Hey guys, so as you might know I love photography so I am going to do a blog showing my favourite photography
pictures, make sure if you are not already to follow my Instagram account @itzizzyxo

itzizzyxo Xx

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Hey guys it's nearly Halloween! I cannot believe it as it fells like yesterday was the beginnings get of term!I want to share with you what to do on Halloween(for people who do not want to go trick or treating)

1. Carve a really cute shape on a pumpkin!

2. If you have any siblings or friends who are going trick or treating do their face paint!

3. After your friends or family have been trick or treating raid their sweets!!

4. Have a Halloween party!!

5. Watch a MEGA scary film!!

itzizzyxo Xx



Hi guys, I am writing this post with one of my REALLY good friends @lottie_wild and because I have just broken up for half term I wanted to share with you guys what to do in half term when you are bored!!I wanted to show you this because it can be REALLY boring when you have nothing to do!👿😩

1.Do a DIY!!

2.Get a new outfit!!

3.Workout!( you will feel so much better after you have done this)

4.Do a cute silhouette of yourself!!

5. Watch YouTube videos!!

6. Create new hairstyles with your hair!

7. Bake something that you havn't baked before and make the most unusual topping!!Then send me a picture!

8. Act out different personalities!!

9. Get out the house and do something active!🏊🏄

10. Like and look at my blogs!!(the best one of all)!

itzizzyxo Xx



Hey guys,so as I have done a (weekend) morning routine I thought that it would be good idea to do a (weekend) night routine
Here goes..

1. Once I finish my day out and about I first check my phone

2. Once I finish checking my phone I have dinner

3. I then watch TV and relax

4. When about 7:30 I go up to have a shower, wash my face, brush my teeth and get into my pjs

5. I then go downstairs to watch TV till about 10:00

6. Then I go to sleep😴😴

itzizzyxo Xx



Hey guys,so today I am doing weird things that girls do. As a girl myself I know that I have done a lot of these things. Please make sure that you do not take this too seriously as this is just a bit of a joke!

1. Stalk boys (dream about them)

2. Doing strange positions with your body or singing infront of the mirror

3. Say weird things around boys e.g "did you know that I love cheese?"

4. Can't keep your hands off your leg after you have just waxed or shaved

5. Not leaving the house until you look PERFECT even if your just going to walk your dog!

itzizzyxo Xx



Hey guys,so today was really fun as I had a sleepover with some of my best friends @ImEmma and @VioletXblue
First we made DIY,cute Pinterest inspired hearts❤️We then had dinner which was really nice
Then we got into our pjs and watched mean girls, ate sweets and made blogs!!

I want to give a HUGE thank you to @ImEmma for organising this and making it so special!❤️

itzizzyxo Xx



Hey guys, so it took me AGES to think about what I should do for my next blog and then while I was trying
to get some inspiration off YouTube I got a BRILLIANT idea of doing my daily(weekend) morning routine!!
so this is what I do....

1. wake up(about 8:30 am and SLOWLY climb out of bed

2. I then go to my bathroom and wash my face( I use cetaphil daily face cleaner)

3. Then I go downstairs and check my phone to see what's been going on overnight(check Instagram, snapchat, musically, flipagram etc.)📱📱

4. Watch TV for about half an hour

5. Have breakfast(normally toast/granola)

6. Go upstairs and get dressed, do my hair and brush my teeth(takes about 30 mins)

7. I am then ready for the day!!

I hope you guys enjoy it and please follow @LilysLife and @VioletXblue as there blogs are so good!!

​itzizzyxo Xx 



Hey guys, so as this is my first post I want to tell you a bit about myself!I will post as much as I can so please keep updated with me!!

1.I love fashion and everything girly

2.I love dance and do ballet,modern,contemporary, jazz and acro

3.My favourite colours are purple and turquoise

4.My favourite film is Pitch Perfect

5. I love the vamps!!

6. I LOVE shopping!

7.I love hanging out with my friends

8. My favourite food is pizza!!🍕🍕

9. I have a dog called Pebbles

10. I have a 2 sisters and 1 brother

itzizzyxo Xx