So being back in school for a few weeks has opened up my eyes to the old clicks that i have started to notice more and more. We look around and we have different clicks containing around 3-5 people in each one. We have the marvelous, fantastic oh so wonderful and delightful basics. We have the nerdy guys who like to go out and scream at eachother while throwing pinecones at eachother, this is based of a true story. We also have the people who are secretely badasses but are really quiet in school so people presume that they are really lame and uninteresting. The last click is where i belong, i have never been a popular person even as much as i would love to be at certain times in my life. At the end of the day though i would never trade my style and the way i am as a person to be popular, i am who i am, and if people don't like me for me then they can leave my life quicker than they can say lasagna.

This was just one of my quick rants and observations that i had for you guys!