Niall Horan – The First Three

Niall Horan, previously a member of the boyband One Direction, has been releasing solo-singles and an album is on the way. He has, to this date, released three singles over a span of about a year. The first one being “This Town”

This Town, released September 29th 2016, starts off with a soft guitar picking pattern which was rather expected from Niall as he played guitar in One Direction from time to time. The slow and soft sound of the song is consistent throughout the song which puts the lyrics in the spotlight. The lyrics follows the general theme in music; love. It seems like Niall has yet to move on from his ex, but the ex, on the other hand, has moved on. The lyrics in the bridge goes; “I know that it’s wrong, that I can’t move on”, which clarifies the message even more of the song. The chorus describes how he still has her in mind at all times and the last line finishes the rest of the descriptions of nicely, “Everything comes back to you”.

Slow Hands, released May 4th 2017, has a completely different style from This Town, however, Niall has stuck to the guitar-based theme and to this day, it’s his most well-played single with over 200 000 000 streams on Spotify. Unlike This Town, the song is not solely based on the acoustic guitar but it also includes heavier sounds from electric guitars and drums. The overall sound and meaning of the song has also moves away from the first single and a more edgy and rock-like sound is present. Yet, Niall’s voice is still what is put the most emphasis on, however, this might be due to us nit being used to him singing the entire song alone.

Too Much To Ask, released September 15th 2017, follows the sound of This Town both musically and lyrically. Niall is once again describing a break-up where he hopes that his partner is also regretting the way their relationship ended. As in this first single, Niall describes how he still feels sorry for what happened and he has yet to move on. The title of the song implies that he’s afraid that asking her to think this over is too much to ask. And instead of being angry about the situation, he stays polite by asking her, is it too much to ask? Musically Niall has gone back to a slower sound as in This Town, but other instruments are also included, as in Slow Hands, but in a way that suits the slow sound of the song.

Niall’s debut album will be released October 20th and from these three singles that he has released, he has a broad board to work with, yet, he has stuck to the a read thread, the guitar.

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Being There – Jerzy Kosinski

In the novel Being There by Jerzy Kosinski we get to meet Chance, a simple gardener who have lived in the old man’s house for his entire life. Never does he leave the house and he spends all his days in the garden or in front of the TV. The only person he meets is the maid, an on very rare occasion the old man or a friend of his. But other than that, Chance is completely isolated from the rest of the world. Until one day, when the old man passes away and two lawyers shows up at the residence. What they realise, however, is that there is no trail of Chance ever being there, or of him even existing at all.

Chance is out in the real world for the first time ever in his life and is unsure of what to do. The only social skills he have he have learnt from observing characters on TV. But when he’s suddenly hit by a limousine, he meets EE, and his life changes once again. EE and her husband mr Rand live in a large house and mr Rand turns out to be a politician. However, he is very ill and does not seem to have a lot of time left. Chance is no longer “Chance the gardener” but instead “Chauncey Gardiner” and everyone seems to have misunderstood him. They think he’s a business man who knows a lot about the world, when in fact, he practically knows nothing.

When I first started reading the book it caught me immediately. A man with no identity and isolated from the real world had to go out there and live in it and anything could happen. However, I have to say that I don’t think that the book turned out as good as it could have. The relationships developed either made me uncomfortable or unbelievable, and not very realistic at all. And the pace of the book is extremely fast and only after four days living with EE and mr Rand, the whole world knows who Chance is and they praise him, even though it’s all based on mistakes. So overall, I don’t like the direction that the book took and I think that with such a great introduction, it had much more potential. On the other hand, I’d say it’s still quite a unique book and I have read nothing like it before.



TV series – Riverdale

Riverdale is a teenage-drama series released in January this year. Due to the first series being very well appreciated, a second season will be released in October this year.

In the series, we get to follow four teenagers and their lives. In the first episode we find out that a boy has gone missing and was last sawn by his twin-sister Cheryl when they went out to the lake and thus, the mystery begins. People start to wonder what really happened, is his sister’s story true? And what is going on with the family that he comes from? We also get to follow how his sister copes with losing the most important person in her life, which also raises suspicion as to what type of relationship the two really had. However, the main focus is put on four other characters, Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead. Veronica is new in town after she and her mum left her father as it seemed like he was involved in some sketchy business. Jughead is a boy who has raised himself as his father is a part of a gang and his mother left him a long time ago together with Jughead’s sister. Archie and Betty, on the other hand, have both grown up in the town and have known each other for ages.

