I have to say it's been quite a interesting week. In six days I've managed to be sick during four days, and one of them I had to spend at university, which was quite an experience since it was my very first day, although it was only a day for information and signing the final papers. Moving on, I worked two days at one of my favorite schools, spent too much time swearing like crazy because my university id didn't want to cooperate, as well as I've had a complete failure to a night out with my friends.

I don't even know why everything is suppose to happen at once, but I'm glad it happened this week. Next week will be hectic as I can't even describe it, tomorrow I have my first "real" day at university. On Tuesday the activities for the newcomers starts and goes on until next Sunday. 

As muchas I'm thrilled to start the new chapter in my life by going back to studying, I can't help to be slightly anxious and nervous. I've never been good with new "beginnings" or talking to new people... But I think I can do it!... although, maybe you could cross your fingers for me tomorrow, please? 

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