Soo, I always thought these "get to know me" tags were quite lame in a way, but it makes no sense for strangers to follow someone's blog unless they can relate to that person, or appreciate their work. Today Y'all will get to know me a bit better, this is actually quite hard for me to do since I'm not very comfortable talking about myself, but let's try :)


- Dancing, went to ballet when I was young, then jazz and most recent belly dancing. The only dancing I do know is aka which is defiantly enough for me ;)

- I love playing the piano, never took any classes, but I'm pretty good I'd say,

- Reading, I love reading horror literature and manga.

- Gaming, was a huge gamer when I was around 12-16. tho, Ps4 and not PC then.

- I'm a big anime fan, so I'll probably do a post bout Närcon in the future, my little haven to express myself ;)


- Kpop has been on my playlists for about 5 years now, not as obsessed with it as I was back then, now I just appreciate the music. Favorites must be BB, BTS, Red Velvet and 2ne1.

- Classical music, yeah I can come off as a psychopath to my neighbours when playing Giuseppe Verdi's Requiem II. Dies Irae in the middle of the night, but who cares.

- Electro, I was really into artists like and listened to a lot of songs on Monstercat.

- 60's and 70's had some great feel-good tunes like At last, Ain't No Mountain High Enough, Stand By Me, Can't Take My Eyes Off You, Wouldn't It Be Nice and more.


- I have a big sister who's three years older than me.

- Two best friends, known one for 18+ years, and the other one for 9 years.

- A great inspiration and a person who really healed me without knowing it, I'm really grateful for her.

- Single


- 5 words to describe me = Positive, Serious, Funny, Independent, Social.

- I don't have a bad temperament, I'm almost never angry, never sad either.

- I have a very clear purpose in life, thus I tend to be ambitious and pretty calm about the future.

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So, as many of you know I started my first year at university in August 2017 studying International Management at Jönköping International Business School. Not only is it a great program for me, but it's an awesome university and I'm here to tell you a bit about it. So, why should you consider JU? Well, I can only speak for my school (JIBS) but the students I've met from other schools seem to love it here as well. I can go on about this forever, but let's keep it short and sassy with some pictures, everyone love pictures.

The International Studying. Near to all programs at JIBS are thought in English which is great for someone looking for a global career in the future, and great for me since I studied in English at my high school. My school also offers a lot of work and intern opportunities abroad. The most amazing thing, in my opinion, is the "mandatory" exchange year. Okay, it's not mandatory but it's either that or an internship in Sweden, basically, I love the variation in studying we get even though we study economy.

Student Life. Now one of the best things our student association does is organizing events and clubs to partake in. My favourite is the Kick-Off. I'm a fadder right now actually, and it's the best thing ever, meeting new students and giving them the experience to remember. Some of the clubs available are the sports clubs, show time, language cafe and spectra. You can join associations like Westcoast Nation and QultMästeriet. Or join Akademin, our university club which I'm a member of working as a photographer. We have events like SeaBattle to Estonia, Color run, super bowl nights and so much more.

Now, save the best for last, the wonderful people. None of my arguments would work unless there are some pretty amazing people behind it. I cannot stress enough how many friends you'll make if you open up yourself to meeting new people. You'll make friends around the entire world. This reason should be enough for you to even consider JU (and ofc that you have the right program) as you future University, exchange or master year.



Good day beautiful people

Since I couldn't make a serious New Year's resolution, or in fact one that I believe would make a difference for me, I decided to do a bucket list instead. I actually feel better about doing a list like this because it gives me inspiration of what do next, but also in the future, it's cool to reflect and see what my stupid ass must-dos was in 2018. So without further ado, here's to a more fleshed out year!!!


- Go to Lapland and hopefully see the northern lights. My university offers many trips along with other students to parts of Europe, one that I missed last fall was to Lappland, but fear not, the trips are available in February and next semester as well, and I will definitely go!

- All-Inclusive vacation to a warm country. I don't really like the sun that much, but the idea of just relaxing to the fullest in a warm country close to the beach and having zero worries of what to eat or do seems like heaven.

