Oh how I've longed for this weekend!

Work has been hectic as usual but fun since I really feel that I have developed a close friendship with the other interns at my work. Yesterday I went to a christmas bake at my friend's Melanie's place with some other people. Had some great laughs and met some really awesome people.

Woke up at 11 am today which was amazing and had a really long breakfast. Then decided to go out in this horrific cold for a run. Other than that I have just been chilling something that rarely happens these days..

Now I have to get ready since I am going to the theatre with my grandpa. Always nice to hang out with the old man haha

Might go out afterwards with my friend Emma but we will see.



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You may or may not wonder where I've been lately. I kinda layed off from writing for a while because I felt uninspired. Sounds strange right? Working in what seems to be a very inspiring world and yet feeling utterly unispired...

I can't promise a "i am back" statement, but I'll try.

I am approching my 3 month internship anniversary, so I am half way now.

I must admit there has been times where I've thought about quitting. Moslty cause it sometimes gets tooo much and I have a hard time knowing my limits in how much work I can take in a day. But since I raved about the fantastic book GRIT, i  feel that i need to practice what I preace.

So I am sticking with this internship.

Instead of writing a long essay about November- here are some photos

November sum up: 

Went to the UK for a weekend. Had lots of coffee, explored Stockholm with my friendo Emma aka collegue, went to the HM x kenzo pre launch event. And ofc WORKED



Hi guys

I am currently sitting on the bus otw to work. Yesterday was really different at work cause first we didn't have the typical monday meeting, a meeting which usually lasts for 3 h. instead we walked around the showroom and each of the consultants presented their clients new collections. Such as By Malene Birger SS17... So DREAMY.

Then we went to Åhléns headquarters and looked at their pre spring and spring summer collection. Was a really cool experience.

Although,that meeting made me realise that I do not miss school. They showed a 1 h powerpoint presentation and it made me quite tired. Haha i am so thankful i have a job were we don't have meetings in a yellow colored meeting room.

Anyways so i got off a bit earlier 16.45 which was so weird. Don't think I've ever been home so early from work. So suddenly I had so much time at home. Cleaned and vacuumed, made food and then went running #proud.

I need to find something to do during the weekends as well. like i cannot lay aound and just watch series. Although I always look forward to the weekend to do that, but whenit's there I need to do something! So i will try to find a weekend job...

Anyways g2g

xx, Paola


1) gloomy sunday in stockholm

2)beauty breakfast on friday that I organised.. Didn't get to eat the food tho 

3) favorite cafe 

4) photo from paris.. Just cause I want to go back



It is FINALLY weekend! 

I really look forward to the weekend during the week, not because work is bad or boring, it is merely because I Hate waking up early. I am so not a morning person, so therefore weekends are like heaven since I can sleep until like 10...

haha i know it is quite early for some, but if i were to sleep longer than that, then I'd be even more tired. 

Friday was a good day, I got most of my reports done, except the ones that have to be handed in on Monday and it was a really chill day. 

After work, I met up with my dad to eat italian food at a restaurant in the neighborhood. It was delicious in my opinion...but my dad didn't seem to pleased with the food...oh well we had a nice time 

My plans for the weekend is just to chill, meet up with my colleague Emma for some coffee today and then clean the apartment before my grandpa gets back. Hoping also to go out for a run if I can get myself to it, also since the weather is fabulous. My dad bought me a "runners world" magazine...dunno what type of message he is trying to send me haha

FYI JB had a concert here on thursday and friday...was I said I didn't have tickets to see him...YES :( 

Alright going to make some lunch now

xx, P



After a few weeks pause from blogging, I have decided to pick it up again.

It is a bit difficult to find something worth writing about when I can't really write about work....which literally occupies my life atm.

But I am going to try to make it work somehow...

The Internship is going really good, I am learning a lot and I have gotten to know all my collegues super well which is nice. I feel like the days are just flying by...how crazy isn't it that it is October by the end of this week!?

It is weird a month back I wrote about having too much free time...that I just occupied my days by thinking waaay too much. Now I feel like I don't think about those type of things cause my mind at work is just programmed to get shit done and when I get home around 8ish my brain is too tired to even come up with anything useful to think about...dunno if that makes any sense

Anyways this week has been eventful and fun. On Monday two other interns, one of my bosses and I went to a place called Ekerö to shoot a movie for the pressevent which the firm I am working for are holding next month. It is a inspirational type of movie which will showcast all the newest collections from their clients such as By Malene Birger, Stine Goya, Bik Bok etc..

