Chips eller Popcorn?

CHIPS! im a real chips and dip person

Kjol eller Klänning?

hmmm hard one, but having a amazing dress on makes you feel extremely feminine.


green apple and peanut butter or fruit salad

Foundation eller Id-puder?


Utekväll eller Hemmakväll?

OUT! with all my lovely ladies

Mascara eller läppglans?


Laga mat eller bli serverad mat?

Both cant pick, I'm a real foodie love to make and go out for food. Or even have a hunky man cook for me.


a real juicy steak with béarnaise, any sushi and creamy pasta.

New York eller London?

London never been to the US

Plattat eller lockigt?


Mössa eller hatt?

idk man, depends on weather. But I love snapback or caps during summer

Klackar eller sneakers?

high heels all the way


Philippines atm, LA and italiaaa& ibiza during summer

Mest minnesfulla resan

Monaco with fam, sailing around Turkey with Grandparents

Pizza eller Hamburgare?

pizza plz

Favvoprogram på tv?

criminal minds, CSI...anything criminal/law related

Midsommar eller julafton?

don't know anymore, its more what's planned best

Äta ute eller hemma?


Film eller serie?

Depends on mood

Vänner eller familj?

Family first but some friends are family all the way

Dansa till House eller RnB?

HAHA not house. RnB

Drinkar eller shots?

both man

Godis eller bullar?


Väska eller skor?


Smokey eye eller eyeliner?


Mest nöjd med på min kropp?

back and legs

Minst nöjd med på min kropp?

hmm stomach because its most effort

Lugn familjesemester eller partysemester?

atm party

Högst upp på önskelistan?

a break and to see my lil sis

Vad dricker jag helst utomlands?

drinks that are sweet

Snapchat eller instagram?



Petra T, Alla våra ligg, mordpodden aaaaand Flora&Frida

Vad vill jag ha just nu?

a cuddle buddy

Frukost eller middag?


Vad spenderar jag mest på?

food and my apartment

Favvolåt just nu?

impossible to pick

Vad gör jag ikväll?

studying and writing this and watching a movie

Skidsemester eller tropisk semester?


Något jag aldrig skulle göra?

never say never, haha no but eat bugs maybe?

Kaffe eller te?


Vad är jag sämst på?

planning my time out, being on time to anything

Vad är jag bäst på?

including in everyone



​1. Before you sign ANYTHING, actually take the time to skim through the terms and conditions. A very everyday example: you go out to a club and put your jacket in, you get a ticket and put it away not really thinking about it. A disclaimer or notice that you may see before you do receive the ticket in your hand may limit the company's liability 'we don't take responsibility for lost items and will only reimburse up to 100kr'. The company has given you reasonable notice and in the form of payment you are forming a contract therefore binding you as soon as you hand your items in. You will not be able to claim anything back more than 100kr even if your items cost more.

2. Signatures is society way of saying that the parties agree, also make sure you know what you get yourself into.

3. Don't work any job even any experience jobs without payment, yes it is illegal.

4. Your employer has full liability for you and your safety at work. You lose something, the company insurance should cover it, you hurt yourself the company must compensate medical costs.

5. Defamation is when someone attempts to ruin your image/reputation. AND YES you can actauly sue for that so be careful what you post about others on social medias or even discuss in certain situations.

6. In England you cannot sue public bodies such as NHS as they are protected, you can however sue certain people such as doctors. However, they are too protected so it is hard to prove, and a large sum of evidence must be shown. A direct link from the defendant to the cause/harm.

7. You can pretty much claim damages for any act of negligence. Example a person throws a frisbee to their friend but you are standing in the middle and it hits you causing a bruised eye. It is reasonable that the person throwing could have calculated a risk that the frisbee can hit you. And if it does congrats you may become rich

8. Being catfished or cat fishing someone of your gender and then possibly continuing into a sexual acts is a criminal offence and is taken even more seriously if the people are underage. Even if there is consent, there is deceit. Law is all about justice so lying is seen as one of the biggest issues.

9. A spoken contract is just as worthy as a written one, just harder to prove.

10. You can pretty much express yourself sexually in any form but harm such as a cut to the skin causing blood then becomes assault. So be careful with those safe words ;)



When I was a kid all I remeber was being lost in books, I would lock myself in the room, sit on the beach, lay on floors and have one hand on my book whilst the other drank tea or lemonade... I miss those days when engrossing yourself in a fairytale would make you lost to the world. I could easily escape and fantasise my way into a dreamland. My parents always thought I would become some genius, just like I see my sister. Maybe I am excelling in certain subjects, but I have always hated to be graded, why does a letter define your knowledge overall? But nowadays I am glad to have actaully gained a social life and enjoy it instead of only having my head in a book, a converted introvert. However, don't get me wrong I have met the most shallow people in my life whilst here and still working on experiencing myself, people who squeeze everything out of others for their own benifeitt and have introduced me to another world of reckless and endless nights till the dawn rises. I have a hate love relationship to it all, sometimes I want to dig a hole and sit there with my book whilst at other times I want to be dancing and singing along to pop songs with strangers who's blurry face i will never remeber the next morning. I am such a phase character, vibes, emotions, nature and the mood of things are what drive my sorroundings.

On Monday I'm off to Cannes, it's going to be such a break and I really need it. I need the salty breeze, I want the cut off from certain people and I want to explore and experience. When I was a kid I visited Nice, Monaco and Cannes every summer and I stopped going when I was 12. I can't wait to get back and to run down the beach, I have to remember to throw a coin and make a wish it is my family tradition every time we arrive to a water and leave it.

The past two weeks have been very hectic and up and down, many thoughts and many indecisive moments. I have definitely had fun but I have also been concentrating on the wrong things. Im working on motivation and my healthier being right now. Which means more sleep, more training and more reading ;)

Au revoir, update continues.



This song is the definition of breaking up with someone you still love.
Tonight I have been invited to another private party with Drake but not sure im going, on my way to a rooftop for some drinks now :) let's see where the night takes us



Two favorites, the other day I was having a conversation about music. It's one thing to like music, another to be passionate about it and a complete other to feel it.
I don't know what it is but i love this artist, his lyrics. The feeling around his songs. The vibe is incredible. So listen up hope you love it as much as i do💜



1.To the left my old house, the bridge in my garden.

2. Dad and Ella eating at a restaurant in Bejing

3.Ella and Dad

4. My first gymnastics show

5. Ella in the garden

6. Parents on the motorboat.

7. Terrified in Egypt, 11 years old

8. Dad and Ella in our garden.

9. Ella and Mum in some Asian country.



​Today was a shit day, well not really but it kinda was. I didn't get the mark I wanted one of my essays and to be fair my focus hasn't really been in class recently, now I have to set up a retake. Although I have started to tell myself that I need to be more focused I can sit in class and the teacher will talk for an hour and I don't hear anything. 

So I have made a deal to start being more motivated than I have been's going to be so great with a mini break coming up soon. On the upside I have started to gym more regylarly now so thats feeling great, Im going to leave the partying to the weekends. 

Today is valentines day, why is the hype so damn big I'm really feeling the pressure. All I want is to sit in bed and eat chicken nuggets...and ice-cream. The girls wanted to go see the new 50 shades but I am so not feeling it, its just one of those days you know...



Some of my favourite memories from summer.

1. At J's newborn brothers christening and afterwards lunch at Rosendals.

2. The window were I spent most of my year procrastinating, my safe spot were I could sit with a cup of tea in my hand watch the sunrise or the snow melt.

3. Swimming in the lake during summer.

4. Me and J went to open up Josefina.