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Hey guys! How are you? Had a really busy week last week so I wasn't able to upload anything on the blog sadly! It's fun how I'm out everyday for multiple photoshoots but not able to keep up the upload. I just have so much exciting stuff coming up that I'm eager to share with you guys!

Here's the outfit (from last week haha) hope you like it! Have a great day! :)

Photo: Matilda Westin



Scarf HERE / Coat HERE / Jeans HERE / Shirt HERE / Morris shirt HERE / Morris Watch HERE

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The start of 2017 has been the craziest start of any year I've ever had. It's crazy to feel that so many of my goals I've set for 2017 are already crushed this early into the year. And the amazing thing is that it's been motivating me to work harder and dreaming bigger. But biggest of all, as cliche as it may sound, is that it shows that hard work pays off for anyone. I love ideés but they are nothing compared to execution.

My biggest advice to anyone who wants to make a living of their passion is to start working now! Don't wait to start because you're not feeling ready or sure, just start now! I've had loads of idés that I've postponed just because I wasn't feeling ready and was waiting for that "perfect time" to start. But you wanna know what? There is no perfect time to start! You need to go out there NOW and start reading up on your niche and learn! And most importantly, learn BY DOING. When I look back 1 year from now my posts were nothing compared to now but I posted them because I knew they could only get better!

Start putting in the work rather than the thoughts and one year from now you'll be amazed of how far you've come.

Photo: Elin strååt