Hi fellas , welcome to my first blog! Since many of my friends have been asking me a lot about Bali, now I feel very exited to share my experience and all things that i know about Bali with you. Bali is always a good place for you who like to spend time in nature, especially the beach. So far, there are more than five beaches that I have visited, which are : Kuta , Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Dreamland, Pandawa, Padang Padang, and Blue Point beach. Among those beaches, the beach that I like the most is the Blue Point beach. WHY ? Cause it is a great place that not many people know yet, so it is still clean and not crowded. This beach is surrounded by a wall of rock that juts into such caves, and large rocks that we can ride on it while looking at the scenery, moreover this place is also considered as one of the best surfing spots.

Most of the people in Bali are Hinduism, you will find a lot of temples, ritual offerings, and trees or statues that wear checkered sarong . When you are there, please be aware of those things, do not step on the ritual offerings and spit on the statues or trees that wear checkered sarong. They believe that it will give you a bad luck.

Lastly, you shouldn't be worried about the language barrier, most of the people there is able to talk in English and Mandarin. I hope this information is useful for you who want to visit Bali , if you are still curious you can ask me personally through my email or put your question on the comments section. See ya in my next post !