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It's been a while, but I thought I'd share with you my road trip this summer.

Lake Michigan (left) & The Bean @ Millennium park (right)

We flew from Stockholm to Chicago O'Hare, where we had 1 day to explore an awesome city.

The Buttes in Arizona (left), flying over the desert (middle) & The hotel pool + view @ Hilton Tempe (right)

We flew to Phoenix, AZ. Where we stayed for 4 days and enjoyed 110 F (45 C) heat every single day. Phoenix truly is a different city, but I love it.

Mr. D'z @ Kingman,

We began driving north toward Las Vegas, passing through Kingman, Arizona along the way where we stopped for lunch at the same diner as last year.

Bellagio & Caesar's Palace (left) & Aria (right)

We made it to Las Vegas where we stayed at Aria for one night, which is enough Las Vegas to last me a year. And Aria was an amazingly beautiful hotel with a beautiful pool.

Me @ the Aria pool area (left) & me infant of the Bellagio water show + Paris Paris (right)

My brother at the Santa Barbara skatepark

We drove further the next day, to Santa Barbara, CA. A place we have grown to love over the past few years, we always make sure to spend a few days here. They have a great boardwalk along the beach (one of the only places I could ride my Penny board).

Pedro's Mexican Cantina and Bar

The best mexican restaurant there is. Pedro's in San José, CA. I love San José and we always make sure to stop at Pedro´s. Probably my favourite restaurant at the moment.

Humpback whales (left) & Golden gate bridge (right)

After staying in San José for a few days we drove out towards the sea. In half Moon Bay we saw some Humpback whales. Then we drove north through San Fran (sadly didn't stop though), driving over the Golden Gate. Only to continue north and staying in Redding, CA for the night (the smallest place ever known to man!!! warning: exaggeration).

Yes, there is a city in northern California called Weed. Literally Weed. This is Weed Airport.

Shasta mountain (left) & my brother at Shasta Lake (Shasta is in Northern CA as well)

Driving into Oregon was beautiful. There where huge mountains (volcanos actually), and bright green lakes.

An awesome place in Portland, OR (left) & a food truck (right)

We made it to Portland, Oregon where we stayed for 2 nights (actually stayed in Vancouver, WA, right on the border between Oregon and Washington state). i fell in love with Portland.

Evergreen Aviation Museum, outside Portland.

My friend Colleen and I

We continued driving north towards Seattle, but stopped along the way in Olympia (the capital of Washington) where my friend Colleen lives. Colleen and I met in Spain 2 years ago and haven't seen each other since, so it was great that we could see each other even if it was for only 2 hours or so. (Miss you!!! and NOT 2 years until next time).

Seattle skyline (left) & Century-link field (right)

We finally made it to Seattle. All i could think of when seeing this view was of course... Grey's Anatomy!!! And then Century-Link field, Seattle Seahawks football stadium (yes I'm a football fan).

A new Boeing plane landing after a test flight (left) & my brother (again) loving life (right)

My brother is a pilot, so of course when we're in Seattle we have to visit the Boeing factory. Which was really cool!! Totally recommend this! (In Everett, WA)

We of course also visited Pike Place Market.

​On our last day in Seattle we drove out on the islands... Almost in Canada we stayed for ´fika´ in a place called Port Townsend. It was a very beautiful little town by the water. 

And that concludes our trip! I loved visiting so many new places and having my entire family be there this year. Until next time <3

Live life & stay positive. 

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My College Experience

The first step towards going to college is deciding if you even want to. I made my decision quite early, I am definitely going to college. Next step: gap year? Or no gap year? After some doubt about my ability to get good grades enough, which came along with doubting my previous decision to apply for a Fall 2017 start, I suddenly made the decision to fight for what I knew I have wanted for a long time. I am going to college right after high school.

When I was younger there were several conversations about moving. My dad had moved for work before, but only before I was born. So when I thought I was close to experiencing the big move.... And it didn't happen... I was actually sad. Not only because I didn't get to move that amazing country across the pond, but also because I wanted to get out of the place I was in. And it happened again and again. Dad got an offer, it never happened. At about 15 I gave up on the idea. 

I was going to get myself there instead. That's how it started. My mom asked earlier today "You're not considering the UK?" and my answer was incredibly clear: "No". I made a promise to myself and I'm planning to keep it. I am only looking at schools in the US because that's where I wanna go. Then there's the whole 'Trump might be president' situation, but I'm just gonna ignore until it becomes a problem, ok? 

Moving on. So yeah... Trying to apply to universities in a different country while surviving the IB simultaneously. Yup. Life is not simple at the moment. So dear friends, excuse me if I'm not up for clubbing or hanging out until 2 am in the coming few months. 

