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HoTMaiL (The capital H, T, M, and L are an allegiance to HTML) was a free online email service initiated by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia in 1995 that was later acquired by Microsoft in December of 1997. By 2001, Hotmail had Over 100 million users and had become one of the most famous webmail services available.It allowed users to read and send an email with an internet connection.In August 2012, Microsoft remake Hotmail and renamed the services at when Hotmail first launched, the free accounts give features such as spam filters and add to virus scanning and storage up to 250-MB.

Hotmail is a webmail service and users can access it from any web browser from any location in the world through the internet connection. If you have any problem during access Hotmail services then you can contact Hotmail customer service for resolving you're any type of problem.

There is something new feature given to Hotmail account users are the below:

I. New layout options for the calendar.

II. The filtering services help to remove mail such as clutter easily with a single sweep function.

III. New theme and designs help add color and make the email interface look attractive.

IV. The contacts, calendar events, and old emails are all transitioned to the new inbox layout and users can continue to use the email inbox as they did with their contacts.

V. Social media accounts can easy going integrated into email inbox, therefore one

can check their social media account posts and updates in their Hotmail inbox itself.

How to Create Hotmail account

There are many steps to create new Hotmail Account. These are given below:

Step1: Type the Url WWW . Hotmail . com in the web browser.

Step2: Sign up for Microsoft Hotmail Account, you click Sign up Button then a link will be open to creating new Hotmail Account.

Step3: Enter your First and Last name in given Boxes in the Form.

Step4: Enter your Username.Your username will become part of your email address.I will be looking

Step5: Select Domain from the drop-down menu at the end of the username Box.

Step6: Create the password.

Step7: Enter your Country or Region.

Step8: Enter your Date of birth and gender.

Step9: Enter your contact information for security.

Step10: Enter the CAPTCHA code.

Step11: Click the Create Account button.

Step12: Account is Created

Many newly user face technical Problem during uses of Hotmail Account.Hotmail has gone through a number of changes over the last decade and now provides users with a variety of options including audio players, Organization tools and, spam filtering,but sometimes user face technical problem Hotmail like account creating, upload image, send and receiving message, reset password, recovery of Hotmail Account, Hotmail account creation etc. That time use needs support to resolve your problem and contact Hotmail support.

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