So I have 9 more days left here in Vienna. Technically it's only 8 since I am already leaving on the 2nd of January, which is pretty soon if you think about it. On the 22nd of December I already had to say goodbye to a lot of my classmates and my class teacher. She the kind of teacher who has such a tremendous, positive impact on us students and it made me really sad to say goodbye to her. Of course I will miss my class as well but I am going to see most of my friends before I leave, which is really good because I still can not imagine to not have them around for such a long time.

When it comes to my stay in Australia I know where I am going to live, what High School I am going to and my host family. So, I will be attending year 11 at Merrimac SHS and my homestay family is only a few minutes walk away from school. The family consists of a couple who's children have grown up and moved away. (they seem to be really nice people...however, I have not met them yet) They also have a dog called Buddy and I am going to live with another girl from Norway, who is an exchange student as well (we texted and she also seems to be very kind). As my host mother (to be) told me, the house is only about 5 minutes from the beach and it has a big pool in the backyard. (things I am not used to here in Vienna, but am looking forward to ;).

Right now there's a lot of stuff and feelings going around in my head. A few of them are definitely excitement, happiness and curiosity (since I don't know what's expecting me). I also don't want to have any expectations because I theoreticaly could end up in complete disappointment.

In regards to my trip from Austria to the Gold Coast: Actually I am not directly flying to the Gold Coast. First, I am going to fly with my mum to Sydney and stay there with some relatives. Afterwards we will take a flight to Adelaide and rent a car there. Here come's the kinda interesting part where my mum and me planned a road trip from Adelaide along the coast to the Gold Coast, from where my actual semester abroad will start. (January the 15th)

Thanks for reading and till next time. ❤️❤️❤️



I created this blog to write about my semester abroad in Australia. It's primarily for my friends/family to inform them about some important stuff that's happening in the Down Under ;) and so I don't have to tell the same stories so many times to all the different people. I also want to have material to read after I return and maybe have some "evidence" of how my english skills have improved during my stay.But if you are just someone who maybe is interested in my stories, feel free to read them.

So for the readers who don't know me (that good):

My name's Iman, I am 16 years old and from Vienna/Austria. I love music, hanging with my friends, sushi and summer/sun/sea. That's also one of the reasons why I decided to spend ~7 months in Australia. One thing I am alredy looking forward is leaving the cold in Austria. And those who know me better know how I feel about winter ;) .

So for this time abroad I am going to stay on the Gold Coast with my host family and I'm going to attend a Australian high school. (more details are coming soon in a separate post) If you want to get to know me better and find out more about my adventure just keep on reading.

Also feel free to let me know if you want me to write about something in particular or how I can improve.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading. 💫


(the picture -> left: me right: my friend Vali who is staying on the Gold Coast as well)