sometimes it all gets a little to much, but you gotta realize that soon the fog will clear up

“if you have good friends, no matter how much life is sucking, they can make you laugh”

Everybody have that a group of friends that makes your life colourful. We have that a group of people that make our smile a bit wider and laugh harder. Isn’t it?

Do you guys know Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana song called True Friend? If you don’t know or haven’t heard about it, I suggest to listen to the song while reading this post. ( visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hzm8SFGsd_I )

I’m glad that actually I have kind of a lot of friends. I have experienced what-is-so called fake friends and I don’t want to have any of them anymore. That’s why I’m telling you my un-blood-related sisters that actually happenned to be part of my life

#gbj a.k.a God Bless J……

First I want to talk about these people who basically my classmates in 11th grade. These girls really made my year ended nicely because when I got into my 11th grade class for the first time, I feel scared to be lonely and become anti-social. But these amazing girls broke that thought and I really enjoyed the whole process.

With these people, I experienced how life supposed to be. We went into a lot of hardships and actually become “naughty”. We sometimes got scolded and never really mind about it because we all have the same vision, to make High School memories perfect and unforgetable, which i’ll discuss later on the next post.

These 8 peoples are Regina, Dea, Vania, Rose, Levina, Sefi, Angel, and Bella. When we together, I feel like we become soooo loud and always yelling with each other, telling stories and throw jokes with each other. We also gossips a lot, and we always respect each other opinions, which is something amazing to me. I also touched by them because they always give advices about life and help each other out no matter what happens.

Hey, to these 8 amazing creatures that probably read this post, when we graduate later, let’s have holiday for 9 of us and promise me that we will be there for each other, no matter what happens. (idk why it suddenly got sad) but seriously, I don't want us to be separated. However, I believe that this friendship would never end.


Next, I want to introduce you guys these 4 girls, with a VERY DIFFERENT attitude and personality, that blended into one amazing thing.

These girls name are Alynn, Michelle (or MD), Feli, and Annie. We met each other during the first year of highschool, and still going strong until now. As I said before, we all have different attitude and personality, that amazingly could get into one and always supports each other.

They actually helped me a lot during 10th and 11th grade by crazy-stuffs we have done, even we have travelled to Bandung for a one day trip, and we did a lot of things that I couldn’t even counted. Even though we have different personalities, we never got into a real fight, when you see us fighting, probably it’s only joking for each other. We always complete each other and even tell each other our stories and opinions.

And to these girls, I hope that we will always be there too for each other, always tell stories and problems we have, and even hang out sometimes, after we graduated. And thank you for always be there for me during my ups and downs

My… Doppleganger?

Many people said that I look exactly like this person, whom I know for more than 6 years already, when actually we don't think that we resemble each other. She is my closest friend ever and I shared a lot of peculiar-happy-sad-extraordinary memories with her. I don’t know why many people said that we look alike, but I'm very happy to actually know her. Because without her, I think my life would be literally sucks and flat. I often hang out with her, only both of us, whether only for watching movies, play games, or just eat in a restaurant.

I met her in 5th grade during Easter Night, specifically on 25th of April 2011, when we both sold candles to all the people that currently having a mass that day. Since then, we’ve become a really good friends, but we only meet at church. I eventually get close to her when I got into Junior Highschool, because she was studying in Saint Ursula Elementary School, because she is 1 year younger than me. we always get home together and tell each other stories and experiences that we got almost everyday.

We even travelled together with my family to the Lampung, Indonesia. There we got to see dolphins and experienced new adventures.

I really glad that I met this person, the one who have fulfils all of my days without getting bored and guess what? We have never fought before. And I believe that we will still become friends for the next 10 years.

p.s I don’t want to tell you her name, just figure it on your own

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“ I do believe it’s the right time for taking another adventure and go beyond your limits "

It’s a worldwide fact that everybody have their own capability and talent. Some people are good at arts, some people are good at sports, or maybe maths, historic, economic, etc. And it’s known that people should have a social life as social beings. As a high schooler, I would like to share how do I improve my capability and talents, and how I interact and socialise with other people outside school.

1.Get into hellla lots of courses

Beside going to school everyday, I go into some courses to develop my skills and talents. If I count from the start, I have quite lots of courses that I used to go or still continuing until now. The courses that I take now are English course and Mathematics-Physics-Chemistry course. I take this course because I feel that I need this courses to maintain my score in science and also improving my English. I also went into course like Mandarin course for 10 years, IQ-maths for 3 years, Piano for 5 years, and Arts for 1 year. Guess what? It didn’t go pretty well for some courses. From what I’ve learnt, from all the courses that I used to go, the most useful course is of course Mandarin even though I’m not mastering it enough. And basically I’m a person who not into arts or piano, so the courses are pretty much useless. It’s not that I hate piano, but I just can’t read the beam notes and can’t play perfectly. And because I get bored easily, I pursued my parents to let me out of this course. And arts… meh.. even until now, my drawing still looks like a 5 years old’s drawing. So pitiful right?

