An accident is an accident. Every accident has a perpetrator as well as victims. Naturally, injuries may occur to the victims. The perpetrator of the crime is responsible for paying compensation to the victims. That is the main reason why people take out insurance policies for vehicles with third party damage clause. In case you have a live insurance policy at the time of the accident, your insurance company becomes liable to pay the claims. However, insurance companies try to find loopholes in the victim’s claim and try to deny the claim on many occasions. This is the time for a victim to contact his Syracuse car accident lawyer. Your Syracuse Car Accident Lawyer would be the best person to advise the victim on the various means of recourse available to him or her.

Usually, in the Syracuse, New York area, most car accident claims come under the no-faults insurance claim ceiling of $ 50000.00. This claim includes the probable loss of wages to the victim subject to a maximum of $ 2000 per month. Under certain circumstances, the claim amount can go over the limit. Then, you have to approach the courts for lodging your claim. Your Syracuse personal injury lawyer would be the person you have to approach. The lawyer will guide you about the process to file personal injury litigation in the court.

In case you are the victim of a car accident, you should know your rights as well as the eligibility amounts for lodging your insurance claims. You should know that you should lodge your claim under the no-faults insurance policy within a period of 30 days from the accident. The insurance company is well within its rights to deny paying the claim in case you delay lodging your claim. However, there is no such limitation in filing the personal injury lawsuit. Thus, it is in your best interests to contact your lawyer as soon as possible and start the legal process. These processes can take time. Every day of delay would prove difficult for you.

Your Syracuse car accident lawyer will help you arrive at the amount of claim that you would be eligible to put forward. He will take into account the nature of injuries and the extent of your disability. This will help him arrive at the amount you stand to lose as wages for the period of confinement. You will also have to factor the cost of medical treatment as well as the after-treatment care. The accident could leave you confined to your bed for a long time. It may also entail you to take medicines for your entire life. You should factor these things into your claim.

There are chances that your doctor might make a mess of your treatment. This would entail extra expenses on your part. You can file a separate suit in the court for a claim of these amounts. Your accident lawyer can double up as a Syracuse medical malpractice lawyer as well. The main responsibility of the lawyer is to ensure that you get adequate compensation for the miseries you have suffered.

For more information about recovering damages from a motor vehicle, motorcycle or automobile accident, contact a trusted New York Syracuse car accident lawyer. Learn about your rights and get more information from the Syracuse Personal Injury Lawyers at McMahon, Kublick & Smith, P.C.