We get to follow the four main characters, along with Cheryl when they try to solve the mystery of what happened to Cheryl’s brother. But as it is a teenage series, we get to follow the typical love and friendship dramas as well as family issues. I think that the series is a little bit over the top from time to time, the dramatic Cheryl living in a mansion that looks anything but like a home. The dance-off and the “perfect” relationships. It is part of the charm, just as the fact that all pieces fit perfectly together and it all links up in the end (of course including the four main characters), and it is what makes it a teenage series. However, it does happen from time to time that it gets a bit too much, almost a bit childish, which ruins the mysterious vibe around it. However, I will watch season two when it’s released because it still has an exciting vibe around it and the main purpose of the series is still to find out what happened to the boy.



What Happens in Vegas

Directed by: Tom Vaughan

Year: 2008

What Happens in Vegas is a romantic comedy starring the well-known Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher. Being a romantic comedy with the word Vegas in the title is a bit revealing and you can pretty much guess the rest of the plot after only 10 minutes. It has the typical romantic comedy vibe, they hate each other, they will be forces to see each other and they fall in love. It is cute but bland.

Diaz’s character, Joy McNally, is the perfect wife (if you look past the fact that she is not actually married) but the day that she has always been waiting for does not turn out the way she thought it would. Instead of adding another ring to her finger, she loses the engagement ring she is already got in a heart breaking, but also a bit comical, scene. This is how she ends up in Vegas. Kutcher’s character, Jack Fuller, gets fired from his job as he’s not doing what he’s supposed to and having your father as your boss does not seem to be that beneficial anymore. That is how he ends up in Vegas. Their paths cross and what happens in Vegas does not seem to stay there, at least not when there are lawyers involved.

As the plot of the movie is not very original, it’s all up to the actors and their characters and I do have to say that they do a pretty good job. It is well known to the public that both Diaz and Kutcher are famous in their industry for a reason and this movie is just another one that proves why. They have a playful chemistry around surrounding them and even when their characters are so annoying that you want to strangle them, they’re still charming and you just know that they will end up together. Not only because that’s how romantic comedies always ends up but because they really portrays chemistry in so many ways and you really want them to end up together from the first scene they are both in.

Overall it’s an easy-going movie with a cute storyline and some great scenes in there. Mainly, it’s good acting and a good on-screen chemistry which honestly is the most important thing when it comes to romantic comedies. It’s not the best movie of 2008 and neither is it the best romantic comedy there is, but it’s good and it’s a movie worth watching.



Hopeless fountain kingdom – Halsey

The second part of the album starts off with the song Lie featuring rapper Quavo which has a mystical sort of vibe to it and I think it would’ve fit in just as well on the old album as it has kept some of the simplicity from it. It’s rather simple with just a piano and Halsey. The main lyrical focus definitely lies in the verse as the chorus only contains one word; “lie”. Halsey has stated herself that it was the hardest song on the album to produce as it was produced with a man with who she has history. The vibe of the song does, however, portray this struggle rather well and I think she did a great job on the song overall. Following Lie is Walls Could Talk which has a more poppy sound to it than some of the other tracks on the album. It seems to be about the back and forth arguments between her and her significant other. Overall I think the song is quite quick, the lyrics is quick, the music is almost stressing and the song is one of the shortest on the album.

Bad At Love is the eleventh track on the album and also the second single released from the album. One of the first things that came to my mind when hearing the song was the lyrics in the first verse that really shows how she doesn’t really care about being liked but rather she values honesty “So I told him I never really liked his friends, now he’s gone and he’s calling me a bitch again”. The lyrics seems to be about how she has experienced a lot of bad relationships and coming to the conclusion that she is, as the title states, bad at love. Following Bad At Love is Don’t play which has a mixture of a playful and tougher sound to it. The chorus doesn’t really sound like the typical chorus as its beginning is calmer than the verse, making me think it sounds more like a pre-chorus. However, I do like the way she has played around with the different sounds in the different parts of the song as it makes it a bit more unique, not following the more typical sound. Overall, the lyrics seems to be rather straight forward “I’m moving on” and “Motherfucker don’t play with me”. She has moved on from her old relationship and it’s not even worth to try to play with her again because she’s over it.

