived to my station.

I'm on my way to school for the last lesson hehee don't ask what happened in the morningg... Anyhoww today in hopefully going to buy me some furnitures but I'll update later about the details. Don't wanna jinx it.. I'm gonna be so sad if it doesn't go as I have planned!

See yaaa

​​Since I started to late I made a nice smoothie. Blueberries,RRaspberries and Coconut milk!



It's 00.27, I'm about to shut my eyes and I remembered something. I promised you I'd post and I didn't. So here it is B. For you, exclusively;)

Today I finally got my router, I installed it and Wi-Fi is running!!! I changed the name of my Wi-Fi to Jasmine's crib so that everyone who visits goes like "yo we at Jasmine's crib" or something. I just thought it looked cool cause IT'S MY OWN WIFI AND I NEED TO HAVE NICE NAME FOR IT.

I also went grocery shopping and internet window shopping for furnitures. Watched some New m girl, hung out with my sister, had pizza and kladdkaka (underbaked chocolate cake, very Swedish, very yummy).

Ok I have no outro.. All I know is I need to be up in 5h 20min so Gn peeps❤️


​Does it look dope or what 

I need these chairs and table but idk were to find them. Helpppppp!

Also I need this sofa



I was hoping to get my router today but it still haven't arrived, I really hope I have it by tomorrow cause it's impossible to study without internet.

It's kinda crazy how dependent we are on always being connected, had I not had data had I not survived a day here. I would've started walking on the walls.. but good thing is I'm getting less and less connected. At least when it comes to social media. I've deleted instagram and I only use fb to reach ppl or for important groups. But I'll admit I'm ADDICTED to snapchat, I don't feel like I want to delete my snapchat but maybe just use it less.

Anyways..Just finished eating, I honestly didn't know what to cook so I just threw stuff together. I'm also very sleepy but I need to study and clean the dishes and fold my clothes...10 min nap won't hurt...gn

Zzz see you


gorgeous sunset on the way home!

Soy sausage w "mac and cheese". It wasn't really mac and cheese, I just added Philadelphia, coconut milk, cream and random spices. Turned out really good!



I wanted to share something else with you, today at 6AM I read a really nice newsletter about peeling carrots by Olof Röhlander. He posted a quite long detalied quote from a cooking book on how to peel a carrot the correct way. It explained how you should be holding the carrot and how to hold the peeler and everything you probably never thought of while peeling veggies. But what's interesting is that when you peel carrots you shouldn't be focusing on the actual carrot but on the shells that fall off by each stroke you hit it with the peeler. They're supposed to fall exactly ontop of each other and line up nicely, and then you will know that your carrot has been perfectly peeled with no strokes on the same place.

but most importantly b. You have to treat your day like that carrot and make sure that every small detail in your day falls perfectly into place. If you focus on the small details your day will automatically turn out to be perfect!

If you made it this far, make sure to become an expert carrot peeler! ;)





Woww so here is my first blogpost!

I was sitting and writing an assignment that is due on Monday. (Believe me, it's not that I'm starting ahead of time cause I'm a good student, I just thought it the easiest thing I have on my current load of work/crap so I decided to start writing it). Anywayss while writing my assignment I got distracted and thought hey, why not start a blog? Well I have been wanting to start one for very long and I even wanted to have a youtube channel att some time but that is too much effort you all have to settle with a blog for now..

OKAY, so what's new in my life you may wonder?

Last week on Wednesday (2017-11-1) I got my apartment keys!!! So now I'm offically and fully living on my own. Honeslty felt quite big, I mean having your own place is something I have never experienced before (since it's the first time I live on my own duh) and it made me feel very grown up. I feel more ready than ever for a drastic life change, you get me?

Oh right I also have a very British accent nowadays and I like to use stupid words like "innit", "mate", and "bloody hell". DEAL WITH IT.

Alright I'll wrap this up with a GORGEOUS sunset pic from my apartment and continue writing my assigmnet.


Jas <3