About U – MUNA

The second half of the album starts off with the song promise, which is a bit more up-tempo, with a distinct rhythm and guitar-line. The song lyrically describes someone having a hard time shown affection towards their partner, which is shown in, for example, the chorus; “Hold my hand I make a fist”. Her significant other tries to make contact but she does not respond the way in which she might be affected. “I don’t know if I can”. She seems to know that this is making things more complicated and even though her partner claims that it’s okay, she doesn’t know if she can forgive herself for this. Is it really worth it? And really, can it be controlled? Following Promise is If U Love Me Now. It has a much calmer sound than the previous track, focusing a deeper base-sounding element. It does follow the previous track to a certain extent, describing difficult aspects within a relationship. It also has a darker side to it, describing issues such as being suicidal, “You should just let me leave, if you love me now”. To me, this describes how mental illnesses can affect a relationship, for both parties. It is hard to feel loved when you’re in a dark and hopeless place, but it is also hard to love someone who is so very difficult to love. I really like this track, the musical simplicity and the lyrical complexity is a great combination and this is personally one of my favourite tracks on the album.

Crying On the Bathroom Floor is the eight track on the album and my first impression was that it had a much more pop-sounding sound to it. The first verse describes how getting material things from their significant other will make them feel nothing, making me personally instantly think of abusive situations. As if the material things will take away the pain, as a way of apologizing. But it is time to get out, and she doesn’t know how. The way she has achieved highs before does no longer work; “And the drugs don’t work, and I don’t know why”. Even though the lyrics have a very serious message, get out before it is too late, the song has a dancing vibe to it. I did hear this one in concert and I did not think about the deeper meaning of the song as the main lyrics; “Crying on the bathroom floor”, really was the only line I picked up making me think about a break out. I really like that as I enjoy looking into songs and finding much more than what I initially thought there was to find. End of Desire is the next track and it follows a similar musical sound with a more up-tempo vibe to it. There is not that big of a difference between the verse and the chorus which makes the song sort of float together as one thing which to me, makes it a bit more uninteresting to listen to. The lyrics seems to describe what the title states, ending the desire, possibly towards a partner. She know it is almost impossible but it is time and she wants to go home, back to herself.

The second last track on the album is Everything, which is one of my favourites on the album. Even though the name of the song doesn’t seem to have a connection to the song itself, the lyrics in the chorus goes “everything is about you to me”, referring back to the name “about you”. This sort of ties the album up, if this reference would be perceived as the inspiration to the album. “Everything it about you to me”, is what most of the album has already described, this person is her world but it is hurting her. She also describes how everything she sees, she connects to her former lover. “I wanted to call you, and tell you about how her hair got caught in her mouth”, she wants to know if this girl she is seeing is beautiful to her ex, and if she is just as beautiful. The feeling of imperfection is constant through the song as she in the second verse says, “would you want to revisit the marks on my skin?”. It’s over but she is struggling to move on, why did it happen and maybe, is she the cause of it? Is her imperfection the cause?

The final track is conveniently called Outro, which gives a sort of conclusion to the album. What has happened, has happened. Her partner wants to leave, “it’s time”, but she has a hard time letting go. “To keep me in the back of your mind, for someday, maybe next time”. She is still hoping that he will come back. She cries when he leaves and she keeps letting him in, and he keeps leaving her. The end.

It was really nice hearing an artist live first and then looking into the album as I had an image of the band in mind the entire time. In addition, it was also nice looking deeper into the songs that I had heard live as there often was a deeper message within the songs. I really like the album and there are some songs that can definitely be found in my playlist. There are songs that I found less interesting, such as end of desire, but the sound of the album as a whole is really nice. The songs are similar yet different.

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About U - MUNA, part 1

Earlier this year the band Muna released their first album About U. Personally I was firstintroduced to them when they opened for Harry Styles during his European leg ofhis tour. I was stunned by the singer’s voice and was intrigued to listen tothem more. Even though this is their first album, the band has been activesince 2013 and have for instance played at Lollapalooza in 2016 and toured withthe band grouplove.

