This blog for me is a way of writing down my thoughts and feelings and my daily life "adventures" I want to share with you, but when life surprises you in ways you didn't plan or could predict you need to set your priorities right.

We have some huge changes in our lives coming up and therefore I've made the decision to not blog anymore.

Thank you for reading my blog and for all of your support, for those who want to follow our journey and see what our new changes are you can send a request on my instagram @Interiorforjoy


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One of my styling projects at a hair salon, it's a lovely small place and we really wanted to lift the feeling of warmth and luxury but still welcoming.
The owners are so happy with the results and so am I.

Hope you like it aswell.



How amazing are these babies that are new arrivals at

Webpage here

I'm inlove and the black one will probably land on my wishlist!

We had a great shopping day but not enough time to finish, so we're taking another day this week again.
I bought a pair of shoes to my princess, she chose them herself so I couldn't say no.

Hope you had a beautiful day.



Idag har vi fullspäckat schema, jag är aldrig den som planerar mina dagar för spontanitet är något av det bästa jag vet.
Så igår beslöt jag och min väninna mig för att ha en shoppingdag idag , höstkläder för barnen, dock har mina barn allt de behöver efter alla mina resor - Milano,LA, Turkiet och Turkiet igen!

Det ska bli superkul att ha en heldag med henne, hon är en otroligt genuin människa och fantastiskt driven. En helt underbar mamma till sina fina tjejer.

Vi har så många minnen ihop och hon är en av få som vet allt om mig.

Min man har en bokad lasertid idag och han förtjänar verkligen att bli ompysslad även om det inte är lika skönt som massage så är det så skönt för honom att vara helt hårfri.

Sen kommer de som har köpt vårt hus förbi och ska mäta lite väggar osv, supertrevliga personer verkligen.

Nu ska jag umgås med barnen tills det är dags att gå, några timmar kvar så vi hinner mysa, leka och äta innan jag går.



These photos were taken when we expected our first born, I love these pictures because they really show every feeling at that time for what was to come.

Life is so hard sometimes, you find yourself in a situation where you need to make a decision and you have no clue what's right or wrong. And sometimes you need to figure it out fast because you're out of time, that's my current situation.
Life is a quiz and you don't always have the right answer but you still move forward on to the next step.

We had an amazing day with an old friend of mine and her husband with their two kids. They are so fun to be around and their stories are the best.

Have a lovely evening.



My husband proposed to me in 2010 and that day will always be one of my strongest memories, he's not the romantic type and at that time he was really bad at expressing his feelings. I had a really bad day and he tried to cheer me up all day by offering me good food and a shopping tour at the mall, of course I found nothing I liked so my day just turned into the worst ever.
Back home I went to bed and said I needed to take a nap, I could hear him walk back and forth in the hallway, curious about what he was doing but to tired to ask.
Then I just heard him say - honey, could you just turn around for me? -
My response - NO, I'm tired leave me alone.
Him : - Please just for a second..
Hearing his voice sound odd I turned around saying - what do you want babe? -
Got totally shocked by seeing my man down on one knee with a bouquet of lilies in one hand a a ring in the other, his face was as if he had seen a ghost hahaha!

His words -
You know I love you and you know how hard this is for me, I don't see my life without you so I just want to know if you would like to become my wife?
(it came out word by word because he was so nervous, I had never seen him like that before)

My answer -
YES! Nothing would make me happier and I love you more than you can imagine.

For me it was the most romantic and cute proposal ever because he did it with all his heart and he meant every word and judging by his way of saying them he had not been rehearsing what to say.

The ring, omg absolutely perfect and the perfect way to see how well he knows me.

So this was the proposal, I'm going to write a post about out wedding aswell.

This picture was taken two months before the proposal on our first vacation together.



Happy birthday to baby daddy, my big love and my best friend.

I don't want to write too much because that only brings me to tears.
You are my number one person, you have been there for me more than anyone can ever understand, the joy and the love you give is enough for a lifetime. I couldn't imagine a life without you by my side.
I hope everyone gets to experience a love so big and a man so good.
(or woman)

You are my soulfood.
Volim te.




Today I'm writing down my checklist of things I have to do.

1. Book an appointment with the vet for Barbie (our pug). She has been sneezing since we got back from our trip.

2. Send out all of my clients bills for my hairdresser services.

3. Post important documents to the bank before we get the new house keys.

4. Take out oldest son to his 4 year check at the doctors.

5. Book an appointment for our daughter at the dentists.

6. Pick up a delivery from

7. Pick up a delivery from

8. Order a livingroom pendant

9. Order dining chairs (I cancelled our last order because I couldn't make up my mind)

10. Find someone that can make two beside tables out of our current coffee table.

11. Bring home our new car.

This list of things I need to do in one and a half week could go on forever.

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I love to buy clothes for my man. Before we went to Istanbul I ordered some clothes for him and he loves when I do that because he totally trust me when it comes to fashion.

I like simple man's clothing, I love black and dark colours. Sneakers is a must at all times.

Men's fashion is so much easier I think because it's so casual and layed back.

My husband has been calling me "Kanye" for almost four years now because of my taste in clothes and how I dress when I want to be casual.

Shorts from H&M HERE

T-shirt from H&M HERE




We just arrived home, how we've missed our safe spot.

The flight was similar to a nightmare, one baby crying and one toddler nagging all the way.

Luckily we made it home without any sevear damages besides headache.

I had an awful dream last night and it took me back to people that are so full of it on social media and behind their phone screens or computer screens but in real life they can never handle their own conflicts or any conflict for that matter, grown up people who talk BS behind others backs but cowards in real life.
They write stuff on social media to get sympathy and lie to make the reading more exciting. I mean come on, karma will bite you in the back.

So happy to have x:ed all of those from my life and knowing what kind of human beings you've had to deal with who literally say that they could sit and talk shit about you for hours before I gotten to know you... say what?
haha, and you say this thinking it's normal?
Perfect example and perfect rolemodel..

We have so many decisions to make for the future me and my husband and we have no idea where to start. We need this vacation to make up our minds on what moves to make, eeuuggghhh is my feeling about that right now.
Anyways, time to just enjoy our home arrival!

Talk later

Yesterday's armcandy to make this post a little happier.
Bracelet / Hermés
Watch / Omega Constellation