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Hey guys!

I first just want to thank all of you for the lovely comments and responds from my hairstyle video the other day! <3

This combo is one of my favorite when it comes to business casual. Slim jeans, a simple shirt together with a blazer and some accessories is a winning combo!

I don't usually walk around with a tie but it's always fun to mix things up! The small glasses stuck to the tie has been for me a great "ice-breaker" when it comes to networking and meeting new people. It's a fun (and easy) way to start any conversation. :)

Have an amazing day! :D


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Good morning! So I got this question yesterday before I went bed from someone asking about my morning routine and I thought, why not share it with all of you guys! :)

8:00 am - The alarm goes off! I rarely wake up earlier unless I have a meeting or class just because I hate to wake up too early! 8 am just feels like the perfect time to wake up for me! I also usually stay up late each night to work and I do prioritize sleep a lot! 8 hours is what I need (and also what's recommended in most studies).

8:05 am - COFFEE! First thing's first, coffee! I always start the day with 1-2 big glasses of water while sipping on some coffee. I turn on the TV and open my Mac. While clearing some emails I watch the news and "Nyhetsmorgon", which is a really cozy morning talkshow I just love to watch! While working I also try my best to answer all new DMs, comments and texts that's been coming in over the night.

8:50 ish am - BUZZZ! My phone usually starts buzzing from work quite early, and a tip for every entrepreneur I've learnt - ALWAYS BE AVAILABLE!! Thats why it's soo good to wake up early (and stay up late) just incase someone needs to contact you! Luckily, most often, people wont call before 8 am! You never know what opportunities you can miss if you sleep out!

9:15 am Planning my day! My days are never the same but I do try to have some structure and routine to my morning just because I feel that it's an important part of the day that lay foundation for rest of the day. I go through my schedulend make sure everything is clear, the address for meetings, time etc. and then I plan in some work, photoshoots or other things that I need to do. I write everything in my calendar that I bring with me every day!

9:30 am - Getting ready! Unless I'd have a meeting earlier or any other appointment I'd get ready much earlier but for most days this is when I get ready to rock! I shave, take a shower and fix my hair while planning out my outfit. I am working on some hairstyle and grooming videos for you guys but I'm struggling to find the time! Sorry! But I want you to know it's in progress! :)

10 am - ROCK N' ROLL! I'm out of the house with my bag filled with nocco and protein bars to keep me up and running haha. From here my days are never the same and I love that!! I hated it when I was younger and everyday from Monday to Friday was the same! Living my life at my terms is the best and what truly makes me happy!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Leave a comment or drop a DM! I love to hear your thoughts and questions! Wish you guys an amazing day!

// Jakob



One of the biggest percs of being an influencer and entrepreneur is being able to work from whereever I want. I can work from home, at school or from where I am right now, my summerplace. That feeling of freedom is what drives me to hustle so hard. I never wanna feel bound or shackled - I want to feel free.

Yesterday was a magical day. Elin & I went out for a couple of hours capturing moments and just walking around the countryside. These were only some of my favorite shoots we took yesterday (more to come). The summer feelings are closing up!

A couple of weeks ago this guy called me up pitching about this company he was launching soon. He was looking for influencers to brand their products and from a recommendation he'd found me. As an influencer most collaborations are made through email but when a company calls me up and wants to meet me in person, it feels special. I personally love to meet up with companies and especially driven entrepreneurs, the kind of people that work hard to create and innovate like me. I love to share value, learn from their journey and create business relations.

When I met up with this guy I found he was a lot like me, driven, ambitious and humble. It was so fun to share value and chat around entrepreneurship and later see what he'd create - Ashai Jewelry.

I personally fell in love with this bracelet just because from all the MILLIONS of bracelets you find online when scrolling through your Instagram, this one feels special. A new favorite accessory for me this summer.

Bracelet HERE

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Hey guys!