We spent the entire day at set, and the place super nice, the weather was good and the models and stylists were really cool people.

Yesterday was a hectic day at work but ended it up with a nice dinner at an italian restaurant with some friends from the German School.

Now I need to get back to writing my reports for the clients that need to be delivered on Friday!



I don't know if i have any readers left but if i do...helloo haha

Work is heeeectic and i come home around 20.30 every day, which means that i mostly spend my evenings eating, taking a shower, watching some series and then sleeping. That's why the update has been so awful.

So...Where to start...

Work this week has been good. I have been doing a lot of practical work like running errands. Had to buy 260 nespresso coffee capsules today, which was fun haha. I love the nespresso store cause it gives me the feeling that George Clooney will just magically appear. Other than that I have made moodboards, done some reports for the company's clients and worked with their image bank. And today we went for a really nice lunch with work to celebrate one of my colleagues who just got married

On another note...my mom is coming tonight which is nice! Haven't seen her for a month so it will be nice to catch up :)

I will update you guys tomorrow when I feel more inspired to write and don't feel like a zombie





Thursday was an eventful kind of day! It started off with work from 9-16 and then it was time for prada. 

The PR bureau that I'm working with decided to collaborate with prada to create an event to showcase their newest collection. I was allowed to come with and assist the photographer with the names on whi he was taking photos off. Obviosuly this required me to know the names of these swedish celebrities, which i didnt so i had to resort to a plan B. This meant that i acted as if i worked for prada milan and then asked the peope for their names in english, so they wouldnt get offended. It worked out!

It was such a cool experience and just being in the whole enviornment with the italian people who have flown from Milan to prepare the store for this event and going nuts when they see that the swedish waiters don't have proper shoes and are wearing black jeans... That was a crisis i tell you. 

Now it's the weekend and I've slept for 12 h, which was magical!




It is Monday today which means that I am starting week 2 at my new job.

Last week was really fun, hectic and insightful. I am learning a alot of new things and really getting a true feel of what it means to be in the PR business and it is really fun!

For those who may wonder, what it is exactly I do:

1) I find out how much "coverage" each brand/client is getting each month. In other words, how many people are speaking of this particular brands (fashion editors, beauty editors, bloggers, insta famous people etc) --> which requires me to read lots and lots of magazines, blogs and stalk people on instagram

2) I update the websites image bank, so when people from the swedish fashion world want to have a sweater from By Marlene Birger new collection which isn't out in store yet then they will go on the PR firm's image bank and find the flatshot photo, price, material etc there.

3) I am starting to write weekly columns about new products, and creating mood boards/inspo posts about several products which is so much fun!

What else?

The weekend was really nice, met up with my friend Amanda and Niki on Saturday and Sunday was less exciting as I lost my buscard...so had to buy a new one. Bye bye 500 kr...

The rest of the week will be plenty of work, but tmrw is my b day, except it reallllly doesn't feel like it haha.

​Photos from the stella mccartney event which the PR agency organised. Cool stuff!!





So today was my first day of my internship

My morning started at 6.30..I literally was a zombie during the first hour. Not used to wake up that early and I could def feel that considering that I ate 1 piece of bread for like 30 min . Although this changed until 10 min before I had to leave for the bus...

First days of anything, job, school, internship, whatever , it is always a bit nerve-racking. You never know what to expect, how the people will be, what your tasks will be for the day etc and I believe that no matter how many times you try something new, that first day will always feel the same...at least for me.

Anyways back to my point... 10 min before leaving, I had a panic situation where I had no idea what to wear... Is there a dress code? Can I come to an office with glittery socks and a blue headband....looking like I don't even know what haha

But what if I wear a formal shirt with black suitpants and look like I have no personality whatsover..which is no problem in a business occasion cause that's kinda the point..to look...what's the word...homogenous...maybe?

But this is a fashion PR http://www.modinakerlind.com/ so maybe I should go with the first one?

Yeah so this was what was going thru my head 10 min before leaving until I settled with something in between I guess. To my delight I found out that I could have chosen option 1 if I wanted to ,which made me happy haha.

To conclude my first day was successful. It was quite chill but the people are really nice and the office is the coolest!! I will keep you guys updated more on the life of being an intern at modinåkerlind when I have gotten more into it ;)

That's it for now! I am so smashed and I can't wait for sleeeeeeeep

Don't have any photos to offer but I will share some good podcasts that I've been listening to lately and a motivational video cause...I am a sucker for those types haha