Kathmandu, Nepal- An unique opportunity from Inxchan.com for people looking to do something different and meaningful in Life. Inxchan offers you a humanitarian, spiritual and adventurous journey during your travel trip in Nepal. Nepal Has been seen as one of the top travel destination for 2017 in lonely Planet. During the devastating earthquake in Nepal many people lose life and homes. Nepal is still on the way to make its step to get economically strong. Many of the historical sites has been reconstructed which has added the charm of country.

Traveling Nepal is an wonderful opportunity to discover life of people, to learn different culture and tradition. High mountain has always been one of the famous trekking destination of Nepal. Many people in the world today are looking for something meaningful, where you can explore the country as well as you can give your support to local charity, community and add your skill so that the project can get boost up.

Inxchan Program aim to give you a piece of introduction to passionate life. You will be volunteering in children's home teaching English , helping on daily works of children and home. Hiking, sightseeing and exploring the city. During your week you will be learning local handicrafts, Nepali language, culture exchange and more local things.

Spiritually value has been added with our program living in Monastery for 4 days. During this period of time you will be helping monks children with English, meditating with them and learning about Buddhism. Inxchan project end with adventure, Participant will do boating, explore caves, hiking in mountain and Paragliding.

This Inxchan program has been setup to support Children's Home, Monastery and to sponsor rural children on education.

If you are thinking to do something meaningful and want to give your hand on local project during your travel. We highly recommend you to join our project.

Find more information about our project on:

Website: Inxchan Volunteer Nepal

Email: inxchan@gmail.com

Whatsapp: +977-9843719599