Hi there!
May I introduce myself? I am IvyMinttale. Since 16 years and 312 days I honor the world with my presence. I am a singing organic waste collection bin (=funnier expression for a vegan :D) and I would describe myself as crazy and ambitious. That is a reason why I started that blog. In one year I have to do my A-levels and because I want a good grade, I started this blog to improve my writing skills. So I express regret for my mistakes! Sorry!

One of my New Year's resolution was to start a blog, but I was to discouraged and uncertain about that "big" step. And another reason against it was "What is my topic?". That changed on Friday the 3rd of March when I visited a educational fair. Well, I went there to inform myself about mathematics, law and some technical studies. (Yes, I am one of the crazy girls, who wants to study mathematics, so don't judge me! Judge is also a possibility! :D) But when I got to the law sector, I spotted my dream job when I was a child: military helicopter pilot

Yeah, I know it is crazy. Completely insane! You should have seen my fathers face! But my mother just said: "I wasn't allowed to become a pilot, so you are not allowed to become one!" I informed myself about it and a soldier told me that it would be "the best health examination I would ever had" ​to enter the education for the job. There are so much guidelines! Of course it is necessary, but I think my father doesn't believe that I can do this.

That was the point when I told myself "You can do it!" I mean, I know that I never go to the military, but I thought "What if I go to the military, just hypothetical? Then I have to train harder, lose weight and be stricter with my eating habits." So I decided to change me life, like I would go to the military. I also want to modify my personality. I want to get more confident, talkative and consistent. I know deep in my heart that I can change my life, that I can do it, if I just believe in myself!.

This blog should remind me to keep going, to never give up and maybe in one year I can read through my first words and think "I am proud of you. You did it! It was a wise and good decision!"

Sweet Greats,