Hope you liked this analyse. Sorry for not posting in a while and for posting in Swedish. Have done a lot of things lately.

This is an analyze that I made is for an investment valuation case as a part of the recruitment. The company, New Nordic HealthBrands, is a supplements company. I had just one page to write an entire analyze, which is way harder than it sounds. There are so many important things that you want to say, but you know that it does not fit. The company, Nordic HealthBrands, is a company with a market value of around 160 MSEK, so a very small company. No analytics are following the stock, so there is no analytics who have made estimations. So EVERYTHING you read is made by me. Have taken away the logo of Venture Capital company there I was a part of the recruitment.

Next analyze will be about Cherry Casino.

Disclaimer – You need to do your own analyse before buying shares. You cannot base any investment on just this analysis.

If you want to know how I calculated it, feel free to contact me on twitter or e-mail. Follow me on twitter, I post every time a new analyse is out.

Hope you liked this analyse.

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