- Weekend trip. How awesome to travel with cool people, share a fancy ass Airbnb resident and discover the best things in a foreign country?


- Write three short stories. I always wanted to test my abilities to write and see what I'm capable of, well this year I finally will!

- Get Abs. Well, self-explanatory, I gain muscles fairly easily, so even for a short period of time, I would like to see me with some kick-ass abs!

- Upload at least 10 YouTube videos. Okay, it's hard to be persistent about something I still have no idea what to do with, I just know deep inside of me that I have an urge to be creative and have fun, and to share that with others.


- Start investing. Well, I joined the investment club in Uni since I'm very interested in it, so how come I haven't started investing yet!!!

- Camping. Never went camping before, don't think I would like it, but hey, every bucket list needs something that might prove you wrong.

- Furnish my apartment. It's been months since I moved in, let's make it look like it okay?


- Reconnect with an old friend. Saw this one on someone else bucket list and thought it would be a great idea for several reasons, don't you agree?

- Sister tattoo. This plan has been in motion for far too long without any results, 2018 is the year it will happen!



Who else love ordering online just to receive that package that you either

A) Looked forward to

B) Fricking forgot what was in it so that it becomes a little surprise gift

Me! This is especially applicable for when I order from Asian websites, since shipping tends to take a bit longer, and the insides are a bit more unique and interesting. So when I heard my good old friend was going to South Korea, I slapped down my money on the table (swished her) a great deal of money (400, student life :() and said "surprise me, I know you won't disappoint me"

I think more people should trust their friends like this because what they pick out for you, might not be what you generally would pick out for yourself, none the less, it's gonna be awesome. The package I ordered from my loyal Korean online webshop also arrived when I got home. I will mention all the items below respective picture if you are interested.

Value ≈ 400Kr

From Left to Right

- 11 Sheet Masks from Nature Republic

- 2 Seaweed Snacks from Kimnori Snack

- 4 Facial Masks from Innesfree

- Lip balm Tomato Color from

- Blonde Eyebrow Gel from

- 3 Collagen Eye Patch from Etude House

- Body Scrub from SkinFood

- Pocket mirror

- Sheet Masks with Kai's Face on it?? from Nature Republic

- Skincare Set from Innesfree

- Essence Time Revolution from Missha

- 2 Hot Packs for Period ache (thanks bae)

Value = 435Kr

After Discount = 369Kr

From Left to Right

- Sheer Tights

- Sheet Mask from SkinFood (gift from website)

- Hair Growth from KAMINOMOTO

- Air-Fit Cushion Pposong Foundation from A'PIEU

- Everlasting Cushion Foundation from PONY EFFECT

- All You Can Eat Lip Balm from NakeUp Face




I'm currently on my way back to Jönköping after spending the holidays in Sthlm during the break. The past six days were filled with sleeping and watching youtube really, I badly needed to get better for when I get back to university because some awesome shit that's about to happen to start tomorrow. Yesterday I met up my sister to say goodbye, and later in the evening met my closest friend who just came back from South Korea with a goodie bag for me. We went on a pub crawl since that was our "punishment" for failing our yearly New Years resolution.

Right now I'm trying to download a Marvel's movie, bitch I love me some Marvel movies, they are the best. I'm also trying to continue writing a short story I started working on when I was sick, maybe I'll publish it here.




My name is Ida-Maja, I'm commonly referred to as Maja. Writing was a mainstream form of communication in the 2000s, since then, visual communication in form of pictures and videos is preferred. So why do people choose to write? Well, I believe we all have our own purpose when writing or typing. Me you ask? Recently I learned bloggers receive money for page visits, ignorance was not a bliss in this case. So, as any poor college student would do, I decided to write a bit on the side. Yes yes, I also do videos when I'm hopeful my capital could increase that way too. If you wanna be a total bae, be sure to check in on this blog sometimes to see me go from a poor economy student to one able to buy fancy ass spirits.

Thank you to my lovely friends for curing me of my New Year's cold by keeping me company tonight.