Hello everybody!

My name is Isabella or Bella as most people know me as, I'm a 22 year old chick that try to live life to the fullest. I'm based in Sweden, Norrköping a city that i lov, not to far from Stockholm. I have a passion in life that not everyone knows, Dance. Dance for me is more than exercise, it's emotions, happynes, sandnes. Dance give me insperation to live and understand me as a person and to understand other as well.

Insperation, a big word for lot of people. As you might understand dance is my insperation, my way to be creative. Insperation and creativety gose hand in hand for me, it can be a Monnet paiting, a walk whit my dog, cuddel whit the cat a dance class where i have to puch myself to the limit. Insperation and creativity can come from everything and anything. Some times i just sit and thinking of wjat inspiers me, how do you find your insperation?

Love, Isabella