But of course these courses have made me recognise myself more and bring out my true self, of what I actually capable of and I can improve. So it’s not all unuseful, it’s actually very useful because everyday we have to learn something and also never waste your talent because it can be your modal in the future to get into works.

2.Joining other organization

Every human is social beings right? Social beings means living or disposed to live in companionship with others or in a community, rather than in isolation. Humans must socialize and get helps from others. And it’s better if you have a large connection because you can get help from a lot of people. My way to get a bigger social life was by making friends outside school and hang out with them to maintain our friendship.

First, I got into a church organization which is altar servants. In this organization I’ve met new friends and getting along with them very well. I also know more people because of this organization, which makes me have bigger connection. Most of my friends beside schools are from this organization. It helps me to understand more personality and opinion, and to respect others.

Second, I joined a fangroup. This fangroup ‘s members are Shawn Mendes Army (what Shawn’s fans called) and this group’s members are from different schools. We haven’t met each other yet but we are planning to meet up before going to the concert. The concert won’t be held in Indonesia tho so we will meet again later in other country just to watch the concert.

These things that I did or still doing until now Is my way to grow my social live and develop my skills, and how’s your way to do so?

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“ No matter how much you think you hate school, you’ll always miss it when you leave “

Do any of you think that high school sucks? Well, of course we all get tired of getting up early, studying, go home, studying, sleep late, get up again. It’s the same cycle everyday. Are you tired of it?

In my opinion, highschool isn’t all about studying. Yes we do study most of the time, but it’s not all about study in class. It’s sometimes about learning how to interact with friends or teachers, how to develop your talents, how to manage your times, and many more things. Every highschools have hundreds of activities, it is your own choice to participate in the activities or just sit down and watch everybody doing their things. And now, I want to tell you guys about my high school activities.

In my first post, I’ve told you guys that I am currently studying in Saint Ursula High School, Jakarta, which only have girls as their students. You can call my school as a very busy highschool, since we almost have no time to rest, even on Sunday. We have to study almost everyday because we have loads of assignments, homeworks, and exams. Beside those things, we also do have many programs. The upcoming programs that we’ve been working on lately is our Ekspresso which is called Ragadaya.

My highschool years have been the busiest year out of all. Beside studying, I also joined Modern Dance extracurricular in 10th grade and Volleyball extracurricular in 11th grade. I also participated in school’s open house for 2 years straight, since the first open house was made for me when I was in 10th grade. I also participated in school’s edufair for 3 years straight. Which the 2nd year I performed for the opening by dancing to traditional dance. And in Ekspresso, I participated also in opening for my first year, and joined the volleyball match in the 2nd year.

In 11th grade, our school told us to make an internal program which is cikuneku and cikuseku. Both of it is in Indonesia, which means My Love My Country and My Love My School. I participated in the My Love My School program because it’s held by all students from Science Program. In that time I participated as one of the Visualisations’ cast. I also participated in some competition and even win several times.

These are all my overall activities in my highschool, I still have tons of activities, which is super fun and educating me as well, but I can’t tell all of it because it would be very long. Anyways, I would love to tell you guys that I’ve spent my high school years well despite all the problems I got. Because, hey, a very normal live is soooo boring! You need ups and downs so your live could get colorful, isn’t it?

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Maria Teresa



“ Blood is thicker than water, but family isn’t just about blood. Family is about faith and loyalty, and who you love.”
Bonjour tous le monde –

Welcome back to my blog. On this special post, I will write about some people that always be there during my ups and downs, always reminding me not to be ignorance, and always guiding me into a better person.

These people I’m talking about Is no other than my own family. Yes, my family which consists of 5 members. From my father, mother, older sister, and younger brother, you can check the photos too! I actually wanted to put a decent photos, but my family is not the ‘photogenic’ family so there’s no decent one unfortunately. But it's okay, so let’s continue to each of the members.

The first person I wanna talk about is my father, Solomon Awang. He was born in Jambi on 1 October 1970, he is a super-innovative person and very easy-going. Even though he also cracks Dad’s Jokes that you have to laugh at even if it’s not hilarious (well probably because you’re in a need of something), he is pretty much funny and creative. He really knows when to be serious and when to be chill. He also not the old-fashioned person because he knows how to use gadget well and follows technology development. But he could be very annoying when he found new stuffs and get obsessed with it. When he get obsessed with something, just be patience because he’ll always do the thing he get obsessed and always brags it everytime and everywhere.

Secondly, of course my mother. Her name is Reny Hoetama and she was born in Pangkal Pinang on 4 February 1971, only 4 months different from my father. She Is someone who always get me annoyed because always complaing about stuffs. But without her, I won’t be able to survive highschool because she always reminds me to do my assigments and study for my exam. Without her, I think my house would be a mess, I mean, besides her, we basically won’t mind being dirty and just put stuff all over the house. She would remind us to clean the mess and never do it again, but yeah we still does it until now.

