In case, you have a wide collection of silk scarves that are stored for long in the underwear drawer or else winter scarves that are spilling out of the closet,you must feel grateful that you have accessories that can enhance your appearance. Hold your thoughts if you’re planning to get rid your old collection of summer or linen scarves as the accessories could be of great use. If you’re looking forward to make some space for all your new belongings without throwing the old ones, you can opt for a remedy- to DIY night, noon, and morning. Starting from the silk pajama shorts to framed wall art, here are certain scarf ideas that can enable you to make use of the old clothing accessories in innovative manners.

  • Framed Art
  • Women’s scarves are vastly used these days to decorate the empty walls. You can use a large old scarf or bandana as focal point or else select multiple color coordinated scarves in order to make wall collages.

  • Camera Strap
  • Replace the camera strap with the summer scarf that you’ve loved but never felt like wearing. You need to create two leather pieces and connect chain closure to a split ring. Then, slide the ring properly to the leather’s middle section. Fold the scarf ends so that they fit well into the leather. Consider sticking the leather appropriately to the scarf and with the sewing machine, make sure to stitch the edge of leather.

  • Crop Top
  • You can also make crop tops with your silk scarves. It’s definitely not an issue if you don’t have appropriate sewing skills. The easy-to-make tops don’t need threads or needles. You just need to fold and tie the scarf well to wear with a nice skirt or pair of jeans.

  • Handbag Accessory
  • Even our most favorite hand bags need a bit of help on a frequent note. Consider wrapping one of your favorite silk scarves that you haven’t used for long around the handles of your bag for the pop of color.

  • Fabric Hangers
  • Do your outfits fall constantly and end up on closet floors? If yes, you can opt for the DIY remedy- the fabric hangers. You can use the floral roll strips to wrap the hangers. To make the wrapping easier, you can cut small hooks within the hanger by making use of a nipper. Slice the roll strip lengthwise in proper half. Secure your fabric with score tape on initial as well as final wraps. The floral patterns would provide your hangers with the vigorous and refreshing feeling.

    You can also make a pair of shorts with one of your most loved scarf. Consider making a pattern by folding the shorts in half. Trace it onto a craft paper and cut the pattern. Fold the fabric in proper half in accordance with the spot where you want the pattern of the scarf to sit. Pin the straight edge along the fold. Then, cut out that fabric properly along the pattern. Cut another piece using the similar pattern so that you have identical pieces. Pin both the pieces together and sew the fabric along curved edges with straight stitch.