Thisfundamental programme will give you a thorough grounding in techniques of job analysis and job evaluationprocesses.

What it's about

Thisfundamental programme will give you a good grounding in techniques of jobanalysis and job evaluation processes. Through practical exercises, you willlearn how to collect job information and analyse the job details. You will alsolearn to use the Hay GroupGuide Chart®-Profile Method of Job Evaluation for evaluating jobs at differentlevels and across different functions.

Benefits to you:

Afterattending this workshop, you are able to:

• understand the basis of Hay GroupJob Evaluation Method and the process by which it is applied (especially aspart of a follow-up to the implementation of the system in your organisation)

• understand the job descriptionsrequirements for consistent and fair evaluation

• develop insights into the conceptsunderlying Hay Group method and the job-grade structure established for yourorganisation

• appreciate the process undertakenfor valuing work and how best to design jobs or roles.

Who should attend:

Youcannot afford to miss this session if you are a HR professional who deals withtalent management, job analysis, benchmarking or involved in evaluating jobswithin the organisation.

Workshop outline:

Module 1: Introduction to Jobs

• Why jobs exist

• How jobs connect to job holders

Module 2: Job Evaluation

• Principles of Job Evaluation

• What is and What is not JobEvaluation

• Why Job Evaluation is valuable toany organisation

Module 3: Sizing and CheckingEvaluations of Jobs

• Reality and Relationship Checks inJob Evaluation

• Tactical to strategic applicationsof Job Evaluation in organisations


HayGroup, 1 George Street #20-04, Singapore 049145

Investment cost:

S$1,800+ GST

*Investmentcost is inclusive of lunch and two coffee breaks. Early bird and groupdiscounts are available. You will be contacted of the workshop cost once yourregistration has been processed.


Pleasecontact Dorcas Ong at +65 9459 9913 or

Programme requirements:

1. To attend this course, yourorganisation must already be using the Hay Group Guide Chart-Profile Method.

2. The course is aimed at new HRemployees in the organisation or additional JE panel members only, not fororganisations seeking to introduce our Job Evaluation methodology.



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