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Good afternoon people!

After dropping of my girlfriend for her photoshoot I went home where I met my mom and dad at the door on their way to our summerplace. Quite spontaniously I thought, why not come along? So I quickly grabbed my charger and laptop (my essentials) and jumped in the car.

Lately I've been working a lot (and maybe even too much). It's been 15-16 hours of work everyday managing my social medias (my job), meetings, startups and even full time studies. Alltough I truely love doing what I do I feel having an "off-day" is needed to be "on" 16 hours, 6 days a week.

Have an amazing day! I know I will!

Photo: Elin Strååt

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Jeans HERE / Shoes HERE / Polo HERE

I can't describe the happiness and fulfillment I have when I wake up everyday. The fact of being alive, doing what I love for a living and hustling my way to the top is my truth and "calling".

Today's been a busy day, got up at around 9 am at my girfriends house. We got ready and jumped in the car on our way to town for a photoshoot. The shoot turned out really well! Moments later I headed over to a friend of mine who works at this clothing store where I redressed and jumped out on the streets for my next shoot :)

For the rest of the day I need to clear some paperwork, finish some emails and work. Hopefully if I have some time left I'll get the chance to hit the gym ;)

Have a great day people :)



Shoes HERE / Jeans HERE / Dr.denim HERE / Jacket from Levis

Another early morning here in Sweden! Got up at 7:30, made my coffee, jumped in the shower and got ready for todays photoshoot! The photoshoot was hilarious and really successful! Check out my instagram story (HERE).

This shoot is from a couple a days ago. Rocking my levis jacket and dr.denim sweater with a pair of ripped jeans and nikes. I really like the colors in this outfit. Blue, gray, black n white goes soo great together and is probably one of my favorite color combinations.

Right now I'm gonna be spending some time editing pictures, studying and answering some emails. It's gonna be an amazing day!

Talk to you later! :)