The first track on the album is So Special and we’re instantly throwninto the album. The pre-chorus in combination with the chorus itself gives anidea of how the rest of the album will sound and lyrically the song is ratherironic. Ironic may possibly be the wrong word but it is what I would call theopposite to what most songs would sing. In the pre-chorus, the following linescan be heard “You think that I’m beautiful, but it’s not enough”, in contrastto most songs where someone else findings you great in any possible was is allthe person dream of. Overall, the song seems to present something ending; “GuessI’m gonna find another ride” and in the second pre-chorus the lyrics changes.In contrast to the previous lyrics presented; “And I think you’re so beautiful,but I’m not your love”. They do love each other, but this is not it. Followingthis track we have Loudspeaker. Thefirst thing I thought about when hearing the song was the determined baselinefollowing through the song. The song seems to be about an unhappy relationshipwhich can already be told from the first verse; “You can try to be my hell, mybeating, but every time I love myself, it hurts your feelings”. This partnerseems to want everything to be about them and they even seem to push her downin order to do so. “So if I feel real good tonight, I’m gonna put it high onthe loudspeaker”, she’s over it and wants him to know that she is fine. Theoverall message is rather deep as it does touch subjects such as abusiverelationships, whether it being physical or mental, and the bridge puts evenmore emphasis on this aspect.

I Know A Place is thethird track on the album and it has a similar sound to the last two songs. Thesong is not necessarily about the singer herself but rather about a closefriend to her. The opening line indicates this; “I knew, when you told me youdon’t wanna go home tonight” indicating that the person is going through sometype of struggle. The singer can relate since she has been through somethingsimilar and she encourages this other person to not be so self-conscious and toshow love. The song is up-tempo which suits the overall feeling of the song asthe last line in the chorus is “but if you want to go out dancing”. Winterbreak is the fourth track and ithas a different introduction, having some mystical sounds around it, whichweirdly enough reminds me of traffic, definitely one of those late-nightdriving type of songs. This is one of my personal favourites on the album. Shehas not seen this other person since last winterbreak and the other person didnot like the outcome of this happening. Katie Gavin (lead vocals) herselfexplained that the song portrays that type of relationship that just doesn’twork out. You desperately want this person to be your home, even though theyhave proven to you multiple times that this is not the case. But it is hard tolet go. The sound of the song is so simple yet interesting all at the sametime. The shift between the verse and chorus makes it incredibly lovely on theear and it really puts Gavin’s vocals in the centre.

Around U followsthe same theme as the rest of the album, this person. In contrast to the nameof the album; About U, this is thesong with the name closest to that. It seems to revolve around certain placeswhere important parts of their relationship took place, maybe most particularlythe end of their relationship, which can be heard in the chorus; “somethingmassive happened here, I can feel it in the atmosphere, something false thatonce was true, I no longer revolve around you”. Going back to the theme in Loudspeaker were some sort of abuserelationships seemed to be presented, it may be interpreted in a way thatrevolving around someone is not necessarily a good thing. This person had totalcontrol but they don’t anymore, and she feels it in the atmosphere, everywhere.The chorus has a piano line which sounds hopefull which really fits with thelyrics of the song and I think this is one of the more lyrically uplifting songson the album. Definitely a favourite. Track number six would be After, which has sort of a different soundto it. This has, just like winterbreak, amore mysterious sound to it. There’s not a lot of lyrics in the song, taking itsduration. The lines in the second verse is most connected to the title of thesong as all of the lines begin with “After”. “After the beauty, after thesunrise, after the com back, after the big fight, I am asking [chorus:] is itall alright?”. They seem to have reached the end of the relationship and afterthe bumpy ride, she just wants to know if it’s alright. The lyrics is what Iwould say, simple but effective.



Kallocain - Karin Boye

Kallocain is a novel written by the Swedish author Karin Boye in 1940. The novel is a dystopian novel describing a totalitarian world state. Living in the world state means that you need certain privileges to go out on the street, sending away you children at an early age so they will be taught how to be a good member of the world state.

In the novel, we get to meet the main character Leo Kall. He lives together with his wife with whom he has three children. As the children are sent away at an early age, he only meets his son once a week. Leo is a chemist and has just finished off his latest invention, Kallocain. Kallocain is a truth-drug which means that when injected, the person tells nothing but the truth. It is a revolutionary invention as it allows the world state even more control than they already have. And throughout the novel, we get to follow all the steps of testing the drug until actually using it in a court of law.