Third, my one and only sister, Catherina. She is one of my school’s alumni and now studying in Bali. She born 2 years earlier than me, in 21 April 1998, and she always reminds me of Kartini, since they both born on the same date. She is a very independent woman and have a strong appearance that makes a lot of people scared of her. Since she’s only 2 years apart from me, we get along pretty well and have a strong bond with each other. Many people said that I look like her and even talk like her, but I don’t see it. Do we really look alike? anyway, nevermind about it.

Last but not least, my brother. He is seriously the most annoying person I’ve ever met. His name is Hugo Antonius and currently in Junior High School. He is actually a very smart person and can describe a lot of things. He is also my partner in crime in this family because we both always work together against my parents or sister. He is 3 years apart from me so we still get along pretty well. Oh and if you wanna test his knowledge, just be ready to listen to everything that you probably haven’t heard and get ready to be confused. And never ever try to have a debate with him because you’ll lose anyway.

In my own opinion, i think my family is a very great family. we always talk about our problems and solve it. we always help each other and respect each other opinion. It's actually my ideal family and I would never regret getting into this "peculiar" family.

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Maria Teresa



" It is said it’s easier for someone to judge somebody without knowing them. Therefore, please allow me to introduce myself. "

Olá, como está?

Mungkin banyak orang akan bingung dengan kata-kata di atas, kata-kata diatas merupakan kata-kata dari bahasa Portugis yang memiliki arti “Hallo, apa kabar ?,”. Pepatah mengatakan, “tak kenal maka tak sayang.” Oleh karena itu, perkenalkan, nama saya Maria Teresa, saya lahir di Jakarta pada tanggal 18 Oktober 2000. Saya sendiri memiliki nama Krisma Verena, sehingga ditulis sebagai Verena Maria Teresa. Nama Maria Teresa ini diambil dari Bunda Maria dan juga Santa Theresa kanak-kanak Yesus. Saya sendiri memiliki nama Mandarin “蔡晓晶” yang berarti terang. Saya pribadi lebih sering dipanggil menggunakan nama mandarin saya, dengan sebutan “cing-cing” baik di sekolah, rumah, maupun gereja.

Saya merupakan murid SMA kelas 12 di SMA Santa Ursula, lebih tepatnya di kelas XII IPA 3. Sekolah ini terkenal dengan rok putih hijau kotak-kotaknya yang sangat mencolok dan juga sekolah yang homogen (a.k.a semua muridnya hanya berjenis kelamin wanita). Saya sudah menginjak sekolah homogen ini dari saya SMP. Mungkin banyak orang bertanya, “apakah seru bersekolah di sekolah yang homogen?” saya harus menjawab, ya, sangat seru. Di sekolah ini saya mendapatkan banyak pelajaran baru, banyak teman baru, dan juga pengalaman-pengalaman unik yang saya tidak akan dapat di sekolah lainnya.

Saya sendiri merupakan pribadi yang senang untuk melakukan aktivitas, oleh sebab itu saya memiliki hobi berolahraga dan menari. Saya sendiri sangat menyukai melakukan olahraga seperti basket, voli, bulu tangkis, lari, berenang, dan lain sebagainya. Olahraga memiliki makna khusus bagi saya dimana saya bisa bersenang-senang tanpa perlu memusingkan pelajaran. Olahraga merupakan saat dimana saya refreshing dan dapat melakukan aktivitas tanpa beban. Sama halnya dengan menari, saya menari untuk melepas stress dan juga untuk mengekspresikan diri. Hal ini saya lakukan agar hidup tidak menjadi beban untuk saya sendiri, dan juga untuk menghindari rasa anxiety yang mungkin saya miliki.

Saya juga memiliki kecenderungan untuk menggunakan banyak bahasa dalam keseharian saya, saya kurang lebih menguasai 4 bahasa, yaitu Bahasa Indonesia, Inggris, Korea dasar, dan juga Mandarin dasar. Saya senang mencampurkan dan mempelajari banyak bahasa karena setiap bahasa memiliki keunikannya sendiri dan merupakan salah satu hal yang tidak pernah membuat saya merasa bosan. Selain itu, saya merupakan pribadi yang memiliki curiosity atau rasa penasaran yang sangat tinggi, saya senang menemukan hal-hal baru dan mencobanya. Namun, dibalik rasa penasaran yang saya miliki, saya merupakan seseorang yang cenderung mudah bosan. Teman-teman saya pasti mengetahui kalau saya merupakan pribadi yang gampang bosan akan suatu hal, sehingga saya selalu mencari hal-hal baru yang tentunya tidak akan membuat saya menjadi tidak bosan.

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Maria Teresa

15 of August 2017