The thirteenth track on the album is Strangers featuring Lauren Jauregui and I’d say that the beginning reminds me a lot about Halsey’s old sound which I personally really like. It’s her first song in which she’s using a female pronoun when singing about the relationship. “Said, we’re not lovers, we’re just strangers” seems to come back to the Romeo and Juliet theme where there is a relationship which isn’t allowed and needs to be hidden. However, lines as the opening line “She doesn’t kiss me on the mouth anymore, ‘cause it’s more intimate, than she thinks we should get”, indicates that one person seems to be ashamed or just not as deep into the relationship as the other part. Overall, I really like Halsey and Lauren’s voices together and the collaboration is well executed. Their live performances are also well done and they’re expressing the emotions in their voices which I think is the key to a good song. Angel On Fire is next up and I think this is one of the songs where Halsey has found a new sound, particularly in the chorus. The lyrics indicates that she’s feeling forgotten and is no longer in the centre of attention, almost the opposite of what she’s stating in the fifth track Alone where she’s social and straight forward. In the chorus she sings “I used to be on fire”, things have changed.

The second last track on the album is Devil In Me which seems to have a darker lyrical meaning. She’s mentioning her demons, “I don’t wanna wake it up, the devil in me”, and how she’s struggling with being fine. No matter what she does, she’s still stepping on someone’s toes “But I still let everyone down when I change in size”. I think this track really allows Halsey show off her vocal ability as her voice filled with pain is the main attraction of the song. The track Hopeless is the last and final track on the album. Vocally, this really reminds me of her previous album but musically, it sounds more like the newer album. Lyrically, she seems to have come back to the relationship, describing how he let her down multiple times “I’m gonna call you back in five”, “Sorry, baby girl, but I can’t tonight”. In the last chorus she drops the song title “I hope hopeless, changes over time which I take as her hoping feeling hopless is only temporary and that when she’s over this relationship, she’ll feel all better again. I really like this as the finishing track as it ties together the album both lyrically and musically, and it also has the old Halsey’s vibe over it.

To conclude, I think that the album gets better the more I listen to it and I like the concept of the idea. I think that there are a lot of good tracks on the album (eg. Heaven in Hiding, Strangers and Hopeless) but to me, this album did not reach as high as her previous one. It’s probably due more to my personal taste in music, as this is a well composed and executed album, but I find Badlands to be more interesting to listen to. However, I really think this is an album worth listening to.



hopeless fountain kingdom – halsey

hopeless fountain kingdom is the second studio album by Halsey, released on June 2 previously this year. Halsey has previously released the album Badlands on August 28th 2015. Personally, I’ve been a fan of Halsey for about 2,5 years and I’ve really been looking forward to this album, and a lot of other people did too as it debuted as number one on the us billboard top 200.

The album starts of with the track Prologue which introduces us to the Romeo and Juliet inspired album. The first part of the track is Halsey reading the prologue of Romeo and Juliet herself, followed by a shorter “song”. 100 letters is the first actual song on the album. To me, I think the lyrics in the pre-chorus is very interesting as she describes her lover begging her to stay and not the other way around, as it usually is in love songs (for example in her own song Haunting). Speculations have also come to the conclusion that Halsey is discussing her relationship with her previous producer which helped her produce Badlands, and whom she can completely dependent upon both musically and romantically but in the end, she wishes she had done it all by herself, “and now I can’t stop thinking that I can’t stop thinking, that I almost gave you everything, and now the whole thing’s finished and I can’t stop wishing that I never gave you anything”. Overall, the lyrics seems to be referring to this failed relationship in which she was never good enough.

Eyes Closed is the third track on the album and the second single released prior to it. The chorus makes it rather clear that she has moved on with someone else but she still thinks about her ex “But you’ve been replaced, I’m face to face with someone new”. It does have a Halsey sound to it with the different sounds, but also the more “stripped” parts such as the end of the song. Heaven in Hiding starts out with a beat which sounds like hands clapping. The song has so many words in it, and they all seem to really have a meaning to them. It seems to contain some references to her previous album, Badlands, where she also sings about heaven in the song Young God.