The book is rather similar to other novels such as Aldous Huxley’s 1984 and Brave New World, with a world state of full control over their people. Similarly to Brave New World medicine, or drugs per say, is used as a way to control people and what we today consider a normal society, is something completely foreign to those living in the world state. In addition to this, the novel does raise questions about what love is and what role it plays in our lives. Is it really love when partners cannot trust each other with their secrets? And even though they create a family in favour of the world state, will they still love and cherish their children as we do in today’s society? How much can this world state really control?

As I have read Brave New World prior to this novel, I could see similarities but also the differences between the two books. Kallocain is perhaps not as extreme as it contains more elements from what we would consider “real”. There are still families, even though they are controlled by the world state, and there is not a caste system in the same way as there is in Huxley’s novel. To a certain extent, I would say that this makes Kallocain more real as it does hit closer to home, but it is yet so different. You can find elements from the changes in Sweden as well as changes in the rest of Europe during this time in the book which also contributes to the novel feeling more “real”. I really did enjoy reading the book due to these realistic elements but also since it to a certain extent is frightening to read about.



Niall Horan – Flicker part 2

This is a review of the second half of the album Flicker by Niall Horan released on October 20th.

Track number eight is the title track, Flicker, and Niall sticks to his acoustic guitar. The intro is very nice to the ear. When the chorus hits, the song is still very calm, but there is still a distinction between the verse and the chorus as he adds on a piano and some drums when entering the chorus. Lyrically, the song is rather close to “Too Much To Ask”, his lover has left him and he has to cling onto whatever he has left. Overall, the chorus is to me very strong, even though it is so simple. The following track is Fire Away, which is also a slower song, however, the instrumental composition differs from the previous song. The song focuses more on reassurance rather than his partner leaving him. “’Cause you know it’ll be okay”. It doesn’t really happen much in the song, the distinction between the verse and the chorus is barely noticeable and even though the bridge has another melody, the musical composition is almost identical to the rest of the song. Therefore, I would say that the lyrical component to the song is stronger than the musical.

You And Me, the title immediately made me think of a song Niall released together with the rest of his friends in One Direction, You and I. However, as soon as the song starts, it sounds nothing like it. At first, I thought it sounded rather similar to the previous track, but when the chorus started it immediately left that thought behind. To me, this is one of the songs with the most musically strongest choruses which is something that I personally really like. A slower and simpler verse followed by a chorus with more power behind it really makes a song more interesting and that is what Niall has done with this track. The eleventh track is On My Own, which has a completely different sound than the others, it has more of a country or folk-music vibe to it. The song is more fun and happier sounding, which goes hand in hand with the lyrics. He’s fine with being alone, even stating that; “Everybody’s got somebody, I just wanna be alone” which is repeated throughout the song. I was surprised by this track and I think this is just what the album needed to get some more energy put into it.

Mirrors is the twelfth, and almost the last, track on the album. The song is about a “she” who “wants to fight” and who does face some type of struggle. The chorus takes an unexpected turn and it hits suddenly. It’s strong both musically and lyrically and the contrast between the chorus and the verse is on fire. Honestly, I was surprised by the track and I thoroughly enjoy it. Definitely a favourite! The final track would be The Tide, which to a certain extent follows the theme of the previous track, facing some type of struggle. The lyrics; “Don’t let the tide come and wash us away” seems to use the tide as a metaphor for what there is that can ruin their relationship. Niall seems to be aware of that it is about to happen soon as he already in the first verse tells us that “It feel it coming, it’s coming again”. It is very suiting for being the last track on the album and the sound of the chorus makes me think of the ending of a concert or an album. It has the energy behind it but still, there’s something about you that just gives off the vibe that it is close to the end.

Overall, I think that the album has some great songs on it, and some songs that are not as great. The overall composition is good, but as I personally don’t listen too much on slower songs, the whole album is not incredible in my opinion. However, the songs are well written both lyrically and musically and it is very suiting for the wintertime, being so calm and lovely to the ear!



On October 20th Niall Horan, known as a member of the boyband One Direction, released his first solo album. Prior to the album being released, he has released three singles, This Town, Slow Hands and Too Much To Ask.

