Today we went to test Allas Sea Pool with Rosa and here's some quick taken photos. We couldn't have chill "photo session" because gopro ran out of the battery already when we arrived to the pool 😂✌🏽️

The view was so magical with the steam above water🌙

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This weekend's been so quiet, free one but so quiet. I actually didn't do much but hanged with my mom on saturday when we tried to find few gifts to France but then totally failed and ended up with only bag full of chocolate for us ✌🏽️

Even I love sunny autumn days with fresh air and things like that but I hate how the dark days make me so so tired! I don't know what's so hard with my job as a barista but I also get sooo tired there, not like I was bored or I didn't like my co-workers but it does make me want to sleep few days straight🌚

So this weekend I haven't kept contact with like anyone and I don't even know why, I've just been minding my own and went through my camera roll

Oh well yesterday I made my way to gym! And look at that sunset! (Note it's #nofilter ) I'd call that gym goals or at least some kind of motivation🤘🏼

I'll go to Paris next week✌🏽️ I'm happy✌🏽️ And that's my airbnb apartment ✌🏽️

Secretly I wish I was in Germany chilling with my empty takeaway cup☕️ and now it's not very secret anymore🙄

...and looking like John Lennon✌🏽️

I also wish my closet would look like that, I'd never take that dress off, not even kidding👀 and the pics are from instagram where I scroll dresses all day every day

And today I found kinda pretty one! I shouldn't live as cold place as this because there's that 2 months you can wear dress without freezing to death☹️

But luckily I can handle things and wear banana shirts instead of pretty dresses✌🏽️


I also want to go to take photos with someone, haven't done that for long time!

I'm not sure what was the whole point with this today, guess I just wrote down some of the things in my head and now it suddenly feels very empty and I jumped to a conclusion that I only need lots of sun and my important people to keep head up🌙 so maybe now after spending this very low profile weekend I can socialize and start talking too much again, watch out✌🏽️

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It's over midnight and I don't know why I'm still awake and I have work tomorrow so I shouldn't look like a total zombie then but will see 👀 Yesterday I spent such a great day at a sunflower field and now I'm fighting with my new computer and somehow managed to put a lil video up🙌



I have my first gap year behind now and the second one ahead.
I've got few days off from work now because I'm sick and I've got so bored that I've watched all my photos I've taken within an year at leat three times.
So, I decided to do lil sum up of highlights of past year🤘🏼

First half of last year I literally almost lived at the airport security. I worked there day and night 12-hour-shifts and all. Even tho It was so hard I kinda miss it, mostly my co workers.

I spent a long weekend in Riga in October and we found the cutest cafe in the world!

There were weird times in autumn when my two best friends moved abroad and new important people came my life and everything was quite odd and new ..

In autumn I was tired, at the airport or making pancakes but there were also happy days, lots of laugh and some butterflies

I quit my job in December and left for Sydney to see Jemina!

New year in Sydney. Quite like goals, right?

We had the most beautiful cat in our Sydney apartment!

After Sydney we headed to Bali (Uluwatu, Ubud and Canggu)

And I loved every second there!

Then I enjoyed Perth for 6 days before...

...Singapore! I was my first time somewhere totally alone but it was cool experience and I loved the place and the people.

I stayed home for few weeks and then I headed to Scotland for two weeks to see Ada.

Have to say that scottish weather was a bit schock after spending a month in AUS..

In may I had super brief stay in hamburg but it was important trip

Week after Hamburg I got Ada back in Finland and we went to Tallinn for a day trip and ate too much way too good food

In the end of June I went to Berlin and enjoyed the city so much! I had the best time and I want back asap!!!!!!!

I see Coldplay live at Berlin Olympic stadion. Seriosly. Best thing ever.

Yeah so I had 6 days between Berlin and France.

Pure love and freedom

​In conclusion I'd say there were some hard moments in the past year but all in all it was the best year ever, I can't even tell how happy I am.. 

So now I'm going to make this year as good as last one or even better if possible. I love my recent job as barista but I don't know how long I can stay in Finland anymore.. Will see!

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Last week I decided to buy (so expensive ohmygod) tickets to Flow Festival. I've never been there before but I bet I'll find myself there next summer!