Alone starts of differently than previous songs released by Halsey as it’s more up-tempo and lacks the “mystical” sounds that she usually includes in her music. The chorus seems to be referencing to Romeo and Juliet’s love story “I know you’re dying to meet me, but I can just tell you this, baby as soon as you meet me, you’ll wish that you never did”, referencing to the impossible relationship between the two. The person in the song seems to be rather straight forward and social, but even though there’s so many people around them who seem to be interested, they still feel alone at the end of the day. Now or Never was the first single released prior to the album. When I first heard it I thought it was very different from her previous album and I do think it’s a bit different than the other tracks on the album as well. However, it still does have a similar vibe to it. It seems to be about a relationship that lacks communication, “but you could never spit it out for me”, “tryna talk to a wall”. The chorus itself also seems to be referencing to Halsey wanting to know, “now or never”. She wants this person in her life, but she needs to know if it’s mutual, do they love her now?

Sorry is the seventh track on the album and it’s a piano ballad, making it stand out a bit from the rest of the album. As the title implies, the first verse implies that the song seems to be an apology in which she acknowledges that she has hurt people and that she probably will continue hurting them. I think a lot of people can probably see themselves in the lyrics as she for example refers to her getting out of relationships because she doesn’t think they’re genuine even though they probable are, “sorry to my unknown lover, sorry that I can’t believe, that anybody ever really starts to fall in love with me”. Trust is hard, and it’s even harder when there are other factors such as mental illness’ that influences you in relationships, maybe making you hurt the other person in the end. Good Mourning is the eighth track on the album, and it’s also the shortest track on the album. It has a scarier vibe to it, especially towards the end where it repeats the line “Sun is coming up oh why, oh why, oh why”. It feels like it prepares you for something terrible to happen, as if something will change soon and sudden, and it’s not going to be pretty.



Lust for Life – Lana Del Rey part II

Coachella – Woodstock in my mind is the ninth track on the album and it has some sort of mysterious sound around it. I was not the biggest fan of the chorus in the beginning but the more I have listened to the song, the more I like it. Lyrically, the song does have a deeper meaning than singing about a music festival. The lyrics that really hit me was the pre chorus “what about all these children and all their children’s children, and why am I even wondering that today?”, what we do has an impact on the future and even is that impact is not very big, it may still do something to contribute to a more positive future. After listening more closely to the lyrics, I got a whole new perspective on the song and I really enjoy it. God Bless America – And All The Beautiful Women In It has a more different intro, having a guitar sounding almost a bit Spanish. However, as soon as the song starts it has a more obvious Lana Del Rey feeling about it. The title to me is very interesting and makes me want to listen more closely to the lyrics. The song is empowering song, but it also has a sadder vibe to it, putting a highlight on the lack of support than women in America may feel. In the lyrics she names the situation of walking home alone which is something a lot of women are scared of, and she seems to be describing a sort of dream scenario where she’s no longer afraid. A lovely song with a lovely vibe.

When The World Was At War We Kept Dancing follows and it seems to have a similar theme to the previous tracks, “Is it the end of an era? Is it the end od America?”. She has noticed that even though America plays a big role in this free world of ours, it is weak and what is going to happen in the future? The song is not a happy song, but it’s rather heavy both musically and lyrically as it questions actions that have been done, that are being done and what might be done. Will things change now? The title itself seems to be a metaphor portraying that even though there are wars and struggles all over the world, we just hope things will change, we keep dancing. Beautiful People Beautiful Problems features Stevie Nicks and I think it’s one of the best tracks on the album. The feeling, their voices, the music, the lyrics, it’s just incredible and I still get chills every time I hear it. Lyrically, it seems to be rather straight to the point, the chorus indicating that things are not as simple as they seem or as we want them to be.

Tomorrow Never Came featuring Sean Ono Lennon is track number thirteen on the album. The meaning of the song reminds me of Blue Jeans, waiting for your lover to come back but they never seem to arrive. “You said to meet me up there tomorrow, but tomorrow never came”, in contrast to the lyrics in Blue Jeans “But he headed out on Sunday, said he’d come on Monday”. The vibe of the song is calmer and their voices really work well together. It’s easy on the ear but yet so beautiful in its simplicity. Heroin is a calm, deeper song and it’s also the longest track on the album. The lyrics is rather complicated, tying multiple different stories together, describing different types of highs. However, I do really like the feeling of the song as a whole and I could really see this song as a single in the future.

