Hey peeps!

Hope you guys are having a great start of the weekend! I get asked a lot about what products I use in my hair to get that volume and touch I have.

I have been planning of making a hairstyle tutorial on my youtube channel but I've been struggling to find the time! But I will get one up soon eventually for you guys!

Down below are all the products that I use in my hair!

I start by taking a shower and shampooing my hair with the "Bed head". This shampoo is great for men with more "thicker" hair like I have and helps bring up the volume. Secondly, I brush my hair then spray with the "Salt spray" in the front part of the hair (where I want to add most volume). You don't want to spray it on the sides since you mainly want the volume at the top (like the first pic).

After that I blow dry my hair which will give my hair volume. I then let my hair "rest" for a while and "cool off" till I then add the the Wax to make it hold. That's my hairstyle routine every day and for every time I go out for photoshoots I always make sure bring hairspray just in case it's windy.

WAX HERE / Salt spray HERE / Shampoo HERE / Hair spray HERE

Wish you guys an amazing day! You rock!

Talk to you soon! /Jakob

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This collaboration was an exciting experience for me. I first got to meet up at their new headquarters where under a nice chat over a warm cup of coffee they explained how they where transitioning their brand (Loveyewear) to unite with Mister Spex since both brands were sharing the same vision. Next up, they presented me a board filled with glasses they thought would match my style. And they really nailed it! Man I wanted to wear them all but these two I knew would the perfect pair!

What I love about this pair is that they'll help me add versitality to my outifts - which is something that I often struggle with. By having two completely different glasses I'll always have a pair matching my OOTD. I'll be able to switch around with different styles matching different occasions and still always have a matching pair of shades - something I'm really excited about for the summer!

The hexagon shaped glasses from Ray-Ban are probably my favorite just because they are really edgy and different. I've been using them a lot lately and getting tons of compliments about them. I really like em'. Feels like they give me a bit more character - which I want. I really think they will be trendy this summer.

Still, the Paul Smith glasses are a classy bulletproof pair and everytime I wear them it feels like summer! These will definitely be my choice for the beach this year. I can't wait to match them with some trendy swimming trunks, a nice t-shirt and cap riding the bike to the beach.

To celebrate Loveyewear's transition to Mister Spex they've given the code JAKOB15 which gives you 15% off the whole assortment (15% off everything!)!

Paul Smith Glasses - HERE

Ray-Ban - HERE

Who's excited for this summer? Have an amazing day! Talk to you soon!




Feeeeels good with Monday! Excited for this week! Got a lot of stuff to do on my schedule! I make sure to go through my calender every day and on every Sunday to prepare myself for the week. First, I write the things that I need to do and then the things that I also want to have some time for, family etc. Planning my days gives me a huge advantage and I feel how my days just gets much more productive and effective. Having everything lined up to do makes every day much more effective and less stressful. A must for every entrepreneur!

Have an amazing Monday! Keep rocking!



White Tee HERE / Jacket HERE / Shoes HERE / Jeans HERE

This is for sure my favorite outfit from London. Been getting a lot of questions about where I got this outfit from and also a ton of compliments on it! I love the simplicity and colormatch. The jacket goes so well with the simple white tee (which is something very trendy right now) and the rolled up jeans at the anckle together with the shoes is a new favorite of mine!

Talk to you soon have a wonderful day! :)