I truly loved that place and the chill urban atmosphere👌🏽

Our food was sooo good 😻 the other plate (not the pizza one) was from Sandro food truck

Can I tell I love my dress too much🌚

Daugter from UK👌🏽😻👌🏽😻👌🏽😻

I realized I really need indoor swing to my first apartment😂

At the end of the day while waiting for Sia I ended up looking like homeless but it was all worth waiting 😌🤘🏼

Till next year! 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼💃🏼

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So I spent a bit over two weeks in French riviera last month. First week I was in St. Maxime with my family in a house we've rent already 3times before. The second week I spent with my friend in Grasse at her house with quite amazing views🤘🏼

View from my bed at our St Maxime house 😻

We had quite cool infinity pool with view to the Mediterranean sea there too 🌚

#nofilter @sttropez

Saint Tropez happiness

I couldn't hold tears in Nice when we stopped by a week after the attack😢

We went to Cannes and rent sup boards😂 I've tried it before once before in Finland but I have to say it's way too difficult to stand still on the board when boats drive by making waves to come from every direction😅🤘🏼
And on the other day we went to Lac du Cassien where we spent the whole day at our rent boat👌🏽😌

Our lunch place at lac du cassien was just perfect😻

There was this day we hiked up to Gourdon and I was so close to die 😂 seriously it was so hot while sun was shining right to us and we just climbed upper and upper but we managed to stay alive 👌🏽😌

This summer was so great I can't even tell! I'd say it was just goals. 🤘🏼

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Credit for Rosa who traveled with me all the summer without losing her mind with me and my extremely funny jokes and other stuff 🤘🏼 she did the whole video and I was messing things up a bit in the end of it but I'm happy with it anyway 😌

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One of my biggest loves this time in Berlin was our supersuper lovely apartment! Actually we rented only a room via Airbnb (again). But our room was part of really beautiful apartment at Marburger straße( next to Ku'damm). There were high seiling, light colors, wooden floors and I loved the style of decoration.
I would losve to live there really, it was perfect location and the house was more than perfect 😻

Our room was so pretty!

Living room 🤘🏼 I'm so sad I don't have any photos of kitchen or hallway, even the bathroom was worth taking photo but I forgot..

Still loving my phone case from Singapore

This house was really one minute from Ku'damm and all the shops. Adidas and Nike were just around the corner so really we were just right in the middle of center!

Really, can I just move to Berlin right away😳

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Last week I went to see Coldplay in Berlin and spent 6 full days there with my friend. I've have huge cravings for the foods we ate in Berlin since Saturday (we came back home at friday night✌🏽️) so I decided to put all the best cafés and restaurant we visited to this same post.

What do you fancy love?
I aaaaaabsolutely fell in love with this cute café!! I think everything from wallpapers to guacamole bagels were quite much very perfect.
One morning we went there for breakfast and the place was so full of people and we really didn't get the system and we didn't have any cash so we were so confused at first. But after all our breakfast was really delicious and we decided to go eat there again just before heading back home.
I would definitely recommend that place if you visit Berlin!

Seriously we ate way too many donuts during those 6 days.

We went to Mauerpark fleamarket on Sunday and there were so many places to eat and we managed to find super good thingies which looked a bit like pizzas but we really didn't know what was it. But it was really good anyway. And that limonade too 🤘🏼🤘🏼

Café Einstein Stammhaus
That's the kind of place you just don't find by accident. It's at the back yard and not even next to main street. But it's not that far from Ku'damm. I really liked that place and it wasn't that expensive I first thought. We took breakfast for two and there was so much food we didn't need lunch at all✌🏽️

Asian fusion
This restaurant was near Eberswalder St. station. Our waitress was so cute and warmhearted and she wanted to take photo of us so that's why I had to put this one here😊

Neni Berlin / Monkey Bar
We waited for one hour in queue to even get in to the restaurant. So next time I go to Berlin I'll book table beforehand. But the place and food were worth waiting. Because we didn't have booking we got table outside at the teracce but it was alright because the views were wonderful over the city. But the decoration inside was just awesome, lots of plant, long tables, light colors.. 😻

After eating at Neni we went to Monkey Bar which was on the same floor. It was quite full of people and we didn't stop for drinks.

​Next time I'll book this table for sure

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Last time I went to Estonia in summer time was maybe 14 years ago so it was like whole new place to me now 😂 I know finns visit Tallinn quite very often (or I think so 🌚) and I actually didn't know anything else about the town but there's cheap alcohol ✌🏽️
But after all the city was positive suprise!

There were super cute cafes and restaurants and I'm just wondering why there isn't anything like these in Helsinki! Or if there is, someone needs to tell me!

All we did there was eating. Suprise. We had lunch at Dom. The food was soooo good (and cheap)! I burned my skin quite well while sitting at Dom's teracce and I looked literally like a tomato at the end of the day..

Found this dress at Pull&Bear 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

This cafe was so nice but we didn't know where to order so we just awkwardly disappeared without having our coffees.

I don't remember name of the restaurant or even the location but I fell in love with that place. There were sofas outside, flowers and drinks were cold and staff super nice 😻

Now I'll wait 21 days before leaving for Berlin. I'm so excited and I'll finally see Coldplay playing live and ohmy I love Berlin!🇩🇪

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