Coming towards the end of the album, track number fifteen is Change, and it’s a bit different from the previous songs on the album. It’s just her vocals backed up with a simple piano. It’s rather sad, thinking about just change making reference to different things. The good and the bad, the past and the future. Just as heroin, it doesn’t to me have one specific meaning but rather a meaning as a whole which is the title, change and how it affects us. Overall I really think it suits as being the second last song as it opens up for so many new things for the next album. However, Get Free is the song that gets to finish up the album and it does it well. One of my first thoughts when hearing the track was that the overall vibe reminds me of “Creep” by Radiohead. It’s more up-tempo than most of the songs on the album and the feeling of it all just really suits the role as the last track on the album. It’s not particularly a happy ending but it’s very honest and just as the previous track it opens up for so many possibilities for her next album.

Overall, I have really enjoyed the album and it do get even better the more you listen to it. I really enjoy her referencing both to her own music but also to others, making it more real and thought-through. Most of the track will definitely be found on my playlist and I really think it’s an album worth listening to.



Lust For Life - Lana Del Rey, part 1

Lust for Life is Lana Del Rey’s fifth studio album, released on July 21st. The lead single “Love” was released in February this year. The title track featuring The Weeknd was released in April.

Love, the first single released prior to the album, really sets a high standard for the rest of the album. The calm beginning really brings out the lyrics and her vocals and it makes it into a rather powerful song. The bass sets a clear tone to the song and together with her smooth vocals you can feel her and her emotions. “It doesn’t matter because it’s enough to be young and in love” simple yet so incredibly effective. It’s one of those songs that I can skip 20 other songs just to get to, because it’s just that beautiful. And it might just make you cry a little bit. Following Love is Lust for Life, which features The Weeknd. This was the first song I heard of the album as it was also a single released prior to it. The two both have rather unique voices which makes it a lot more interesting to listen to the song. It being a duet also suits the song very well and it runs smoothly. There are more instruments in this track than in the previous one, but the composition as a whole is still quite simple putting the two vocalists in the centre. What goes for the lyrics, it is a bit repetitive but it goes with it and really suits the song as a whole. It seems like they just want to live and do things whilst they still can. The music video really suits the lyrics and vibe of the song and it is definitely one of my favourite music videos.

13 Beaches is the third track on the album and it starts of dramatic with a sad or tragic vibe to it. The opening line “it took thirteen beaches to find one empty” which Lana herself claims to be referring to when she once had to go to thirteen beaches before she found one where she could sit and read without paparazzi’s taking pictures of her. This also becomes evident in the following lines “With dripping peaches, I’m camera ready, almost all the time”. However, it seems to have a deeper message as well, as it can be applied to situations when you can’t get away or you just won’t be left alone. The fourth song on the album is Cherry, which seems to refer to a relationship where she’s hurting, but she also finds herself being okay with it. The song has a steady drum that becomes even more evident in the chorus, but it does follow the rest of the songs on the album with the instruments being rather simple. I like the way she refers to the nature and what we can find within it in her songs, “My cherries and wine, rosemary and thyme, and all of my peaches are ruined”. As most things, it does refer to something deeper but when I listen to it the references just makes it easier to listen to and maybe even to understand. The further we get into the song, the more aggressive she gets, using different curse words after almost every sentence which to me feels like she’s trying to explain the confusion about the entire thing.

White Mustang, piano. As the other songs, it’s a simple instrumental composition leaving it up to her vocals and her lyrics to speak for her. This is definitely a song that I’d imagine myself listening to when driving late at night, because it has that sort of late night vibe to it. However, lyrically it is a bit of a mystery to me in a way that I’m not quite sure about what she’s trying to say. It seems to be a relationship with a lack of trust and where she put more into it than him. The vibe of the song is hurting but also loving and that’s why it confuses me. But overall, it’s easy to listen to and as a said, it has this late night vibe to it which I will always love. Summer Bummer is the sixth song on the album, featuring A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carty. This song has a different vibe from the previous once, making the rapping fit in better. I do think a lot of songs today have rappers in them even though it doesn’t really suit the sound of the song but I really think they did a good job with this one. The song has a nice beat to it and it really does feel like a summer song, even though it does in some aspects portray something sad to me. But I’m very happily surprised, and I really do love the way Del Rey starts the song off with only her and a piano and the rappers only being low voices in the background. The smooth transitions make it easier and more interesting to listen to and overall I really like the vibe over the song.

