Time is a curious thing, usually no friend of mine. They call it being optimistic when you never accomplish all things planned before deadlines. Being a dreamer is another term used for describing achievements being right out of your reach.

Usually, time is considered being the cure of having too little time. More time. The equation is quite easy: providing more of the resource necessary –– in this case, the independent variable –– to increase the possibility of success.

However, time is a limited resource. There is not an endless of supply for us to have, rather a fixed amount for us to use. Moreover, all the things we are suppose to do, achieve and become represent an endless demand.

It is not rocket science. There will never, ever, be enough time. That is why the focus should be on demand –– the dependent variable –– where change is possible. Becoming efficient is all about finding ways to prioritize, to wisely use the resource (in this case, time), targeting your goals through creating tools and ways to follow up your progress.

Simplified, do one thing. And do it great. Time will reward your efforts.

However, I am a dreamer. There are so many things inspiring me, bewitching me, making me running blind in every direction. I know being lost may result in failure rather than success, that the possibility to stumble upon greatness is probably smaller than winning the lottery. It is a self-created sickness, encouraged by our the community, an anxiety best described as hubris.

I can accomplish almost anything. I am my own enemy, not time.

Even so, I do not find time at the moment to do any of the things I am convinced are my contribution, what I am longing to achieve, of becoming. That is a sure sign of me doing something –– all things –– wrong, a warning my blindness do or/and will or/and cannot register.

For example, I have no time for taking care of the prospect of making this blog running, analyzing and start investing in stocks (even if this blog is an excellent tool). For now, a confession has to do. Please note, dear blog, you are a dream, never far away. Hopefully there will be more time for you very soon.

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I do not know what I am doing.

More exactly, I should (and am assumed) to know more about business, and the society tool called money. I have four years of academical economic knowledge, obtained through a master's degree at a Swedish university, but with little satisfaction for my accomplishment, no (cash) revenue to show for it (yet) and at the moment no practical experience in using any (accounting, management, marketing) of it. This is why I am planning on applying learning by doing through this blog, targeting financial analysis.

I am a beginner.

However, that does not worry me at all. We all are born to become greatness, we just need to learn how to crawl, walk and finally run to be in total control over the implications of life and its surprises.

So, investing in stocks. Let's do it!



I proudly present the start of this personal project: taking control and create structure for my savings, stock portfolio and further, learn from the mistakes awaiting. I will share thoughts, my "stock family" and more importantly, make sure to describe the success and failures directly related to my stock purchases, but also the wisdom earned during my journey.

This blog aims to:

♧ create, explain and make me understand the concept of stocks.

♧ establish a platform for making better personal decisions, the possibility to follow up.

My personal use is the primary objective for starting this blog, sharing is secondary. On the other hand, knowing the generated content may be read will hopefully result in me being more careful (improving my judgement of risk and stay in long-term commitments) and comprehensive.

I am ready to invest to confess.