The album starts off with a quicker tempo, On The Loose, and my first thought was that the intro sounded a lot like One Direction’s song Fireproof, with the rapid drumming and the simple guitar. It is a very simple song, not too complicated either musically or lyrically which makes it very easy on the ear. It really does suit Niall’s voice and overall it gives a calm vibe, opening the doors for multiple directions in which the album may continue as it has a more regular sound to it, combined with the usage of classical instruments and putting Niall’s clean voice in the centre. Following On The Loose is his debut single This Town, which does sound even slower when following after On The Loose. It does follow the lyrical theme from the previous track as this is also about love, and how he is heartbroken over his previous significant other. They both play on the theme where it seems like he is the one that is more invested in the relationship, yet, he does it in two different ways. This town takes you to a more emotional and personal level rather than an exact explanation and the two songs really complement each other.

Seeing Blind is the third track on the album and Niall keeps on putting the guitar in focus which almost gives a country vibe to it. At first, I was a bit sceptical towards the start of the song, but when the chorus hits, the song really shows its best side. The song features Maren Morris and the two really complement each other’s voices making the chorus even more powerful as they sing it together. It follows the theme of sad love which can be understood already from the first lines in the first verse, “I have seen, seen it all in paper dreams, watched it unfold on the screen, but I never understood”, indicating that he has seen love but never experienced it himself. However, it seems like he (they) might have found it now, “Oh, no I, you’re too good to be all mine, now I’m looking in your eyes, oh, I must be seeing blind”, it’s too good to be true. Slow Hands, which was also released as a single prior the album released, is the next song on the album. It has a different sound to it than the previous tracks on the album as it has more electrical sounds to it, and not acoustic guitar and drums only. Overall, the song is more fun and easy lyrically than the previous songs, giving us a break from the heartbreak and putting all the focus on love only.

Too Much To Ask, is the next track and also the third single from the album. We’re once again back to a slower and more careful sound, in contrast to Slow Hands, and the heartbroken feelings are back after his partner has left him. As I’ve said in previous reviews, I find the song to be very simple and polite and very respectful. Songs about heartbreak can often get bad real quick but here, Niall is simply asking her to think it over, but it makes him anxious since he doesn’t want to ask too much of her. In the next track, Paper Houses, Niall sticks to his acoustic guitar and the riff is very simple, putting emphasis on the lyrics. The lyrics explains how high expectations are hard to reach and they will only hurt you in the end, “Yeah, I paid the price and own the scars, why did we climb and fall so far?”. I really enjoy the simplicity of the song since the effect of the drums (and also the other instruments in the last chorus) gets so much more powerful. Since We’re Alone is the seventh track on the album and Niall still keeps the theme of the acoustic guitar, really putting his own love for the instrument in the centre throughout the album. The song is, however, a bit more up-tempo musically, allowing the drums to pick the tempo up a bit. The sound of the song is to an extent similar to the sound in On The Loose, and thus also in fireproof. The lyrical meaning is rather straight forward from the chorus, “Since we’re alone, yeah, you can show me your heart”, implying that only when it’s only the two of them, they can finally be the couple they’ve always wanted to be. This can refer to the fact that Niall has been living in the spotlight since his teenage years meaning that everyone puts their noses in his romantic business, making it harder to maintain a relationship.



Bea Miller released the third part, Chapter Three: Yellow, of her upcoming album October 6th. Chapter One: Blue and Chapter Two: Red has been released earlier this year, and the collection of chapters is yet to be released as an album with three additional songs.

The first song is repercussions which starts off with a softer guitar riff that stays throughout the song. It is a very easy-on-the-ear song and the musical composition really work well with the tone of her voice. The first verse reveals that she has cared way to much about what others think to allow herself to do what makes her happy. The lyrics in the chorus is rather exaggerated “I just wanna rock the boat and raise some hell, set fire to my own damn bed ‘cause I never wanna sleep again”, which strengthens her message, she doesn’t care anymore. And as long as she has this optimistic view, she doesn’t care about the repercussions, the consequences of her behaviour. Because she is now as happy as she has ever been and that is more important to her.

S.L.U.T is a more up-tempo song than the repercussions, where she addresses issues such as self-love. One of my personal favourite lines is heard already in the first verse; “If you don’t like what I’m wearing, well, you’re only bothered ‘cause you’re staring”. I directly connect it to the criticism that a lot of people face every day, where people think their clothes are too revealing, or reveals too little. The line really puts emphasis on that it’s not the person wearing what they want that needs to change but rather, it’s the one staring, because if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be bothered. Overall, the musical composition is very positive, with hands clapping and a quick verse leading to a slower chorus. Overall, it’s definitely the most up-tempo and dance-friendly song on the EP.

