When I came to Leksand 3 years ago I could speak Danish, so I thought that learning Swedish will be peace of cake. 3 years later I was still speaking English to almost everyone.
For some reason I had got stuck in my insecurities and could not get over myself and start speaking. I was speaking Swedish with my colleagues at work, but as soon as I would walk out the door I would switch to English. I made sure that I almost never meet work people with other people that I knew, to avoid someone hearing me. It had become quite a stressful nightmare. So I knew I have to get myself together and just try.

Last Tuesday I started a new job and that was my first day of speaking Swedish with everyone. I can honestly say one of the most stressful days in a very long time. I had expected that everyone will laugh at me and won't understand a thing I say. And weirdly enough for me none did laugh, and it seemed like they understood me too. Well of that little that I said that day, tried to speak as little as possible.

The day after came the biggest test for me, meeting my hockey team. The feeling inside of me was like I wished I was invisible that day. Tried to avoid eye contact just to have to start conversation with anyone. And funny enough the first thing happens when I walk in someone very loudly start to speak to me. Thank God a yes or no question, still hoping for a quiet rest of the day. I had that weird feeling like I wanted to talk and did not want on the same time. It was weird for me and it was weird for them, but somehow I got trough this day too.

Have you ever thought about it that persons voice changes depending on which language they talk. Weird, but it happens a lot, and it happened to me too. So I heard a lot that I sounded like another person, especially on the phone.

Now a week later I can honestly say that I am so happy I got over myself and can't wait for the day where I will feel comfortable with the language.

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Nights are getting colder and trees have turned their leaves in all possible colors. It's time for a change in my life too. The big change stated with a new job and hopefully beginning for the future I hope for. 

Now it's only one month left until it's time to move. Adam and me will move to an apartment in Leksand. We started to talk about moving in together and look for an apartment already in the spring, but it has been hard to find a good apartment. When in august we went to look at one, I did not have big expectations, but it turned out to be the one. To be honest I don't remember much from it now, but the feeling was good when we were there. Very, very soon it's moving day and I'm very excited. Have never liked the apartment that I have now, so I can't wait to get out of there. Going from 27 to 71 square meters is gonna be a good change. 

 If some years ago I did not really care for home design then now I know exactly what I want to have and how it should be. The good thing is that Adam and me have very similar taste and hopefully we will agree on most of how, where and what we should have. For me it has always been important that my home has that home feeling, like it feels like someone lives there. Hope we'll be able to create that for us. Soon it will be okay to take up the moving boxes and start packing, and I can't wait for the moment when we'll put in the key in the door of the new apartment and start our journey together. 

Here some inspiration pictures I have looked at.