A small country town four hours inland from Sydney NSW. 10 000 people, all related to farms and agri business somehow. Koala capital of the world. The country town with one main street through the centre. The place I met Tom. Ended up here by choosing a family to do some nanny work for and ended up staying the rest of my first year here with Tom. This is where Tom grew up and where the Perrett family been owning a big piece of land for generations.

For a Swedish person like me or European I think this is the landscape you kind of see in movies. CHARMING!
Feels great to be back, peaceful!
For you who do know me knows that I'm crazy about animals, and there's lots here. I'm in heaven and of course we ended the arvo with some BBQ and champagnes and a dip in the pool!
This is the place which always ends up being 40 degrees so you kind of needs it.


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