If you are considering taking a chartered fishing trip, then here are some tips to help you choose the right one. There are 3 keys to choosing a trustworthy charter fishing service in Chicago or Milwaukee.

THE CAPTAIN: The first thing to consider in selecting a Captain for your charter is experience. Is your Captain a full-time fisherman? Or is he someone with another job that does this as a hobby or sideline? Full time Captains have a distinct advantage in that they are on the water every day constantly monitoring the fishery. There are some part time Captains that are excellent fishermen also, but your odds improve greatly by choosing a full-time Captain that either owns or is employed by a full-time fishing charter company in lake Michigan.

THE BOAT: The two most important aspects of a fishing boat are the size and the condition. The size of the boat is relative to your comfort, it’s seaworthiness and space. Although boats under 32 feet can catch fish, and smaller groups of 4 or less may have enough room, they will generally bounce around a bit more and be less stable and comfortable. The 33 to 35-foot class of fishing boats are considered the cream of the crop when it comes to comfort, stability, ride, and plenty of room to make your excursion the most enjoyable possible. The heavier the boat, called displacement in nautical terms, the better it will generally ride. Typical displacements for larger boats are 16,000 to 22,000pounds.

LOCATION: The port that your charter fishes from will play a big part in how successful your charter will be. Some locations simply hold more fish and the odds of having a good time and catching lots of fish improve by selecting the right location. If you are considering a fishing charter in Illinois or Wisconsin, or anywhere between Chicago and Milwaukee, there are 2 distinctly better ports to fish from. The 1st is Winthrop Harbor, Illlinois and the 2nd is Racine Wisconsin. The time of year that you book your fishing charter on lake Michigan will determine which port to fish from. In the springtime from April 1st to mid-June, Winthrop Harbor, Illinois is the top fish producing port on the lake and Captains migrate here for the spring fishing from all over the lake. Once the water begins to warm up, the port of Racine Wisconsin takes over as the top choice for a fishing charter on Lake Michigan. The bottom structure in that section of water combined with the huge numbers of fish stocked in Racine make it the best choice for a summer or fall fishing charter on Lake Michigan.

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