We all know how the society today works. We are all a part of it. We know that kids now a days won't experience the childhood we had, fair enough, they should experience their own childhood but do we really want our kids to have a childhood where they only experience life inside internet? Today when we want to mess with someone just for fun, people facerape og snaprape. If you don't know what this is, it is basically when someone post something on your facebook page while they are loged in with your account(so they pretend to be you) and they write something on your wall that might be fun(maybe that you love something you don't). This is funny. But what about "the old days"? What I did when I wanted to have fun was that I rang a doorbell and ran, I also pranked called people and if I was lucky to know someone with the same tv-lisence I would use my remote on their tv and change channel.

Today, as a 16 year old girl, I brought back parts of my childhood memories. I rang a doorbell and I ran. It was so fun and I laughed so much!!

I think that every now and then we can all be childish and I think that is a good thing. Instead of growing old and bitter, you can actually have a sense of humor when you are old.

I think that we could all use a break from our basic boring life. I think it would have been fun to bring the old days back for a weekend. Maybe bring back the 70's or even go further when they used horses and not cars. Imagine how much that would have done with people and earth at the same time. Like don't use your car this weekend, walk instead.

Imagine that for a whole weekend, the entire town stop using their car. We don't use all the industries. You want to buy food, go to the market, not the grocery store or the mall. You want to text someone, write a letter. You want to hang with someone, walk over to them and ask in person. Do not use your tv or phone. No ipod. You want music, street music. People who sings on the streets. How about instead of listening to music while walking, walk with a friend and talk. This would give people a break from the internet and pressure. At the same time we would give the earth a break from all the gas. There is so much we could save by just that weekend. I think it would be a great idea.

How about you? what do you think? what did you do in your childhood?

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Everyday is a challenge. Every day a new opportunity pops up, they are there for us to seize it but mostly we just let that opportunity pass by. What you choose to do not only affects you but also others. You get the opportunity to change something, what you choose to do is up to you. From personal experience I have learned that if you don't seize, good things won't happen. For example if you don't tell the person you like that you are in to them, he or she will never know and it will never happen and you would go around thinking "what if."

I got an opportunity to change my self-esteem and I took it. I remember feeling ugly and low about myself. I used alot of makeup just so I could feel a little better. One day I went out of the house in a hurry without makeup and when I realized how I looked I felt so ashamed because I did not have makeup on. When I got home I told myself that for a whole month I would not wear makeup. I needed to get used to see myself without it. If I still felt ashamed I would go another month without makeup. This I would do until I didn't feel ashamed. Now I don't wear makeup and everytime I look at myself in the mirror I tell myself that I am beautiful.

I remember how low I felt about myself and how much I hated the way I looked and just to see how much that has changed over the past years is amazing and inspirering. My goal is to be someone people look up to. I want to try out as a model, I want to sing and I want to speak for the ones who can't speak for themselves(as a lawyer) I want to be seen. I know that I am confident and feel good about myself. That itself is a huge change. Going from low self-esteem to being confident.

Stay motivated <3 seize and make a change. 




I met Ilva on tall ship races. Tall ship is a journey over the sea where we follow orders and work as a part of the crew. Ilva works for the Organising Committee and she gets to travel alot because of her work. Ilva was so nice and took time to answer some of my questions regard her hectic workdays.

-What made you choose to work with the Olympic games?

It was just before the Vancouver 2010 games. I thought it would be cool to work someday for the Oranising Committee. After my studies, I was in Austria and I was just at the right place in the right time. I got a job in the first Winter Youth Olympic Games (YOG) Organising Committee. The first YOG was in Innsbruck, Austria in 2012. Says Ilva

That is how it started and from then I have been working for a various organising committiess including Sochi 2014 and now Lillehammer 2016. She adds

-What is the best thing with your job?

The best thing would be to travel around, experience different cultures and to be a part of the games, making history.

-What is the downpart of working with the Olympic Committee?

The downpart is that I am away from my family and that every 1-2 years I am out of jobs.

-Do you have time with your family?

As I do not live in my home, which is Latvia, and because of moving around following different games, I do not manage to spend lot of time with my family. We talk over whatsapp and skype and I visit them few times a year.

-Is this a job you want to continue doing or do you see yourself as anything else in the future?

I would like to stay in the Olympic movement, but as it is not so easy every 1-2 years to move, I would like to move back home and work for the National Olympic Committee and help to prepare the team for the games.

-What do you do at a daily basis?

My department, where I work we deal directly with the different National Olympic Committess and the leaders of the delegations. On a daily basis we are in contact with them and assist them from our side to do all the necessary things/procedures so that teams are ready to come.

-Do you have a special thing that you are in charge for?

I am "Deputy Head of NOC Services". NOC- stands for National Olympic Committee. I am mostly in charge of all our coordinators and coordinate their communications with the NOCs as well I assist our head of NOC Services.

- When is the event?

12- 21 february. 12. February they will show Opening Cermony on NRK.

-Are you going to be on tv?

No, I am not going to be on tv.

-Where does the Youth Olympic Games take place this year?

Youth Olympic Games will take place in Lillehammer.

-What is your best experience

The best experience is the Games time. When everybody is here and everything runs smoothly as planned, which almost never happens. Ilva smiles.

-Do you have time for breaks?

I do. I have holidays as well like every other person and between the projects I have time as well. Normally it is 1-2 month.

-What do you do in your sparetimes?

I like to do some sport- run, hike. While I am in Norway I try to travel around. For example I took part of tall ship races. I went to Voss, Tromso, Trondheim. I was also in Geilo for the Ice Music Festival this weekend.

-What is tall ship races?

It is a big Norwegian sailing vessel I boarden at the end of July- in order to be a trainee there for 1 week. Ilva explains. On board we learned how to work in teams, climbed the mast, pull the sails together.

-What was you best experience from this journey?

Just being there was the best experience. I would do it again. I enjoyed almost every moment, except the day when I got really sea sick. My favorite memory was how I climbed the mast during the night. Just to be so high up and during the night.

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