As Einstein once said: "keep it simple, but not simpler than it has to be". So, here is my very first post.

These past few days have been really great. I spent the weekend with my closest friends and family. We celebrated three birthdays in two days, ate waaay too much sweets (I'm surprised that my teeth are still hanging in there haha) and forgot to take photos... What is there to say, we'll simply have to keep it in our memories till we become senile :)

However, after every crazy Friday-Saturday-Sunday, comes Monday! I've studied some economics during the early hours, and soon it's time for lunch. In about an hour, I'll be taking off to one of my students since I'm working part time as a tutor. Afterwards, we'll see what the evening brings.

My refreshing top photo shows the Malmö canal on a sunny day. This one will serve as a reminder that even tired Monday's can be bright and colourful ;) Another thing that puts a smile on everybody's face:

Whitney Houston - Dance With Somebody 

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