The last song is to the grave which ties up the three chapters rather well. The first verse describes how she had to get up and face the truth and face what has been hurting her; “I got my bed sheets, pulled right out from under me”. Following in the chorus; “Breaking down, let the words from fall my mouth”, where she seems to be referring to her break down in Chapter One: Blue which had a sadder vibe around it. But she has started talking about it, instead of hiding herself and everyone else away from it. In the second verse, she once again refers back to Chapter One as she sings “I couldn’t be left inside a room with me” which is rather similar to the lyrics in song like you (from chapter one) where she claims that she can’t get a person out of her mind when she’s alone at night. Therefore, she makes sure she’s never alone because when she was, she kept thinking too much. The song features Mike Stud which has a verse himself which describes the other person’s perspective and how he has dealt with the situation. I’m usually rather sceptic to when rappers of some sort a featured in pop songs as I often find that their parts do not really fit in, but I think that the lyrical aspect of his verse really adds to the song and thus also adds to the story as a whole.

Overall, I have really enjoyed this project of Bea’s, getting three songs at a time over the year. It doesn’t only allow us as listeners to really pay attention to all the songs, but it also allows Bea to pay attention to all the songs. She has so far released music videos for all of her songs from Chapter One and Chapter Two. It allows the meaning to come forwards more as she gets the opportunity to illustrate the songs visually and not only musically. It has also allowed her to divide the songs into sections, making it more as a story. Starting with Chapter One, where everything was tough and the chapter was rather sad overall, to Chapter Three where you can really see her development and how her view of herself has changed. I am really looking forward to seeing music videos from Chapter Three, but also hearing the album as a whole.



Niall Horan – The First Three

Niall Horan, previously a member of the boyband One Direction, has been releasing solo-singles and an album is on the way. He has, to this date, released three singles over a span of about a year. The first one being “This Town”

This Town, released September 29th 2016, starts off with a soft guitar picking pattern which was rather expected from Niall as he played guitar in One Direction from time to time. The slow and soft sound of the song is consistent throughout the song which puts the lyrics in the spotlight. The lyrics follows the general theme in music; love. It seems like Niall has yet to move on from his ex, but the ex, on the other hand, has moved on. The lyrics in the bridge goes; “I know that it’s wrong, that I can’t move on”, which clarifies the message even more of the song. The chorus describes how he still has her in mind at all times and the last line finishes the rest of the descriptions of nicely, “Everything comes back to you”.

Slow Hands, released May 4th 2017, has a completely different style from This Town, however, Niall has stuck to the guitar-based theme and to this day, it’s his most well-played single with over 200 000 000 streams on Spotify. Unlike This Town, the song is not solely based on the acoustic guitar but it also includes heavier sounds from electric guitars and drums. The overall sound and meaning of the song has also moves away from the first single and a more edgy and rock-like sound is present. Yet, Niall’s voice is still what is put the most emphasis on, however, this might be due to us nit being used to him singing the entire song alone.

Too Much To Ask, released September 15th 2017, follows the sound of This Town both musically and lyrically. Niall is once again describing a break-up where he hopes that his partner is also regretting the way their relationship ended. As in this first single, Niall describes how he still feels sorry for what happened and he has yet to move on. The title of the song implies that he’s afraid that asking her to think this over is too much to ask. And instead of being angry about the situation, he stays polite by asking her, is it too much to ask? Musically Niall has gone back to a slower sound as in This Town, but other instruments are also included, as in Slow Hands, but in a way that suits the slow sound of the song.

Niall’s debut album will be released October 20th and from these three singles that he has released, he has a broad board to work with, yet, he has stuck to the a read thread, the guitar.



Being There – Jerzy Kosinski

In the novel Being There by Jerzy Kosinski we get to meet Chance, a simple gardener who have lived in the old man’s house for his entire life. Never does he leave the house and he spends all his days in the garden or in front of the TV. The only person he meets is the maid, an on very rare occasion the old man or a friend of his. But other than that, Chance is completely isolated from the rest of the world. Until one day, when the old man passes away and two lawyers shows up at the residence. What they realise, however, is that there is no trail of Chance ever being there, or of him even existing at all.