Groupie Love also features A$AP Rocky but it has a Del Rey sound over it rather than a hip hop sound making it sound more like the rest of the album. The title of the song describes its meaning quite well as she already in the first verse describes being in the crowd wanting the artist to notice you. Because it feels like they’re singing it to you, you want them to see you. With this one I’m also surprised with how well the rap part fits into the rest of the song. I do think A$AP has a quite nice way of rapping, being very calm and steady on the voice and the lyrics suiting the rest of the song. The way the two tie up the last chorus together really gives the song a nice finish and overall I do really enjoy the song. In My Feelings is a slow love song, unhappy love and I really really love it. Honestly, when the chorus comes after the pre-chorus it’s just perfect. But the lyrics is obviously painful, “I’m feeling all my fucking feelings” and it’s tragic. And it’s so well performed that you feel it when listening to it and it really is an incredible track.




Dunkirk is Christopher Nolan’s latest work that just hit cinemas earlier this week. In the war film you get to follow the Dunkirk evacuation that took place during the Second World War. In the movie you get to follow three settings, land, water and air.

In the beginning we meet Tommy, a young British soldier who is desperate to leave Dunkirk, trying to get on a boat along with about 400 000 other soldiers. What felt like the first 20 minutes of the movie, barely had any dialogue at all and overall the movie seemed to focus more on music and picture rather than dialogue. At the same time, three British aircraft soldiers are on their way towards Dunkirk in order to take down German aircrafts that drop bombs on the boats and the beach. The third story is a British man who together with this son and another young boy are also on their way to Dunkirk in their civilian boat to bring soldiers back to the UK. At first, the three stories do not seem to be connected more than the fact that they all have something to do with the evacuation of Dunkirk. But as the movie comes towards the end, it all ties up.

Nolan has portrayed the panic and desperate feelings of both the soldiers and the captains in the movie and the fact that there is not a lot of dialogue makes the movie easier to understand to some extent. There is no background story of a wife or a mother waiting at home, but it focuses entirely on the soldiers that are there and who are desperate to get back to England. It portrays the strong bond between the British Soldiers, and the tough decisions that have to be made. It portrays the fear and the panic and the work done in order to survive. The music setting a dramatic tone to the dramatic parts and a sad tone to the sad parts. The picture being incredibly well done, and overall it is a very well executed movie. The “short” duration of the movie also makes the whole movie intense and never did my mind go anywhere else than on the movie itself.

Incredibly well done, dramatic and action-filled movie that gives another type of perspective on a war-situation as it portrays the evacuation rather than a battle. And it really is a movie worth watching.



Grand Designs – TV-programme

Grand Designs is a British TV-show in which you follow different families when they build their dream homes. The series can be found on Netflix where you get to follow one house per episode. You get to follow the work from the beginning of the design, following through the tearing work and the economic issues that comes with building a house from scratch. However, the houses that are built are not your regular houses that you see down the street, they’re extraordinary in some ways.

The houses built can be eco-houses meaning that there are restrictments in what materials that can be used, the amount of waste that is allowed and so on. Other houses that are built are for example built in difficult places, on an island nearby a river that flows over from time to time, or in the middle of a courtyard, surrounded by 17 other houses. Built on a cliff that gets a tiny bit smaller for each year or the largest house every built in cob.

Kevin McCloud is the man we get to follow as he visits the families. He talks you through the design of the house, explains certain aspects of it and also puts light onto what may be risky about this particular build, whether it might be dangerous, time consuming or expensive. As an amateur watching the series, he makes sure to explain things so even we do understand which really makes it funnier to watch as you understand what is actually happening. It’s also rather satisfying to see how something goes from completely chaos to something very beautiful and the finished result is always as good as you thought it would be.

On Netflix, you get to follow one house per episode meaning that you skip ahead of time a lot in order to follow the building. This is quite nice as it allows you to see the finished product at the end of every episode which I would personally prefer over seeing just a snippet of multiple houses in every episode. Overall, I do wish there was more material on Netflix to see as I finished the series almost immediately. It is definitely something I would recommend whether you’re interested in architecture or not!