Lista snodd från Lisa Olsson! I'm bored (vägrar ta hand om min mail just nu)!

Bästa hittills denna vecka: Börjat kolla på A series of unfortunate events på Netflix (SOM en har längtat) och det är så bra. Älskar filmen och denna serie är sjukt bra också?

Sämsta hittills denna vecka: För första gången i mitt liv kan jag inte längre stå ut detta mörker under vintern. Jag har alltid kunnat stå ut med det men nu behöver jag VÅR och LJUS.

Det här tänker jag mycket på: Vad tänker jag inte mycket på? Nejmen en grej jag tänker mycket på är konst. Följer så många, otroligt duktiga som antingen målar eller ritar på instagram och jag vill också börja måla! Vill också bara läsa om konsthistoria i allmänhet eller gå på utställningar.

Vad har jag på mig idag: Svarta tights och en svart polo, väldigt 60's.

Bild 1 Lunch från förra veckan dock Bild 2 Ny på insta - egentligen två år gammal

Tisdagssminket: Bara favorit ögonbrynsmascaran från Ysl.

Den här veckan ser jag fram emot: floor barre på torsdag! Även om min kropp inte är fullt redo är jag redo att komma tillbaka till dansstudion och låta mina lärare skrika på mig haha..

Vad gör jag denna tisdag: Har varit hemma ledig och bara städat & kollat ue.

Morgondagens planer:
Jobb! Jobb till sent på kvällen och jag är så himla taggad och sen är det bara raka vägen hem till sängen.

Vad jag ska göra på söndag: Haft lust att gå på bio/fotografiska/någon konst utställning på länge så tänker nog passa på denna lediga helg att hitta på någonting kult!



This is my journey through 2016! I don't have many photos left from earlier this year but after new years nothing really happened, not what I can remember so I'll kinda start on February!

In the beginning of this year I went skiing, I took ballet classes (the best sport I have ever done), David Bowie died and my heart died he was the only artist I truly wanted to see live. I really had my ups and downs this year. I was the happiest I had ever BEEN in over six years and was depression- and social anxiety-free but one day I came out for my family (tip from the coach: don't do that).

I SAW GRIMES LIVE in February and that concert was too good I miss it so much.

I was also a preschool teacher during this spring and I still miss those kids today. I am such a mom.

During April/May I wore these pants a lot, I was working like three different jobs, I accepted the fact that I have zero friends and only hung out with my dogs.

I decided to get my second tattoo at the end of May in pure impulse I just booked the very next day and started doing the drafts of the font. It says I live I die I live again and it's from mad max fury road and it's like a reminder for me of how bad I once felt but now (last winter) got better.

During June and July I spent my weeks at both my mothers summer house and my dads summer house, at times all by myself or with my favourite people aka my sister and her boyfriend or with my whole family. I turned 21, I have worked my last time at one of my favourite interior brands & I hated my summer depression. It comes around Midsummer and is the very worst on midsummer eve and continues throughout July, so when July is over I immediately get better in August it's so annoying. I got a camera!! And that: saved 2016.

In the beginning of August I went to Paris with one of my best friends! I saw lots of art by my favourite artists, took billions of photos and ate croissants for breakfast. I need to go back asap I am in love with that city.
I got an ear construction (sewed my stretched earlobe) in August as well which was A very freaky and B stupid of me that I haven't done that earlier?

September was no fun. Maybe for a start when I got my dream full time job and thought I could pull off short hair but not later when I lost my job and realised I looked like shit.

I was a wedding photographer in October. Right before that I'd just lost my job and had no energy or self esteem to attend since no one believed I could do it and I could start crying at any time. October was hell. November too. I saw Bastille with one of my oldest best friends which was amazing, it was the 4th time that I saw them live omg. And later in November I saw The radio dept and that night was A+.

And in December I have: gotten a new job, bought myself the most expensive perfume ever and that is pretty much it. Celebrated christmas eve at home with my family, I tried to become vegetarian again (ate mostly fish) but ended up eating meat because of my family. But starting off today I'll completely stop eating meat!

So that was my 2016! I think I speak for everyone when I say that this year has been totally fuqqed up. And for me terrible things have happened, really. But still 2016 was my best year in YEARS, and I thank: ballet, all of my jobs, the friend I bought the camera from and myself for actually trying my hardest to basically stay alive. Okay that was depressing as hell I'm sorry. I feel good now, I am looking back at this year with a smile and I wish I could relive this spring/late summer once more.

And one quote that I can describe this year with is; I’ve survived a lot of things, and I’ll probably survive this.

J.D. Salinger



This day started off with oatmeal and kiwi for breakfast and later I went out for a pw/jog. Later I've been cleaning and used facial products. I am slowly letting the skincare and healthy lifestyle obsession take over my life. No just kidding, I've been obsessed for years. Right now I am listening to Cher and finally.. not doing anything. Tomorrow I have to be at work at seven but later this week I won't work so much which is pretty nice. I am planning for 2017 and also working on a blogpost of 2016 which I'll post soon!