Chance is out in the real world for the first time ever in his life and is unsure of what to do. The only social skills he have he have learnt from observing characters on TV. But when he’s suddenly hit by a limousine, he meets EE, and his life changes once again. EE and her husband mr Rand live in a large house and mr Rand turns out to be a politician. However, he is very ill and does not seem to have a lot of time left. Chance is no longer “Chance the gardener” but instead “Chauncey Gardiner” and everyone seems to have misunderstood him. They think he’s a business man who knows a lot about the world, when in fact, he practically knows nothing.

When I first started reading the book it caught me immediately. A man with no identity and isolated from the real world had to go out there and live in it and anything could happen. However, I have to say that I don’t think that the book turned out as good as it could have. The relationships developed either made me uncomfortable or unbelievable, and not very realistic at all. And the pace of the book is extremely fast and only after four days living with EE and mr Rand, the whole world knows who Chance is and they praise him, even though it’s all based on mistakes. So overall, I don’t like the direction that the book took and I think that with such a great introduction, it had much more potential. On the other hand, I’d say it’s still quite a unique book and I have read nothing like it before.



TV series – Riverdale

Riverdale is a teenage-drama series released in January this year. Due to the first series being very well appreciated, a second season will be released in October this year.

In the series, we get to follow four teenagers and their lives. In the first episode we find out that a boy has gone missing and was last sawn by his twin-sister Cheryl when they went out to the lake and thus, the mystery begins. People start to wonder what really happened, is his sister’s story true? And what is going on with the family that he comes from? We also get to follow how his sister copes with losing the most important person in her life, which also raises suspicion as to what type of relationship the two really had. However, the main focus is put on four other characters, Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead. Veronica is new in town after she and her mum left her father as it seemed like he was involved in some sketchy business. Jughead is a boy who has raised himself as his father is a part of a gang and his mother left him a long time ago together with Jughead’s sister. Archie and Betty, on the other hand, have both grown up in the town and have known each other for ages.

We get to follow the four main characters, along with Cheryl when they try to solve the mystery of what happened to Cheryl’s brother. But as it is a teenage series, we get to follow the typical love and friendship dramas as well as family issues. I think that the series is a little bit over the top from time to time, the dramatic Cheryl living in a mansion that looks anything but like a home. The dance-off and the “perfect” relationships. It is part of the charm, just as the fact that all pieces fit perfectly together and it all links up in the end (of course including the four main characters), and it is what makes it a teenage series. However, it does happen from time to time that it gets a bit too much, almost a bit childish, which ruins the mysterious vibe around it. However, I will watch season two when it’s released because it still has an exciting vibe around it and the main purpose of the series is still to find out what happened to the boy.



What Happens in Vegas

Directed by: Tom Vaughan

Year: 2008

What Happens in Vegas is a romantic comedy starring the well-known Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher. Being a romantic comedy with the word Vegas in the title is a bit revealing and you can pretty much guess the rest of the plot after only 10 minutes. It has the typical romantic comedy vibe, they hate each other, they will be forces to see each other and they fall in love. It is cute but bland.

Diaz’s character, Joy McNally, is the perfect wife (if you look past the fact that she is not actually married) but the day that she has always been waiting for does not turn out the way she thought it would. Instead of adding another ring to her finger, she loses the engagement ring she is already got in a heart breaking, but also a bit comical, scene. This is how she ends up in Vegas. Kutcher’s character, Jack Fuller, gets fired from his job as he’s not doing what he’s supposed to and having your father as your boss does not seem to be that beneficial anymore. That is how he ends up in Vegas. Their paths cross and what happens in Vegas does not seem to stay there, at least not when there are lawyers involved.

As the plot of the movie is not very original, it’s all up to the actors and their characters and I do have to say that they do a pretty good job. It is well known to the public that both Diaz and Kutcher are famous in their industry for a reason and this movie is just another one that proves why. They have a playful chemistry around surrounding them and even when their characters are so annoying that you want to strangle them, they’re still charming and you just know that they will end up together. Not only because that’s how romantic comedies always ends up but because they really portrays chemistry in so many ways and you really want them to end up together from the first scene they are both in.

Overall it’s an easy-going movie with a cute storyline and some great scenes in there. Mainly, it’s good acting and a good on-screen chemistry which honestly is the most important thing when it comes to romantic comedies. It’s not the best movie of 2008 and neither is it the best romantic comedy there is, but it’s good and it’s a movie worth watching.