Hi guys!

in the Christmas holidays me and my sister are getting bunny rabbits!

my bunny will be a grey mini lop (the rabbit in the picture)

my sister is getting a white and brown Holland lop which is a bit bigger!

the reason why I am telling you this is because I can not think of a name to call it!

so please may you guys comment some names that you like on this blog.

I have thought of 1 name though, and the name is ........ COCO CHANEL!!! Although I would call it Coco!

Thank you guys so much!

Emma AL xxx

(by the way it is going to be a girl)

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This is now a list of my favourite hair styles:

- Dutch braid
- French plait
- Plain bun
- plain braids x2
- ponytail from dutch braid
- half up half down into french braid.

Thanks for reading

Emma AL xxx