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Bad Intense by Diesel is a Woody Spicy fragrance for men. This is a new fragrance. Bad Intense was launched in 2017. Diesel Bad Intense is available in 50, 75 and 125 ml Eau de Parfum.

Recently, I was asked if I would like to trial the brand new Diesel fragrance called BAD. Being an avid collector of men’s cologne, I couldn’t wait to test out something brand new. Diesel need no introduction when it comes to fashion and fragrance, having previously released the popular Fuel for Life and Only the Brave scents.

BAD is Diesel’s newest fragrance which has just been released. The look and styling of the bottle is elegant and alluring and gives an air of sophistication with its leather grain embossed pattern. The design is inspired by the classic leather biker jacket. The ‘BAD’ logo on the bottle is transparent which shows the coppery/amber colour of the fragrance inside the bottle.

It has been designed by Perfumers Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaim. It is supposedly the only fragrance that combines notes of tobacco and caviar! Yes that’s right, I did say Caviar! But don’t let that put you off!

The scent has top notes of Bergamot, Cardamom and Lavender. The heart notes consist of Caviar and base notes of Orris root and tobacco. They all combine well to give a really fresh masculine smelling scent.

For me it has a fresh, woody and spicy musky fragrance, with a citrusy top note. The scent is not too overpowering like some other fragrances can have a tendency to be. I would say its an ideal scent for something in between a work scent and evening fragrance. Think Saturday afternoons or casual dining out mid week.



The Kapellbrücke (literally, Chapel Bridge) is a covered wooden footbridge spanning diagonally across the Reuss in the city of Lucerne in central Switzerland. photo credits: Abrar

Living In the Moment

We're human. We have the tendency to live in the past or in the future. Whether that is thinking about an ex-boyfriend, dreaming about a past trip, planning for where you want to be personally and professionally in the future, or anticipating events that have not yet happened. These thoughts prevent us from being our best current self and living in the moment! How about trying to accept and learn from the past and think of the future only to help set future goals of what we want to accomplish right now?

But living in the moment is no easy task, in particular since we're on auto-pilot on most days. It's a matter of practice, just like learning to ride a bike or learning a new language. Practice daily and you'll be able to get a better hold of these thoughts.

Tips for living more in the moment.

First step is to learn how to observe our emotions and thoughts coming in and out of our minds. Some will be automatic, others you'll sit there and start thinking about them on purpose and others will be triggered based on something, a place, a smell, etc. One thing to try is observing and objectively looking at your thoughts. It is important to do this from a distance so that we are non-judgmental with the thoughts and feelings we experience. Judgments are automatic and are often inaccurate interpretations of the event. They also tend to reduce your ability to manage your own emotions, which in turn, then cause you to experience emotions more intensely.

A good way to practice viewing thoughts from a distance is to imagine yourself lying near a river and your thoughts and feelings are boats that are floating down a river. It might sound weird, but in essence, we see our thoughts and emotions float by but we want to only focus on the facts.

So say you've been practicing and catching thoughts that didn't allow you to live in the present. Great! What do we do now? You shouldn't embrace them, or pretend they didn't happen. On the contrary, how about acknowledging that you experienced a thought, accepting it, and replacing with another thought. You replace it by focusing on the facts of the situation.

Let's use the ex-boyfriend example to better understand: So you smelled a cologne that your ex - who broke up with you - gave you and now you either miss him or are angry at him for breaking up with you. So something triggered a thought, and that thought is causing you to not enjoy your moment right now, and, instead, you're thinking of how he broke up with you. So what do we do? Acknowledge the thought " oh, that smelled like his cologne". But then acknowledge the facts "that relationship didn't work out." And come back to the present "so, where was I? Oh yes, reading my book/watching my TV show/etc".

Remembering these tips will allow us to live in the moment in the most effective way since we will be focusing on what is needed in the current situation and not in the one we wish we were in.

Thanks for reading!



I woke up like this, lol joke. Credits to Eaindray. The a la carte appetizer "fattoush" was made by Linah, Damn It tasted good! Loving the presentation! 5 out of 5.

This week has been short but intensive. French test on Monday, Free on Tuesday because of Switzerland National Day, Wednesday we made cake assignment and oral French exam. Thursday we assembled the Cake and had to present them to chef. From today it's a long weekend until Monday. However, I had brunch + dinner service in Friday. I worked together with Chef Joel, a Filipino chef! 😀 We made Swedish chocolate balls for dessert for dinner, it was popular. Now I will take my weekend in the heat for like 35 degrees a day.

This is what I did on the Cake Assignment. A blackberry jelly with almond crispy and joconde with white chocolate mousse. with Mirror Glaze and a chocolate decorations. This is how it turned out.

Schedule for week 5

Monday: Midterm - Written French Test. and Cake Assignment preparation.
Bonjour! Je mappele john. Je ne parle pas francais. The test was good, Everything went well. Aswell as the cake preparation. I just did the jelly, joconde and the creme brule.

Tuesday: No school. (Swiss National Day) - On my previous blog post you can read more what I did that day.

Wednesday: Oral Exam French. Cake Assignment preparation. - The oral french exam went well. And continue my cake assignment preparations.

Thursday. Cake Assignment Presentation. - I did assembled, Glazed and decorate the cake. aswell presented and assembled the cake to the chef.

Friday: A la carte Dessert Preparations. - We did had an A la carte dessert preparation.

Here is my A la carte dessert. White chocolate mousse in a rolling sponge, Almond crispy, chocolate decoration and fresh berries.



Happy Swiss National Day!

Today is all about celebrating the confederation of Switzerland being formed hundreds of years ago – in a meadow surrounded by cows.

Millions of proud Swiss nationals will spend the day gorging on traditional Swiss food and drink, watching firework displays, singing the national anthem and waving lots of Swiss flags.

And it won’t just be those in Switzerland celebrating, with expats around the world attending special events abroad.

There is John sitting in the boat while drinking white wine and sunbathing. I did swim in lake aswell and got some food by the lake. Happy Birthday Switzerland!



Sunday Hangout in Zug and Pizza

Today I was in Zug in Switzerland to see the city and hangout with other people. Got some Hawaian Pizza, Got some tan and have some drinks! 



Today is the last day for the Blue Balls Festival. Its an annual musical festival event that is held in Lucerne, Switzerland.

The Blue Balls Festival is a Swiss music and arts festival which every year transforms the lakeside of Lucerne for 9 days and attract more than 100,000 visitors. The Blue Balls Festival presents national and international stars, newcomers and young talents during 120 events of music, art, video, film and talk.

With its 100,000-plus visitors, the Blue Balls Festival is one of Switzerland's largest music and art events.

The international music fest presents more than 100 events over nine days: blues, jazz, soul, funk, world, rock and pop concerts, accompanied by photography, street art, video, film and talks. What makes it unique is the atmosphere around the bay in Lucerne, the Open-Air Pavilion, the KKL Luzern and the Hotel Schweizerhof with its late-night shows.

Say hello to my Asian Squad.



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