A dependable and trusted service, Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group has it. What’s more is their amiable and knowledgeable team. Customers were often satisfied with their services and good reviews about them were abundant on the internet.

Taking care of your car has never been this special with Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group. George Mandair, along with other seasoned managers, frequently receives good feedbacks from their customers because of their trustworthy and good service. They always give their best shot in assisting people with car related concerns.

With their years of experience in this field, Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group has also been active in the trades on South Coast of Hampshire. Their good service has been known to a lot of people there for more than a decade already.

Defined as a reliable family run company, Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group could indeed handle properly any of your car issues. They can assist you in brake checks, car servicing, looking for good tyres, MOTs, along with free seasonal checks. With their current online service, you can also get a quick tyre quote as well as reserve your tyres for fitting.

In order to provide a fair convenience to their customers, Tyre&Auto depots also provide a local collect and a return service to them. It is recommended to ask their team about the service once you booked.

Stated earlier are some of the services that their entire depots offer to customers. But the company has more to offer and it includes checking of your car’s windscreen wipers and doing a full engine overhaul to your vehicle.

A lot of customers had seen their good skills and capability in handling car-related works, and most of them were pleased with the company’s honest service. In addition, Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group offers a good array of free service checks as well. You may inquire at their local depot to find out more about their services.

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As 2016 draws to a close, we can reflect on a year where cybersecurity has played a major role. Even presidential campaigns haven’t been free from hacking scandals and data leaks. The average cost of a data breach for companies grew from $3.8 million last year to $4 million in 2016, according to the Ponemon Institute.

Companies of all sizes have embraced the cloud and open source has become the standard for infrastructure software. Both pose their own blend of benefit and risk. A major datacenter attack or failure could be problematic for many companies, and we can certainly expect an increase in the number of cyber-attacks based on open source vulnerabilities.

What else does 2017 hold in store? Let’s take a look at five trends we’ll be talking about in InfoSec this coming year.

1. DDoS attacks on IoT devices

Cybercriminals will increasingly target all manner of internet-connected endpoints such as surveillance cameras and employ them in DDoS attacks. In the rush to roll out all manner of IoT devices, security has taken a back seat. That means more serious incidents such as the denial of service attack on domain lookup service Dyn, are highly likely. The Mirai botnet was cited as the culprit, exploiting 50 to 100 thousand IoT devices.

Worldwide spending on IoT security reached $348 million this year, Gartner predicts it will climb to $434 million in 2017. But that won’t be enough, because Gartner analysts still think that, by 2020, more than 25% of all identified attacks in the enterprise will involve IoT.

2. Hackers don’t need experience

The tools that hackers and cybercriminals use are readily available and easily within reach of anyone who wants them and has the money to pay. It’s possible to buy dangerous hacking tools and use them with little to no knowledge of how they actually work. This trend will continue to spark the rapid growth of cybercriminals in the wild. Whether someone is politically motivated, disgruntled about something, or a career criminal, off-the-shelf hacking tools make it easier for them to make their mark and will cost companies millions in 2017.

3. Third-party vendors can be a gateway to their connected customers

Businesses can build an excellent security system and put all of the right policies in place, but until they subject all of their third-party partners to the same level of scrutiny, customers will be at risk. Just look at Wendy’s, where over 1,000 franchised locations were compromised by a Point-of-Sale (PoS) malware attack last summer. There will be more incidents like that until companies rise to the challenge of third-party risk management. Policies need to be tightened up with proper oversight to ensure that sub-standard security measures and systems don’t lead to major exposures.

4. Ransomware

The specter of ransomware, which also appeared on last year’s list, continues to rear its ugly head. In fact, with Trend Micro predicting 25% growth in 2017, ransomware looks likely to spread into IoT devices, PoS systems, and ATMs. If you want your files back after a successful ransomware attack you’re probably going to have to pay the ransom, which is what the FBI actually suggests you do. It will be a lot cheaper to take preventative precautions. If you don’t want to end up held to ransom and out of pocket, then you need to act to mitigate the risk. Start by taking a look at our advice on how to guard against ransomware.