It's Saturday and the sun is shining bright here in Sweden! A couple of weeks ago I posted my hairstyle routine along with all the products I use HERE . Since that, I've been getting tons of interesting hairstyle-questions from you guys and it's been really fun talking to you all! So on this post I thought of sharing one question that I find really important to emphasize - how to take care of your hair, the secret to great hair.

#1. It comes from within - The number one tip I say to people is eat a healthy diet! Whether it's taking care of your skin, hair or wellbeing it comes from within - and NOT primarily from any products that you use. I have found for example that using tons of products to keep my skin clear from acne didn't help at all. Instead, eating healthy and drinking water is what keeps my skin clear and well - and same goes for my hair! If you're eating poorly it may affect your hair. My tips are to:

- Eat tons of vegetable (spinach, broccoli, kale etc.)

- Eat proteinrich food, fats and carbs

- Consume vitamins and minerals through food (Vitamin, A,B,C,D,E and zink for example - fruits and vegetables).

- Drink water (2-3 liters a day)

- Stay consistent! Results may not show instantly but consistency will show results for your hair and skin.

#2. You don't need supplements/pills - Most of these products are just a scam and you don't need to spend your dollars on hairstyle supplements and "magical pills" (unless you need to supplement from doctor recommendation). For most healthy men and women if you just take care of your diet, you don't need to worry about supplements.

#3. Don't use too many products - use the right products: Most people that try to achieve volume and style their hair often end up using too many products and as a result they often end up with little to no volume while also risking to damage their hair. I've been there before but I found out that you just need to use the right products for you hair. For example, I'd recommend people with more thin hair to use a soft wax and for people with more thicker hair, a stronger wax (this of course depends on how you want to style it but the point is to find a products matching your desired hairstyle).

If you just use the right products you don't need to use much to style your hair! Adding tons and tons of products can damage your hair and will also cause you to spend more money buying products more frequent.

#4. Don't shampoo everyday: I personally don't shampoo my hair everyday and it's because it may end up damaging it otherwise. So what I do is shampooing it when I go out for photoshoots and then the next day I'll just shower it and blow dry it. Most often it will hold and look like normal and if I need some more hold I'll through in some wax.

#5. Be careful with the heating: This one is a biggy! Be careful when playing around with the blowdryer! I personally let my hair dry out after showering for 10-20 min and then I'll blow dry it with some heat till I have volume. Once I have the volume I'll lower the heat to blow dry the rest.

#6. Massage your hair bottom: This is a favorite of mine which I learnt from my barber a couple of years ago. He told me to massage my hair bottom frequently by either massaging it or gently pulling in my hair. What this does is stimulating the hair bottom allowing fresh blood to circulate around your head and thereby not letting any "hair-pores" die out. What I do is gently pull my hair while blowdrying it.

I hope you enjoyed these tips! Let me know if you found them helpful and if you have any more questions! I love to help out!

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Hey guys!

In collaboration with Jim Rickey I got asked to pick out my favorite shoes for this summer. For a starter, I'm an allstar lover of white sneakers in fashion and for my personal style.

Since I have quite large (Bigfoot) feet as you can see I've been struggling to find a pair of white sneakers that sit tight around my feet. Most sneakers are quite thick so for us people with a larger size, our feet tend to "pop out" from the rest of the outfit - which in my opinion looks a bit weird and disproportionate. The perfect fit in my opinion is when the shoes (not just these) sit slim around your feet.

I think these shoes does that pretty well so I feel that my body propporations with my outfits are better. However, it does become a bit colder compared to the more isolating and thick sneakers but to be fair it's still really cold in Sweden right now. I do believe that when it gets warmer these will do just fine and keep my feet at perfect temperature. ;)

I also can't wait to match these with some summer outfits! Have an amazing day! You are amazing! :D Big love!

/ Jakob

Shoes HERE

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Rest of the outfit

Jeans HERE / Jacket HERE / Tee HERE

Photo: Elin Strååt