first I want to say, that I'm not an english native speaker, sorry for my future mistakes.

I'm still sitting in the kitchen with my hostsister and both of us are trying to start our blog, it's kind of difficult or tricky to start but I actually think it's cool to have a blog, even if I think no one will read it hahah.

I'm 17 years old and currently living in a suburb to Stockholm, I'm here since august and staying till june, so a little bit time left- hopefully with a little bit sun!

I'm living in an amazing hostfamily and I think going abroad for one year is one of the best experience you can make, when your young, but I want to write in an extra post about my experience so far, about being an exchange student etc!!

Have a nice weekend & see ya' soon!


p.s: stockholm has the most beautiful trainstations!! 



It was not my choice but I like it anyway. Hope you have fun reading my blog, i'm very cool and very interesting. Enjoy your day, stop dreaming, start living. I'm a unicorn who loves to ride through the rainbows. #vegan #fitspoth

this is my very awesome and cool and sweet host sister and me.