5. Shortage of skilled IT security workers

This has been a long-standing problem. When 775 IT decision-makers involved in cyber-security were interviewed for a report entitled Hacking the Skills Shortage, 82% of them reported a shortage of cybersecurity skills, and 71% agreed that the shortage of skills does direct and measurable damage. With more than a million vacant positions worldwide, there have never been more jobs available in cybersecurity. We must work out why college graduates are shunning these openings and find a way to tempt them in.

In the meantime, hiring talent on a temporary basis is often the only route available for understaffed companies. That’s why the CISO-as-a-service or virtual CISO model is taking off and we expect it to grow more popular in the year ahead.

Whatever 2017 has in store for us, we can all boost our chances of success by taking a moment to review our cybersecurity planning and systems to ensure they’re the best that they can be.



Police areresponding less and less to minor auto accidents

If you crash cars for a living in New Orleans, your life maybe getting a bit easier.

Thanks to a bill in the state legislature, police in theCrescent City may no longer be required to respond to fender benders. If you’reinvolved in a minor accident, just head over to your local police station, givethem the details, and they’ll hand youan accident report you can use to file your insurance claim.

Crashers will no longer need to stage a collision. Justreport it. How convenient.

The bill aims to relieve the cash-strapped city so police canfocus more on violent and more-serious crimes. Responding to some 14,000 minoraccidents each year is a drain on city resources, according to news reports.

That argument is hard to argue with. And it’s one that moreand more jurisdictions aregrappling with as cities continue struggling with adequate funding for police.

The extra dollars residents likely will pay in auto premiumsrarely gets discussed in these deliberations. It’s a hidden tax that’s betterspent paying for more police.

So while fraudfighters likely won’t win this policy battle, they can try to minimize thelosses by educating the public and beefing up anti-fraud training of claimsreps.

Pay now or pay later. Either way, this legislation will cost taxpayersand consumers.



Anyone interestedin becoming more involved in the NMSG group is more than welcome. The manyroles all take time and as a mum there are often not many hours free! So themore people on the Committee,the more there are to share the roles and hours required.

The NMSG is run completely byvolunteers and all roles are unpaid. What we can’t provide financially we aimto make up for in other ways. With a very social group of mums on the committeethere is always someone available for a coffee and coffee catch ups and dinnersare a regular occurrence.

If you would liketo apply for a position, please email: nmsgsingapore@gmail.com with a briefintroduction about yourself. Feel free to also email the same address if youhave any questions about the role.

Current Vacancies are listed below:

Special Events Host: time commitmentfor this position is around 4 hours per month (on top of other committeeduties)

·       This role is the organisation ofad-hoc events for our members.

·       There are 3 main events per year,however, there is also scope to add smaller one off events to the calendar.

Speaker Coordinator: time commitmentfor this role is around 4-6 per month (on top of other committee duties)

The Speakercoordinator is responsible for arranging and coordinating the talks / speakersfor the NMSG monthly talks and AGM.

·       Researching potential speakers andtopics and preparing a talks calendar for the year ahead with the NMSGcommittee

·       Initiating contact with the chosenspeaker and providing information about the NMSG

·       Confirming talk details and briefingthe speaker by providing guidelines on talk content, format and length.

·       Preparing a synopsis of the talk forour communications channels up to 3 months in advance

·       Looking after the speaker on the day –meet and greet, run through format, expectations etc - and set up thepresentation  material

·       Recording data post talk for analysisand future planning with Chairs

·       Editing talk notes from speaker withapproval from speaker for publication in newsletter.

Talk’s coordinator - monthly timecommitment is around 3 hours (on top of the other committee duties)

The role involveshosting the monthly talk.

·       Hosting means welcoming NMSG membersand taking their entry fee (if applicable), signing up new/ renewing members,and doing post-event admin including banking money taken, completing and filingpaperwork online.

Other Committee Duties

On top ofcarrying out the duties your role requires, there are a few other commitmentsto being a committee member:

·       Attending our monthly committeemeetings (Thursday at 9.30am for 1.5 hours once a month)

·       Helping out for the organisation ofand at the yearly Christmas party (held beginning December)

·       Assist with updating the NMSG Livingin Singapore guide which is revised every 12-18 months

·       Contribute 2/3 articles per year forthe newsletter

·       Attend the annual AGM to ensure thereis a quorum (held in January)