My decision to study abroad was my motivation for going into the IB, which I knew would be a challenge as I've never been a perfect student or cared THAT much about school. But right now, I feel like I'm getting it. I'm getting through it somewhat okay. And it's all with one goal in sight, studying in the US. i know it may sound stupid to some people, but it means a lot to me. I am doing everything I can, for example bothering the guidance counsellor with application questions every second day. 

That's what's going on right now. And I'm planning to write more about my college/university application experience on here (and hopefully just college/university experience soon). I care so much about it right now that it's often the only thing on my mind, which is why I'm hoping having this mini-series thing on here will inspire me to write more.

So stay tuned for what, when and where I'm applying I guess. If this is even interesting at all that is. Well well... I might write it anyways. 

Live life & stay positive.  




On Tuesday we are off! United States of America. Six States. Twenty Days. Four Flight. Two Cars. Two Skateboards.

I have done very similar trips before, but I feel so at home and at peace and happy that I don't mind doing the same trip every summer. I love driving, and we seem to just drive further each year so I get to see new things each time. It's exciting, yet comfortable and relaxed. But not too relaxed, like going to a beach for two weeks and staying at th same hotel for 2 weeks straight.... Oh no. I tried that once, NEVER AGAIN. It's too relaxed and boring. I like adventuring and moving around. When travelling, we tend to never stay at the same hotel/city for more than 3 nights, usually less, if it's really amazing maaaaaybe 5.

​Here's an overview of the trip we are doing. It's only like 2000 miles driving (3000 km). But I'm very excited for it.

I will obviously take heaps of photos (with my new awesome camera - that I have yet to learn how to use....). In the mean time I'll tell you about my last trip, which was to NYC. It got pretty crazy. Look forward to that within the next few days (don't hold me to that). 

Live life & stay positive. 



Inspiration, Travel

Places I want to visit, again. But this time, only places in North America (maybe one counts as central but who gives a sh*t).

MIAMI. I don't necessarily have to visit Miami as a whole... There's just this one place, or part, that I just have to see before I die. And that is the art district. I'm a huge fan of art, not like the Mona Lisa and stuff, but contemporary, street art, graffiti, photography (as you know), and such modern art. I like weird art. But going to Miami just to see this is an obvious thing to me, I know I have to do it, but I don't really care about Miami otherwise. and I don't really know why.

WHISTLER. Another mountain place. I just want to go skiing in the rocky mountains in general, and I will probably have listed all the resorts in a year or so. Apparently, Whistler is the largest skiable area in North America. Whistler is also actually the place where they hosted winter olympics in 2010, well Vancouver, but they were skiing in Whistler, which is just north of Vancouver. I just can't wait to go somewhere with real snow.

SAINT BARTHÉLEMY. Aka, St Barts. Fun fact, did you know that St Barts used to be a Swedish colony, and they still have the Three Crowns in their unofficial flag (their official flag is the French, since Sweden gave the island back to France it has been a French colony. is it even still called a colony? I'm not sure). Once again, like Miami, I didn't really feel like I had to visit St Barts. But after finding out that it used to be Swedish, I kinda want to. Also, the main reason I find it so interesting is the flight... And the landing. I know I'll probably hate it if I ever go, but I also really badly want to experience it. Just look at that landing....!!!

CHICAGO. I've been to Chicago O'hare airport like 5-6 times... But never actually in the city. And lately, I have just realised that I really want to go. I'm not sure myself what makes me love Chicago without even having been, but I find it so intriguing. I believe there are some cool museums, some great architecture, the bean thing... I mean, it just seems like a cool city. I could see myself living in Chicago for some reason.

OAHU. I need to go to Hawaii. It's a must. Within the near future. Once again I'm drawn to mountains, in this case hiking and views of the islands. I thought I'd be able to say a lot about Hawaii but honestly I don't know what else to say. I just have to go, it's definitely on my bucket list.

Sorry that there wasn't much information/text, but maybe you like it better that way? 

 Live life & stay positive.



Photography, Music

Just look at that! This is the local newspaper of where I'm from, and on the front page is a great photo go my best friend. Not only has Rebecka - AKA RBECKA - released her first single, but I actually am the proud photographer of this photo that was featured in the article and the single cover (if that's what it's called). Underneath the photo it says (translated); "Rebecka Rydgren from Barkarby has released her first single - now she is one step closer to the dream of life as an artist. Photo: Louise Johansson". Hell yeah! Haha!

Please go listen to the song, it's on Spotify and iTunes. Also follow her on Spotify to get notified when she releases more music.

Live life & stay positive.