​Hey and welcome to my review blog on Japanese dramas. I hope you'll like your stay here and I'll update asap. 

Here is a list I'm going to do some reviews on in the future. 

Pin To Kona

Hana Yori Dango 

Last Friends 

Last Cinderella 

1 liter of tears 

Watashi wo hanasanaide 

Boku no ita jikan 

Sukina hito ga iru koto 

Happy Marriage 

Dame na watashi no koishite kudasai 

First kiss


Proposal Daigakusen 

Nobuta wo produce 

Liar Game



Itazura na kiss 

Hana kimi 

Love Shuffle! 

Akai Ito 

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Hello my fellow readers. I've just started this blog because of my love and addiction to Japanese dramas. My impression of what others think of Japanese dramas are kind of bad. When I was in Japan there were people who was really surprised when they heard about which dramas I have seen or which I have heard about.

There is also fight between korean and japanese dramas were I live. The majority of people thinks korean drama is better than japanese drama, they might be right but that dosen't mean that japanese drama is bad. Personally I think korean drama is good but that's because of the cast and how they record the drama.

While japanese drama has it's own charm, it might not be the best quality drama but some of the dramas has an uniqye story and a really touching story. I'm not tracking down on korean drama nor some other drama I love all kind of dramas (((except from American, idk why)))) But I hope you'll enjoy my future reviews. xoxo, JAPdorama.

Ps. excuse me for my english, I'm practicing so keep up with me. <3